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Get A Vitamin Boost Using The Power Of Hemp

While people often boast of the ability of pumpkin and poppy seeds to boost vitamin ranges and improve health and vitality, not many of them even consist of the mighty hemp seed in their calculations. Health food fanatics have long known about the benefits of this tiny seed, however there's a s

How to Use Colorize in jQuery

Colorize is a plugin developed for the jQuery JavaScript framework that lets you add color to table rows by clicking on them when they are displayed on a web page. If the Colorize plugin and jQuery are both already present on your server, you can add code to your existing HTML table code that will a

How to Use a Vinyl Cutter As a Stencil Maker

A vinyl cutter makes a versatile stencil machine. It can produce various sizes of type and styles. Using vinyl stencils allow you to use bridgeless letters and symbols such as O, B and D. Vinyl also makes long lines of text easier.

How to Copy Shirts on ROBLOX

The ROBLOX online game allows you to create your own character and customize that character with various pieces of clothing, like shirts. There are many shirt styles available through the ROBLOX online catalog, where different users upload their clothing designs. With a quick and straightforward tec

How to Make a Large Profit Selling Goods at a Craft Fair

Selling items at a craft fair can either be very profitable or a complete flop. Some aspects of the venture cannot be controlled by the vendors, such as the date, the weather and parking. But there are other aspects of a craft fair that vendors can control, and it's these aspects that, with the prop

How to Make Your Own Hanging Net Canopy

A hanging net canopy is a simple project that can enhance your bedroom or living room to create a romantic retreat or Middle Eastern vibe. The most common type of hanging canopy is made from mosquito netting; however, you may choose to enhance your room with a sheer netting or fabric in any color. W

Climate and Ocean Currents

Ocean currents are steady flows of water produced by a complex set of forces. These currents wrap around the world, with huge effects on local climates. Although the complexity of the ocean's currents and the world's climate makes it difficult to determine the exact nature of the changes, oceanograp

Simple Face Painting Designs

Creating simple face painting designs is fun, and when you view the completed work and see how your children or friends love your work, it DOUBLES your fun and satisfaction. You can start painting fac

How to Make a Wool Throw

Your house is chilly, and you don't want to add to your heating bill by turning up the thermostat. You could cover yourself with an afghan just like grandma used to make, but afghans are not the most elegant addition to your decor. A wool throw with a knotted fringe can be a welcome addition to any

The Uses of Red Wine Glassware

In addition to its traditional usage, many people have found creative ways to use red wine glassware. Wine glasses provide an inexpensive yet elegant accent in the home, as well as an easy, festive addition to party decorations. Wider red wine snifters show off the beauty of a floating...

How to Make a Snake Bracelet

Snakes are scary to some people and fascinating to others. For those who find them fascinating, snake-themed jewelry makes a cool accessory. Young children, who often see snakes as exciting creatures, love to draw pictures of them. Here's a project that will teach them to translate their snake drawi

How to Make Barbie Boots

Part of the appeal of a Barbie doll is dressing her up in a variety of different outfits and accessories. But purchasing all of these items can really add up and become quite expensive. One way to avoid the cost of doll clothing and accessories is to make them yourself. You can make your own Barbie

Blue Jean Quilt Directions

A blue jean quilt is created by cutting squares or shapes from old denim garments instead of using new quilting fabric. Making a quilt from blue jeans not only saves money on fabric, it allows you to recycle old or worn denim so you won't have to throw it away. Denim is both warm and durable, so you

How to Make Personalized Photo Mats

The photos you choose to display are likely the most personal part of your home decor, so it only makes sense to personalize the display, too. One easy way to do this is to make your own photo mat. A personalized photo mat allows you to bring additional meaning to your photo display while including

Jewelry Made From Pennies

Pennies cost more to produce, at 1.4 cents a piece, than they are worth. According to Jeff Gore, an MIT physicist, people spend 72 minutes each year “fiddling with pennies.” One way to make use of the coins is to create jewelry with them. They are plentiful and cost effective. These copp

Pms Period

Just saying the phrase "that time of month" can conjure up negative feelings for most women. Pms Syndrome is the official name given to the disturbances many women face each month in the days leading up to their menstrual cycle. It is common for women to have any number of symptoms from be

Indoor and Outdoor Water Activities

The cooling effects of water can help you on a hot day.Clean water and water bubbles in blue image by Suto Norbert from Fotolia.comWhether you are indoors or outdoors, the heat from the summer can often make it hard for you to enjoy yourself. With a little bit of water, however, you can...

How to Make a Cute Skirt

Designers select different skirt lengths each fashion collection season. Textile patterns as well as fabric types influence designers on the silhouette and style. The finished length influences the skirt silhouette such as in a sarong, a-line or pencil. Making a cute skirt such as a summertime saron