How to Cut Down a Tree With Rope Tension

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    • 1). Inspect the lean of the tree to determine the direction the tree will fall when cut.

    • 2). Tie the rope around the tree just above the cut location using a clove knot. Tie a clove knot by wrapping the free end of a rope around the tree trunk once, bringing the end of the rope back around the tree so that the free end is under the wrapped portion of rope. Bring the end around the tree one more time, crossing over the first circle of rope and bring the end through the eye of the second turn to tighten the knot.

    • 3). Create an undercut in the direction you wish the tree to fall. Turn on your chainsaw and cut 1/3 of the way through the trunk in a straight line. Make a second cut above it at a 45-degree angle, meeting the end of the first cut. These cuts create a wedge that can be removed from the trunk.

    • 4). Cut from the back of the tree on the opposite side of the undercut, 2 to 4 inches above the undercut. Cut through the tree until the tree begins to fall.

    • 5). Pull on the rope to help guide the tree during the fall. Have a partner help with this.

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