How To Make A Balloon Crown- Balloon Artist San Diego

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As always, I have to give the disclaimer that written instructions make balloon designs seem much much more complicated than they actually are. My recommendation is to find the video I made on the same subject and watch that for a clearer picture (no pun intended).

Having said that, here are the instructions:

Take 3- 260 balloons and inflate them almost all the way. Give them a good burp to release the pressure before tying them off. If you are nervous about using fully inflated balloons, leave an uninflated portion on the nipple end, about the size of your thumbnail.

Take the first balloon and gently stretch it to get as much length as possible out of it.

Make a small bubble on the nozzle end of the balloon (where it's tied). The bubble should be only about 1/2"- 1". You don't want it too big, or it will interfere with the recipients peripheral vision. Hold the bubble while you get ready to use the rest of the balloon. If you let go of the bubble, it will untwist, so control it until it's locked to another part of the balloon.

While you are holding the front bubble, bring the balloon around the recipient's head to measure their hat size. Criss- cross the "stick" part, with the bubble you twisted earlier (and are still holding). Squeeze them together and twist. You now have a stick hat.

Twist a small bubble on the end of the "stick" and twist that onto the opposite end of the hat. You now have a basic helmet.

Grasp the top of the helmet in one hand, and find the center of the top. Twist one side to create an attachment point. Put aside for the moment.

Take the first of the two leftover balloons. Find the center and twist one side. Hold onto the twisted point until you attach it to the next balloon.

Do the same for the second balloon. Criss-cross the balloons together, making an "X" shape.

Bring the X through the top of the hat and connect the two attachment points together.

Rotate the balloons around each other on top of the hat to lock them together.

Take two of the "sticks" and twist little bubbles at the ends and twist them together. Attach the little bubbles to the small bubble you previously made on the front of the balloon hat.

Do the same to the remaining "sticks" and attach them to the bubble at the back of the hat.

You now have a balloon crown.

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