Settings for My Nokia E51

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    Display Settings

    • The Nokia E51 allows users to alter many aspects of their display including brightness, text size and automatic dimming. The screen brightness can be adjusted using a digital slider that moves from "0" to "100." The automatic dimming feature enables users to set the number of minutes the phone must be inactive before the screen dims itself. Nokia includes four text sizes for the E51: small, medium, large and extra large.

    Tone Settings

    • The Tone Settings menu allows you to alter ringtones, video call tones, text message tones and ringing volume. The Nokia E51 includes 12 pre-installed ringtones for users to choose from. Users can set the phone to announce a caller's name when they're calling. Nokia E51 users also have the option of placing their phone on "vibrate" or "silent" modes for all incoming calls, texts, emails and alerts.

    Language Settings

    • The Nokia E51 allows users to choose the language displayed on their phone. Users can choose between English, Spanish or French as their phone language. Unlike other phones, the E51 enables users to set different languages for different activities. For instance, users can choose English as the phone display language and French as their text messaging language.

    Security Settings

    • The Nokia E51 includes a security system to protect the contents of the phone's SIM card. Users can create screen locking system that prevents unauthorized users from operating the phone. In the Phone and SIM Card menu, users can create a four-digit PIN code that must be entered to unlock the phone's screen. Users can then set the screen to automatically lock if the phone has not been used for a designated period of time.

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