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How to Make a Knotted Suede Bracelet

Suede is made from processed rawhide, and differs from leather in that the surface is lightly sanded to give it a textured and soft, velvety finish. You can use several strands of suede to create a fashionable, square-knot bracelet. Natural suede comes in several shades, which you can experiment wit

How to Make a Memory Book of Your Relationship

Sometimes, the pressures of the workaday world can make us forget just how much someone means to us. Remind your significant other - and yourself! - with a memory book.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wire wrapping is a staple of traditional jewelry-making. Many types of jewelry incorporate some form of wire wrapping, whether it is in the chain or clasp, or used to hold beads and gems in place. This technique has become popular as a way to create an entire piece of jewelry, using the wire for bot

How to Make Curtain Rings Slide Better

Curtain rings that stick and balk make opening and closing your curtain a trial. Tugging and yanking on the curtain can damage your window coverings or break the curtain rings. Defeat those balky curtain rings by smoothing the surface of the rod and providing a slick pathway for them to glide across

Amazing Dining Experience At The Restaurants In Mexico

Mexico is a most popular tourist spot for a lot of individuals from Western countries such as the US, France or Canada. These visitors arrive for the hot sandy beaches, the hot fashion shopping, and the very hot Mexican food. Here are plenty of eateries in Mexico City built throughout this tourist i

A Silk Rose Tutorial

Whether you enjoy sewing clothes, making dolls, scrapbooking or any other creative endeavor that employs fabric, a silk rose can be the elegant finishing touch to any project on which you are working. This skill can add so much to a new blouse or sweater. It can dress up a simple hat and make it for

How to Buy Woodworking Projects for Kids

Woodworking provides hands-on education for kids that is both fun and rewarding. The measuring, counting and overall problem solving that woodworking projects entail provides kids with skills needed in a variety of school subjects and that can also be used in real world situations. Completing woodwo

Instructions for a Hand Sewn Blanket Stitch

If you want to give felt scarves and blankets a finished look, but you don't want to top stitch, try the blanket stitch. You can use this bold stitch to sew together two pieces of fabric, but you can also use it for purely decorative purposes. Each blanket stitch consists of a length of thread that

How to Make Beaded Votive Candles

Votive candles are an ideal crafting item because they are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors. Crafters can embellish votive candles in many different ways for decorating a home. One idea that is easy and inexpensive to accomplish is to add beads to candles. A group of beaded votive ca

Can You Dye Organza Lace?

Organza lace is lace made out of a sheer fabric. You can find organza lace made from many different fibers. Some fibers can be dyed quite easily, but others are very hard or impossible to dye.

Singer Featherweight Threading Instructions

The Singer Featherweight sewing machine, or Singer 221, is a lightweight straight-stitch machine manufactured from 1933 to 1964, according to the Planet Patchwork website. It has become a favorite among quilters because it weighs only about 11 lbs., and as such is easy to take to quilting class. Thr

How to Draw a Funny Monkey

Monkeys are funny by their very nature. You can make the playful primate even more amusing when you draw a funny monkey. Funny monkey drawings should be equipped with a silly expression, haphazard limbs and a goofy overall appearance. Indulge your silliness by drawing a funny monkey with the followi

Crafts Using Pop Tabs

After you pop open a can of soda, you can twist the tab back and forth until it breaks free. Recycle the can, but save the pop tab. After you've accumulated a stash, you can use them to create artistic and resourceful crafts. Do these crafts yourself or with kids to illustrate the value of recycling

Video: Printing Time-Line for Publishing a Children's Book

Video Transcript Hi! I¡¯m Angela Sage Larsen. Today, we¡¯re going to talk about publishing your own children¡¯s story. Please visit my web site at Since you¡¯re the publisher of your story, it¡¯s important to determine which printing option best suits your story....

How to Make Walnut Stain

You can make walnut stain by purchasing walnut oil pigment and then adding it to solvents or drying oils. But before there were chemicals, before factories and distilleries, there were old-world craftsmen who made stain out of ordinary natural materials. To make a genuine woodcrafter's stain, you've

How to Create Your Own Transfer Paper For Fabrics

Commercial transfer paper for fabrics, also called dressmaker's transfer paper, is inexpensive and readily available at fabric stores. However, if you find you've run out, or just want to make your own, it's easy. You might even have all the supplies you'll need on hand, saving you a trip to the sto

Instructions for Making Cheerleader Pom Poms

Make cheerleader pom poms as a gift for a special child or for yourself to practice and perfect your routines before tryouts. If you choose quality materials and take your time, homemade cheerleader pom poms can look as professional as a set of purchased pom poms.

How to Make a Double Balloon Arch

Balloons are more than just fun little objects children play with. They can be great decorative items as well. Balloon arches can set the mood and tone of an event. They're easy to make and relatively inexpensive. A double arch allows you to add more decor and play with the color scheme or patterns.

How to Make Paper Flowers With Cupcake Liners

Paper flowers in a variety of colors can be a simple project for little budding artists. When you use pastel-colored cupcake liners, the paper already has a pretty color and the fluted edges are ideal for the frilly petals. Make paper flowers with cupcake liners and help kids make a colorful bouquet

How to Polish Quartz Points

Quartz crystal is one of the most common minerals found on our planet, but it's also a beautiful stone that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Quartz crystal points are the pointed, crystal shapes that are often associated with pendulums. If you have a point that you want to polish, it'