Type 2 Diabetes - Stress Increases Blood Sugar Levels!

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Stress will increase your blood sugar levels.
There are many types of stress, and with the exception of maybe long-term emotional stress, they will all increase blood sugar.
This also occurs in non-diabetics.
Stress has an incredibly negative impact on the body.
It puts an unnecessary strain on the body - most notably your organs.
In essence, stress can kill you, as seen in the high rate of heart attacks and stoke.
But stress affects diabetics even more.
Stress also includes physical stress such as:
  • infections,
  • trauma,
  • surgery, or even
  • intense heat or cold
In all these situations, insulin resistance increases and in non-diabetic people increases slightly.
How is that possible? Because stress causes blood sugar levels to increase.
The proof of this is seen anytime you are in a dangerous or stressful situation.
Your body responds by giving you a boost of energy to get you through the dilemma.
Where does that boost come from? Cortisol and epinephrine kick in to elevate sugar levels in assisting with the crisis.
Intense emotional stress that triggers the release of adrenaline, the fight-or-flight response, increase blood sugar levels slightly in non-diabetics and can make a diabetic person's blood sugar levels soar.
These fluctuations wouldn't be considered so vast in range for a non-diabetic, but for a diabetic they can be detrimental.
That's because a non-diabetic has the ability to easily recover from these spikes, while a diabetic doesn't.
A common association with stress is emotional eating.
This type of eating has nothing to do with hunger, but rather an episode or a situation that has occurred in the diabetic's life.
Just like with sadness or sometimes even with fear, the individual medicates with food since it is non-judgmental and provides a sense of relief, albeit temporary in nature.
While this affects a non-diabetic's weight, it does more than this with a diabetic.
It brings on wild spikes and dips in blood sugar levels.
It also implements a wide array of medical conditions, some of which can be quite dangerous.
Plus, when a person with Type 2 diabetes is anxious and soothes themselves with food they are almost assuredly not exercising.
This brings on a whole new realm of health concerns.
Separately, the sedentary lifestyle or the massive intakes of food are bad for an individual.
When placed together, they can jeopardize a diabetic's health very quickly.
The right thing to do is to find other ways to deal with stress.
Having healthy snacks on hand is one surefire way.
That way, if you get the urge to put something in your mouth, at least it will be a healthy choice.
The other positive way to deal with emotions is to exercise.
Nothing burns off stress faster than getting up and moving.
Even something as simple as walking can do wonders for lowering your stress levels.
At the same time, you are benefiting your heart, your blood sugar levels, trimming your body down to a more healthy weight, and helping your entire body.
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