Living a Law of Attraction Life

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I think getting this piece of the how the law of attraction works is the hardest piece for most folks to understand.
I get the feeling that folks somehow think that their thoughts and feelings are not the cause of the events in their lives.
The reason you may think this is because "someone else" made you think and feel the way you do.
You're not responsible.
In other words, if you're still playing the victim to someone else's villain, what you want will not show up in your life.
But don't misunderstand how it works, you are living a law of attraction life.
Changing What Is Showing Up In Your Life As long as you are blaming someone else AT ANY TIME, for ANYTHING, you are not being responsible, you are not being the conscious CAUSE of your own life.
If you find yourself in a situation that you abhor, take a good long look at how you got there.
Open up and be honest.
This will be the start of changing what is showing up in your life.
It's not about blaming yourself either, or beating yourself up with a stick.
It's simply about observing objectively.
The premise is that YOUR thoughts married to YOUR emotions create a feeling within your body that is amplified to the Universe through your heart center -- this is what creates what shows up in your life.
When I first started consciously working with this law, I found that some things were easy to create and others not so easy.
And then I found myself in situations that were abhorrent to me.
How did this happen? What I didn't understand was that I had patterns, energy patterns and beliefs that were passed onto me by others before I was even eight, heck, some can even come to you while you are inside the womb.
These energetic patterns become embedded in the body.
I unconsciously adopted them into the matrix of who I am.
So they stayed with me, became part of me.
What's In Your Energy Baggage? No one escapes being patterned energetically by their parents, the belief systems they take on, and events and circumstances (that we create) that help to reinforce those energetic patterns and beliefs.
And we carry these energy patterns around with us like baggage.
When something in our external world bounces up against one of these patterns, out comes the automatic response.
So while you can consciously create your reality using the law of attraction, if what you are trying to create contradicts what is in your energy pattern, in your "baggage" unconsciously living below the surface of who you are, the unconscious part will win.
Why? Because the subconscious rules most of our lives.
90% of how we operate is from beneath the conscious surface of our being.
Clearing Your Energy Patterns Ninety percent of your old energy patterns can be cleared by simply looking at them, observing them.
As long as your patterns stay hidden, they will keep on operating and bringing into your life what you allowed yourself to believe you can have.
I heard Gay and Katy Hendricks mention a technique for looking and changing this energy that is really simple.
It's about bringing wonder back into your life.
You bring back the wonder by simply saying, "hmmmmm, I wonder what it means when I..
" There is something about saying, "hmmmmm" before you ask the question that actually changes the way you are with something.
It opens up the wonder vibration and allows you to come at something from the back door so to speak.
It allows you to develop wonder instead of attack or criticism.
You Are Living A Law of Attraction Life The process is not broken anymore than we are.
We are all perfect creators creating all the time.
If the results that you want aren't showing up, it means you to need to go below the surface.
You need to find out what's hiding there and bring it up into the light.
It's simple enough to do.
Do not be afraid -- what is there can not hurt you.
Remember when you were a child and in bed and the lights were turned off -- remember looking at the closet and how you could see things in there? Remember that to take away that fear, all you had to do was turn on the light? That still works.
What's below the surface can not hurt you any more than the clothes hanging in your closet can.
Just turn the light of consciousness on and take the time to sit with what you find.
Just look at it, observe it, say "I see you.
" And then love it for the purpose it served in your life, mine the gem that is yours to keep and then simply let it go.
It will fall away from you easily and effortlessly.
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