Run With Dragon Meditation Energy

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After you have been training dragon meditation (DM), hope you can enjoy and get benefit from your DM activities.
Now, I will update one benefit with DM.
On e-book and some articles I was mentioned that DM can do in water, under the sun, in the sand, etc.
Also, you can do in various positions as long as you can control your vibration.
You can use DM energy for self shield and healing too.
I hope you have tried it and get benefit for your self or other people.
Both short guides were written on e-book.
For healing I hope you have tried to your self or other peoples for some cases.
Healing with DM is very easy and simple.
If you have ill, you need meditation (with or without DM steps) then direct energy to your ill.
Feel and keep feel it.
For healing other people has written in e-book.
Now, I feel need to add information about using of DM energy for run or walk or other activities.
Main goal is to increase your speed, add your energy and remove or reduce tired when do it (run, walk or etc).
For people who have skill to absorb energy from universe (with DM) and use when run or walk, they can run very fast without tired.
You can train it happy and patiently.
This is simple guidance for you: 1.
Better, you train first in special location like wide and quite road.
Stand up free in your location.
Do this without run.
Relax and arrange your breath.
Put both hand on side and open palms.
Feel vibration on palms hand then feel your vibration to absorb energy from out (universe).
Absorb it to your body.
Try it?..
How? Are you feel it? Okay...
I am sure you can do that.
You will feel energy flow to your palms.
This first train.
Now you begin to train on your run.
Feel fly friend.
Run with DM energy is like car or motorcycle when you use it.
You must pull gas to add speed or power.
This is same with your run with DM energy.
Energy will add you energy to add speed and remove tired.
The problem is how to control your energy to flow to your body and foot.
Okay starts now.
Keep ready to run.
Get ready? Go!!!! Okay run and run relax.
Open your palm hand but relax.
Feel vibration on your hand.
Feel your hand absorb energy to your body.
Keep feel and keep run relax.
Key success of run with DM Energy is control your energy.
Control energy to flow to your foot.
Control your foot harmonizes of movement and avoids collision between foots.
Speed more fast and fast when you success to flow your energy to your body.
Keep feel it and keep see to direction of your run.
Be aware with anything like people, car, tree and what ever on the track.
Usually, you will feel highest speed run difference with your run as usual.
Of course your running will faster.
This success depend on control of foots movement and energy flowing.
Wear shoe suitable with your condition to avoid small accident with your foot.
The success of this run is no tired and no accident also easy to control all.
Better you use special location for run like beach, stadium, etc.
Okay, DM Guys..
I sure you want to try it.
Keep confident and make sure you can do that.
DO not afraid.
go you can do that.
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