Relief For Stress - Is Music the Answer?

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There is an old saying that says, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
" Although most of us have heard this, we also know that it isn't true.
Words do hurt sometimes, and simple words have  started wars between people.
However, today we want to look at words is another perspective, and that is the words we find in music, and how it can bring you relief for stress.
Have you ever wondered why some people listen to the music they do?  I'm sure sure that over time you have asked yourself this question.
No matter what age you are some people just enjoy listening to certain styles of music.
I have heard some parents say, "I don't know why that boy listen to that garbage?" First of all, I am not promoting any style of music.
In fact, I personally believe that some music is harmful to some people; and garbage in - garbage out.
On the other hand, music can be so relaxing which can keep your emotions relaxed hence producing relief of stress.
There's hardly anything that can get your emotions awaken than music.
Music has the ability to keep you up to date, or take you way back in time.
Have you ever been out shopping when suddenly a song came on that took you back several years instantly? You may have just got off from work feeling tired, but when that song came on you began to feel refreshed.
You may have hummed that song all the way home until your spouse asked,  "why do you seem so happy today?" This is why so many doctors recommend music for easy stress relief.
Some people love Gospel, Country, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Easy Listening, and etc.
, and will not give up their music  for nothing or nobody.
Music is a great stress reliever! What keeps me relaxed may not be the same for you.
I never realized how some people could do their homework while listening to music.
I just couldn't understand it because, for me, I need to have almost dead silents! But some people are more relaxed while listening to their style of music.
Finally, if you want relief for stress, don't underestimate the power of music and the benefits it can bring.
Of course regular walking, eating healthy, and proper sleep are great for easy stress relief.
But the next time you hear your teenager playing "that garbage", he may just be relieving some good ol' fashion stress.
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