How to Create Classroom Rules in Elementary Grades

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    • 1). Talk with students about why rules are necessary. Ask students to make suggestions about what the classroom would be like without any rules. Ask them to also make suggestions about what their ideal classroom should be like.

    • 2). Break students into groups. Ask each group of children to brainstorm between five and 10 rules they believe the class should use. Working together gives students a chance to get to know one another at the beginning of the school year.

    • 3). Gather the entire class back together. Ask each group to list the rules they came up with. Write all their suggestions on the blackboard.

    • 4). Create a list of between five and 10 rules from the list you've written on the board. Combine similar rules such as "Don't hit" and "No kicking" into one rule such as "Keep your hands and feet to yourself."

    • 5). Write each rule on one piece of colorful paper. Hang all the rules in a central spot in the classroom where students can see them.

    • 6). Explain what the consequences will be when students break rules. Tell children that you'll give them one warning when you spot them breaking a rule, and if they don't change their behavior there will be a consequence. Put a child on a timeout, keep him inside during part of recess, or create some other consequence that children won't enjoy.

    • 7). Enforce the rules at all times. Show children that you mean what you say about rules and consequences.

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