The Rehearsal Dinner

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The rehearsal dinner is a time to bring your entire wedding party, your parents and your future in-laws together for a relaxing evening before the big day.
Not only is in opportunity to thank them for all their support throughout the wedding planning process, but it's also a great way to unwind.
That said, it is often better to organize a low-key, casual dinner where guests can sit around in jeans and t-shirts than to plan something formal.
If you decide to have a more casual affair, you may decide to order pizza, Subway or to organize a potluck.
The objective is to keep things comfortable for the guests, to reduce costs and to make the affair as easy to organize as possible.
You will have enough worries, so don't try to make this a gala event.
Here are a few additional points you should consider when planning the rehearsal dinner: Costs Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted and paid for by the groom's parents.
However, it is quite common for the couple to plan the shindig and cover the bill, so focus on bringing your closest friends and family together rather than throwing a huge party - i.
, be economical.
Time When scheduling the date and time of the rehearsal dinner, keep in mind that the rehearsal dinner is held immediately after the wedding rehearsal.
You should also know that the wedding rehearsal is about a half-hour long and is usually held the night before the wedding day.
Guests Remember to invite everyone who was at the rehearsal, including the clergyman and significant others (e.
, boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses).
Parents of any children in the wedding party should also be invited.
Depending on budget constraints, you may also wish to extend an invitation to relatives who came from out-of-town to attend your wedding.
Now that we've covered the fundamental of the rehearsal dinner, it's time for you to start planning.
Use the http://www.
Rehearsal Dinner Checklist to make sure that you cover all your dinner planning tasks and stay on schedule.
Enjoy, relax and have fun!
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