Egg Tricks

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    Egg in a Bottle

    • Push a raw egg through the narrow neck of a glass baby bottle without ever touching it. Light a small piece of paper on fire and drop it in the bottom of the bottle. Set the egg on the opening of the bottle and watch as it appears to be sucked in. As the heat lowers the air pressure inside the bottle the stronger air pressure on the outside pushes the egg downward. This gives it the appearance of it being shrunk and pulled inward. Shake the ashes out of the bottle carefully so you don't break the egg. Cover the top of the bottle with your mouth and blow very hard. The same process that forced the egg into the bottle will cause it to come out.

    Bouncing Egg

    • Transform your egg into a rubbery ball. Soak a boiled egg in vinegar for one week. Replace old vinegar with fresh vinegar each day. At the end of the week the egg shell should be soft and the egg will actually bounce. While it doesn't need to be dropped from great heights, if you hold it a few inches above the table and release it, it will bounce.

    Disappearing Egg

    • Pierce opposite ends of the egg with a needle and blow out the contents. Soak it for nine to ten days or until the shell appears to dissolve, leaving a rubber-like shell in its stead. Gently dry the egg and cover it in talcum powder. Hold the egg so your friends and guests can clearly see that it is in your hand. Squeeze your hand shut. Wave your hand and then open it, proving the egg just disappeared. Practice this trick several times so that you manage to shake off the residue without the audience seeing it before waving your empty hand.

    Floating Egg

    • Impress your friends with a trick that makes your egg rise to the top of a tall glass of water. Pour a quarter cup of kosher salt into the bottom of a 16-oz. glass. Fill half the glass with water and mix thoroughly. Carefully fill the rest of the glass with tap water by letting it pour very slowly down the side of it. Hold an egg at the top of the glass and gently release it. The egg will fall through the top part of the water only to stop abruptly when it reaches the salt water, appearing to float, suspended in the middle of the glass.

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