Positive Thinking: It Is Better To Laugh Than To End Up Crying

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"Youve to laugh, otherwise you'll cry" is certainly one of my favorite sayings. It always brings a broad smile on my face. If you have an experience that you would rather forget, just laugh it off. In "Find It, Fix It, Flip It!" Michael Corbett discusses about how you need to turn your negative and destructive thoughts into positive thoughts.
I'll share a small number of incidents where I laughed whole heartedly.

I had decided to initiate my own firm; walked away from an incredibly lucrative expatriate setup, with a young family started paying dividends. In a return visit to a valet company with my older car, my 2 year old choose to bring up her Wagamama dinner in the back of the car.

Present score:
two year old: 1
"You have to laugh"
A couple of months ago, my wife came back home from a weekend in the country and said that she wanted to live in the country to ensure that our girls can play around and have fun. I agreed after just thinking it over for couple of seconds. So we put our Mission Bay home for sale and began planning for a new life in the country. It has been a couple of months there after and now were staying in a beachfront house and were still planning for a country life.

Temporary residence - Check
Schooling for the Children - to do
Getting new Consumers in the new area -in progress.
It was Tuesdays and we had a meet and greet at a meet and greet at our daughter's nursery at 10am and I even had a gathering with a prospective consumer at 11.30 am. We were 10 minutes ahead of schedule for the meet and greet, so we decided that well drive around and take a look at a couple of other houses. As I took a turn, I heard strange noises coming from inside the car, I turned around and saw my two year old Emily puking over again in the car. I had three options with me now,

1. Clean my daughter up, run home, clean the car and get to the client meeting

2. Leave her at the side of the road and return and pick her up later

3. Sit on the road and moan

To tell you the truth, I considered the second and the third possibilities only after everything. We cleaned our daughter, went to the meet and greet and spent 5 minutes, went back home, I cleaned up the car, took a small coffee break, and arrived for the meeting with my prospective client with five minutes to spare.

The end result?
2 year old - 2
Audi - 0
New Client - 1
And to top this all off, the very next day my daughter Emily took her mum's car key and put it in her father's car. Only after I had left for a meeting with another prospective client that was just one hour's drive did I find out about it. so I had to add another extra hour for the return the key dash and on top of all that, later on, in the same day my wife was stranded with the children after her car broke down.

What was the end result?
Day two score:
2 year old - 3
Audi - 0
Old Car - -1
New Client - 2
All this took place in just 28 hours!!
So what is the positive thinking lesson in this??
As a matter of fact everything in life is concerning positive thinking.

I could have postponed those two meetings and if something had come up on the other side; I could have lost two chances. All you require is a little bit of positive thinking with a little perseverance, and it is possible for you to accomplishing anything you set your mind to. And do not worry, if you don't achieve it, you will achieve experience and you can definitely accomplish it the next time or the time after that.
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