What She Wants in Bed - 5 Techniques on How to Make Love With Her

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Let's admit one fact, shall we, gentleman - sex is our primary motivation.
Well, some of us will definitely argue that it's their career or their other passion but deep down, by the end of the day, we all look forward in making love with a woman and get ourselves inspired and motivated once again to keep up with the challenges of everyday living.
Thinking about sex all the time sure is normal and there are occasional strong urges in us that can sometimes drive us mad.
So now that you get the chance to share a bed with a hot babe tonight, get to learn first the basics of what she wants in bed - and discover how to make love to her and make her want more:
  • You.
    It's important that you have sex because of her, not because for thehell of the having sex.
    For women, sex is "making love" and it'simportant you give her your utmost attention during the deed, insteadof focusing for your own self-satisfaction.
    Don't be too caught upwith yourself - she needs you to make her feel totally loved and desiredall throughout the act.
  • Foreplay.
    Never skip on this part - it's going to be your greatest "weapon"to get her weak on the knees and get all fired up for sex in a littlewhile.
    Remember that women should be taken slowly and nicely - orelse sex would be less passionate.
    And we all know sex is never supposedto be boring.
  • Dirty talking.
    Moaning and groaning is good but nothing compares to the thrill andexcitement if you practically want her to keep going and going all nightlong - why not dirty talkingto heat things up a bit more? Let her know about what you want and makeher do too.
  • Slow and easy.
    No need to rush her all up - the more you take your time, the moreaggressive she will be.
    Women need to be stimulated well before theycan enjoy sex to the fullest - so be patient.
    You're definitelyget to the best part, believe me.
  • Cuddling.
    Ever wondered why women love to cuddle right after sex? They need tohave that certain connection with you after making love - and sincethey've been all stimulated again after all that foreplay, they wouldwant to stay linked with you all night long.
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