How to Lick a Girls Vagina Until She Has an Orgasm So Wild It Will Make Her Love You for Life

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The harsh facts are that women either fake orgasms to keep you happy or just have them infrequently from penetration.
So for a girl to have a really good orgasm you have to know how to lick a girls vagina.
This is the only way to give women wild screaming orgasms that leave them quivering with pleasure.
This article will show you 2 tips on how to lick a girls vagina.
Being considerate down there is essential if you want her to receive a great orgasm.
So for one make see that you are clean shaven so that you don't hurt her with hour stubble and make sure you are clean down below in case she wants to thank you.
Another key aspect of licking a girl is to be gentle, I knows it's a mans nature to be a tad rough but if you are not gentle then she will not orgasm.
The second tip on how to lick a girls vagina is to try out different cunnilingus positions.
A girl will soon get bored in bed if you do the same things over and over.
Do instead of her just lying down on her back try having her stand up while you kneel before her to give her oral.
That's how to lick a girls vagina and if you get it right then her orgasm will be tremendous and she will really connect with you on a personal level.
Women are very emotional and if you can provide her with orgasms when you lick her vagina then she will love you for life.
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