Avoiding Predictability in a Relationship

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Remember the first time you gave her that exquisite box of her favorite chocolates, accompanied with a dozen long stem roses and her face just lit up with joy? Remember the second time, when she gave a caring smile? Remember the tenth time when all you got was a thank you and a sigh? If this describes you, youve fallen into a dangerous place for any relationship to find itself predictability.

When shopping for romantic gifts for women [http://www.presentsforher.com.au], most guys tend to have no trouble… at the beginning. All it takes is listening to her talk about what she likes, her favorite gifts shes gotten in the past, and so on. Then, when you surprise her for the first time with that perfect gift, youre letting her know that you pay attention to her, and that youd like to pay even more attention if shell let you.

The problem is, men tend to repeat what works once, hoping it will have the same result the next time around. Sadly, it just doesnt work that way. Are you the same person you were ten years ago? Are you even the same person you were six months ago? Neither is that special lady in your life. If you want to be the kind of guy who understands what women really want [http://www.presentsforher.com.au], then youve got to pay attention not just at the beginning of a relationship, but each and every day.

Avoiding predictability isnt just about finding unusual and quirky gifts; its about acknowledging who the special woman in your life is as a person. Its about marking the occasion with something really meaningful. Sure, she may love a certain type of flower, but thats not ALL she loves, so why treat her that way?

The next time the need arises to find a gift for the lady in your life, dont go with the same old, same old. Instead, spend some time really thinking about who she is, and what she means to you. If you take the time to do that, youll find yourself going back to those first days all over again and theyll be even better this time around.

How about some ideas to help get you started? If youre not the type whos given chocolates before, figure out what her favorite kind are and then surprise her with an immaculate box of imported chocolates. This lets her know that youre looking forward to staying and sharing a decadent experience with her. If thats already old hat to you, what about a delightful perfume that says youre dying to take her out on the town and make a real splash?

Or how about some lingerie? Nothing marks the transition from viewing her as a friend to viewing her as a beautiful sexy woman like a gift of lingerie. If youre already past that stage as well, why not try out some luxurious designer sleepwear? This lets her know that youre not just looking forward to tonight, but to waking up with her each and every morning as well.

The problem with predictable presents is that theyre just too safe. It shows that youre just not putting the same effort into the relationship as you used to, and to be frank, it bores her. If you want to bring back that look of joy you so fondly remember from your first days together (and the other benefits from back then as well), its time to spice things up with a truly unique gift that shows you still care.

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