Where Can I Find Typing Games?

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    • Along with being an excellent resource for anyone looking to boost their typing speed and accuracy, TypingTest.com also offers a handful of fun typing games to exercise your skills.

      The Pac-Man-influenced KeyMan, for instance, has a simple premise: help KeyMan navigate a simple maze while eating dots and avoiding ghosts. The catch? You're not using the arrow keys to control KeyMan. Instead, you must hit the key that represents the direction you want KeyMan to travel, and this key changes each time you press it, meaning you have to be swift and quick to type if you hope to win at KeyMan.

      Along with a few other games, you can also choose to download TypingMaster Pro for free, which includes four more typing games that you can play at your leisure.


    • FreeTypingGame.net is a site brimming with games and exercises you can use to improve your skills as a typist.

      Along with free lessons and tutorials, FreeTypingGame.net also offers fun and free games such as Martian City Defender, Spacebar Invaders and Outerspace Fleet Commander. Martian City Defender and Spacebar Invaders will be familiar to a lot of people --- especially fans of arcade games from the late 1970s and early '80s.

      Martian City Defender plays much like a typing version of Missile Command, asking you to defend the city from missiles that rain from the sky. Spacebar Invaders is basically Space Invaders, using a similar tactic as Martian City Defender.

      The games on FreeTypingGame.net are loads of fun, and you should definitely consider giving them a try if you're looking for an interactive way to improve your typing.


    • OnlyTypingGames.com keeps it simple. The very second you load up the homepage, you're greeted with 28 fun-filled typing games, all of which are completely free to play.

      Try your hand at games such as Alpha Attack, Krazy Keys, and Keyboard Defender along with many others at OnlyTypingGames.com. The games are all incredibly fun, and each offers its own unique challenge, helping you improve as a typist in an interactive way that isn't nearly as mundane as lessons that simply force you to type the same sentences over and over again until you can type them quickly.

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