Allowing What You Want

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It makes my heart swell to see former clients who have claimed their worth - soaring to new heights in their lives and their work.
One particular client comes to mind as I witness her stepping into bigger shoes and revealing her gifts to the world.
Being part of her email list, I received an email with a quote she highlighted from Abraham.
I cut it down a bit to share a particular part of it with you - here it is: "Worthiness, or unworthiness, is something that is pronounced upon you by you.
You are the only one that can deem yourself worthy or unworthy.
You are the only one who can love yourself into a state of allowing, or hate yourself into a state of disallowing.
" How true.
The Worth topic has many dimensions to it - many more than I could ever get into in this article.
Yet, when it comes to what you desire, what you want to experience, what you want to claim, claiming your worth is the foundation to it all.
Whatever it is that you desire - the decision must be made by you -and only you - that you believe you're worthy to receive it and allow it into your life.
No one else can tell you that you're worthy - or that you're good enough - you need to make that decision on your own.
Yet, the habit that most people have is to do just that - hand their worthiness over to something - or someone else - and say: What do you think? You think I'm good enough or not? Maybe you're familiar with the Law of Attraction.
Maybe you've read the book The Secret or watched the DVD.
The concepts are real and they are true - but the topic only scratched the surface.
If you don't feel worthy enough to receive the things that you desire - then either you won't manifest them, or you will, but you'll end up doing something to sabotage yourself to prove that you really aren't worthy after all.
Whatever it is - it doesn't matter - it's a universal concept.
Maybe you have a business but you're not making any money - do you feel worthy to claim the money you desire - or do you not feel like you're not worth it? Or, do you desire a great relationship - you may have the images of the person on your vision board - but are you being that person today - are you vibing at that level to attract them - or hoping once they get here then you'll be stamped with the worthy monogram? See how important this is? It's fundamental.
It's the key to everything that you want and desire for your life.
If you desire change, if you desire to get un-stuck, if you desire a different life where you are experiencing all sorts of beautiful things and experiences, then you need to discover that worthy key is within you - and you are the only one who can discover it and bring it to the surface.
The key questions are: are you courageous enough to go looking? Are you courageous enough to scrape off some muck that may be hiding it? Are you willing to allow all that you desire into your life and to find evidence to support your worthiness? I hope so because it's the most worth-while thing you could do for yourself.
Otherwise, you could be settling for a lot less than you deserve without even knowing why you're settling.
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