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Auto Amplifier Repair

A car amplifier is a device designed to give your speakers a boost. When problems arise with an auto amp, having information on the common problems and repairs associated with this audio equipment can come in handy.

Increase Your Vehicle's Safety on the Road!

Safety is something that you could never have too much of while driving. There are many things to take into consideration on whether you vehicle is safe or not. Many times when you buy a car you check its safety ratings to ensure that you are getting a safe vehicle for you and your family or friends

How to Change Fog Lights on a Cadillac Seville

The Cadillac Seville uses fog lights below the headlights to enhance nighttime vision and to help illuminate the road when there is fog on the road. You'll need to check the fog lights every six months, along with the headlights, to make sure that the lights are functioning properly. When a bulb blo

How to Troubleshoot a 1998 VW Jetta 1.9L Diesel

The 1998 Volkswagen Jetta 1.9L diesel was one of the most reliable vehicles that Volkswagen offered. The diesel engine from Volkswagen does have one flaw, however, and that is one inherent in all diesel engines: cold-weather problems. Cold weather and malfunctioning glow plugs are the cause of most

How to Replace a Ford Escape Radiator Fan Motor

The Ford Escape radiator fan motor can be replaced individually. The motor is purchased without the fan blade, which must be transferred to the new motor. Before replacing a radiator fan motor it should first be tested to make sure that the motor is the problem. There are many circuits in this syste

How to Bleed a Master Clutch Cylinder on a 1985 944

The clutch on a Porsche 944 operates using hydraulic brake fluid. When the drier depresses the clutch pedal, the fluid is forced through two cylinders and causes the transmission to disengage. Air in the clutch system causes the pedal to feel spongy and may prevent the clutch from working at all. Th

Where Is the Distributor Cap Located on a 2001 Galant?

The distributor cap is a main component of your 2001 Galant's ignition system. Its purpose is to connect high voltage power supplied by the spark plugs to the engine's ignition coils at a specific time and in a particular firing order.

How to Rig a Power Cord to Charge a Car Battery

Using a battery charger equipped with a transformer and rectifier circuit is not the only way to charge a car battery using AC power. Electromechanical motion is another option. Using an AC electric motor to turn a DC 12 V generator can produce the power to charge an automotive battery. This method

How to Get Key Scratches Out of a Car Door

Unfortunately, it seems as though scratching a car door with a key is one of the inevitable consequences of car ownership. If the scratch penetrates the paint deep enough, rust can develop and cause more serious problems. The obvious way to fix key scratches on a car door is to have the door repaint

What Is Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil?

Semi-synthetic is a type of motor oil that is a blend of other types of oil. Semi-synthetic motor oil was formulated to provide some of the benefits that pure synthetic oil offers.

How to Remove Bug Stains From Painted Bumpers

Dust, dirt, tar and bugs will all cling to your car's painted bumpers, spoiling the clean look of your vehicle. And no matter how often you wash your car, bugs are still going to smash against the bumpers and leave stains; however, you can remove these bug stains from the bumpers without damaging th

How to Diagnose and Fix Your Power Windows

Finding the source of electric window problems in a vehicle can be challenging. It can be even more challenging when you don't get back to basics! When it comes to issues with electric windows, you need to start at the beginning. To find the source of the problem, start at the power source, you

Things To Do When Changing A Tire

There are just some things you can't really anticipate. Having to change your car tire in the middle of a dusty highway could easily be one of them. Among other skills that young drivers should learn upon receiving drivers' education, information on how to change a car tire is one of the m

How to Make a Silk Hair Wrap

Taking care of your hair proves to be an important routine, especially if your hair is long and thick. Silk hair wraps keep your hair into place while you sleep, work or exercise. Making your own silk hair wraps allows you the ability to experiment with a wide variety of colors, prints, textures and

How to Hotwire a Car

While hot-wiring a car may seem fun in the movies, it is highly illegal. Granted, there are some instances when having the skill could be handy (when you lose your keys, for instance). If you are seen doing it, you could very well be reported to the authorities. Bearing that in mind, it is a useful

Save Money With No Paint Dent Repair

Dents can be repaired without having to repaint. Paintless dent removal takes less time and is therefore less expensive while serving to help retain your vehicle's resale value.

How to Remove an Impala Transmission

General Motors, under the Chevrolet division, designed the first Impala in 1958 as a full-size vehicle. The Impala was famed for its triple taillights. You can remove the transmission from an Impala and save money by not taking the car to a mechanic. This project can be completed in an hour with the

How to Remove a 1990 Toyota Corolla Oil Pressure Switch

The oil pressure switch connected to the engine on a 1990 Corolla helps tell the computer whether or not there is oil pressure in the vehicle. Without oil pressure, the engine will not run properly and could seize. If the switch goes out, then you won't know if a low oil pressure condition arises, a

How to Replace a Speaker Crossover

A crossover that is connected to the speakers in your vehicle is called a passive crossover. If you have a crossover that is damaged or requires an upgrade, the existing crossovers need to be replaced. To do this, you will require a new crossover with the proper connections. The existing crossover s