2 Things a Captain Can Teach You About Online Success

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I don't know if you've ever heard about Tim Gorman.
Tim was a Captain when he started exploring income opportunities online.
Tim wanted to create a new future for himself and his family and had to make a choice.
Since his workday started early and ended late, he decided that pay per click marketing was not a good fit.
Reason being that pay per click campaigns have to be monitored, and Tim simply didn't have time for that.
Tim had to find an income opportunity that was entirely passive, thanks to his busy daily schedule.
That was when he discovered article marketing.
Tim knew that once he had written an article and submitted it online, it took on a life of its own.
He didn't have to touch it again, and it would start to produce results for him, if he just kept at it.
Tim wrote his first articles around midnight, before he had to get a few hours of sleep in preparation for his next day in the military.
His persistence paid off and he's been a full time marketer for a while now.
Here are 2 things you can learn from Tim's experience.
Article Marketing is Powerful Enough to Turn Into a Full Time Income.
A lot of people tend to look at article marketing as 'old school' and 'old fashioned', but the reality is that it's a fantastic way of creating a truly passive income.
Articles do not have to be monitored like a pay per click campaign does.
Some people think that it's hard work to write a few articles a day.
Let me tell you this: In my opinion it's much harder to try to stay on top of all the latest developments in internet marketing.
The internet will always need new, fresh content and articles will therefore not go out of fashion.
Keep It Simple Stupid.
The big irony in internet marketing is that most people will never succeed thanks to 'too much knowledge'.
Don't believe me? Perry Marshall, who has coached a lot of marketers over the last few years, says that constant, never ending distractions is the main reason why people fail.
When you do article marketing, you don't have to worry about information overload.
It's really not a problem anymore.
Here's what you need to decide:
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