How to Open the DVD Navigation Slot on a Jeep Commander

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Hero Motocorp Splendor Vs TVS Star City - Evenly Matched Rivals

Hero Motocorp, an Indian company engaged in the manufacture and sales of motorbikes and scooters, is also the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer. TVS Motors, another Indian business corporation, is also engaged in the business of making two-wheelers. Between them, these two makers have gi

990R - Engine

A picture of the MV Agusta Brutale 990R's engine.

Motorcycle Helmets - An Essential Possession

The motorcycle helmet is considered as one of the safest equipment that is available in the market place. The helmet can be considered to be an accessory which is essential for every person who is known to ride two wheelers. Safety guards pertaining to every possible taste and cost are available in

CVO Road Glide Custom

Key specs and information on the 2012 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Custom.

Turn Signal

The 2010 Honda VFR's turn signals are sculpted to match the bike's curvy body.

How To Book Your Theory Test Appointment

Booking your theory test and passing it is the first step towards getting a permanent driving licence. You need to book test at a test centre nearest and most convenient to you. You can book test either online, on telephone or even by post. You can use any option which suits you. All theory test con

Why To Buy Used Motorcycles Parts?

If you are planning to get your bike repaired there are two options to buy new motorcycle parts or buy used motorcycle parts. The best option is to buy second hand bike parts as it is more cost effective and you can get almost new used bike parts at the best price. But before buying check the qualit

Information on a Chevy 327

The Chevy 327 cubic inch V-8 belongs to Chevrolet's small block engine family that began in 1955 with the 265. The 327 essentially served as a prelude to the immensely popular 350 that continued as late as 2010 as a replacement engine for Chevy car and truck enthusiasts. Yet for most of the early an

How to Repair a Jazzy Wheelchair

Pride Mobility, the manufacturer of Jazzy power chairs, is a widely recognized company known for its high performance mobility products. Owners of Jazzy power chairs should be aware that electromagnetic energy may cause interference with the control system of their wheelchairs. Do not use cell phone

How To Pass The Motorcycle Skills Test

In order to get your motorcycle license you have to pass a skills test unless you opt to take a rider safety course. Taking the skills test can be an intimidating and nerve wracking experience especially if you are not adequately prepared. Here is some basic information that will help you understand

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT Specs

As Pontiac's bestseller and General Motors' top-selling compact car, the Grand Am became one of America's best-selling passenger cars during the 1990s. Completely revamped in 1999, the most recent and final body style of the Pontiac Grand Am --- which was discontinued after the 2005 model...

How to Have More Horsepower in a Lincoln Mark VIII

The Lincoln Mark VIII is a two-door coupe that was produced from 1993 to 1998. It is a large and comfortable car and its engine produces about 290 horsepower. While a large number of aftermarket parts are not available for the car, generic parts can be purchased to produce extra power.

Exhausts and Fairings As BMW Accessories

BMW accessories for motorcycles are not just popular for their headlights, brake lights, and luggage carriers. Other noteworthy bike parts such as aftermarket exhausts and fairing as well as windscreens are also some of the most popular commodities among accessories of BMW. For one, the aftermarket

Diagnose Problems With My Car

We often take our cars for granted. It is easy to jump in, turn the key and drive away. Many of us don't think about how much we rely on our cars until they start having problems. Suddenly, our entire life revolves around getting our car fixed, which costs time and money. Following a few simple

What To Look For In A Motocross Graphics Company

Search online for the set of distinctive graphics that can promote your personality. The finding the correct and matching set of graphics on the motor bike will really enhacne the aesthetics of your bike as well as yours too.


A picture of the 2009 Honda CRF230L dual sport motorcycle, priced at $4,999.

The Major Manufacturers Of The Form Of Shock

Shock absorber is an essential component of any automobile. Endurance is distinguished shock absorbers manufacturer which designs shock absorbers not only for two, three or four wheelers but also for

How to Check the Fuel Pressure of a Diesel Fuel Pump

The fuel pump in your car is responsible for managing the state of the fuel system between the gas tank and your diesel engine. Checking the fuel pressure of the pump is necessary when you think your car is not receiving an adequate amount of fuel depending upon your throttle positioning. Examine an

9 Effective Tips For Winter Motorcycling

Winter can be brutal for motorcyclists! Like any other type of machinery, you have difficulty in operating your vehicle. While cruising down country roads or interstate highways, the wind chill factors can make your experience nearly unbearable.

How to Synchronize a Yamaha Carburetor

Yamaha motorcycles with more than one cylinder usually have more than one carburetor for fuel delivery. Ever time these carburetors are removed for cleaning or rejetting they should be synchronized, or synched, when they are installed on the bike. Synchronization is the process that ensures that all