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All About the Traffic Blog

Do people seem to hate being at your blog? Here's why: (1) your navigation couldn't lead a camel to water, (2) your cute little animated pictures are way too annoying, and (3) you have more fonts and colors than a circus clown on crack.

Solid Technology Advice For Someone Who Runs A Blog

Blogging has exploded in popularity because people naturally want to share their knowledge and opinions. Most people have something they wish to convey or material they want to distribute, and the cha

What Is the Most Successful Way to Grow a Blog Following?

The term "blogging" is short for "web logging." It lets you share your thoughts, experiences and advice on the Internet. Websites such as WordPress and Blogger help writers create and publish content to a blog with the push of a button. Several different ways are available to measure your blog's fol

Blogs - Your Key Weapon in Internet Marketing

Blogs were started as just a journal for the use of the common man who browses the web to express his opinion about everything under the sun, at any time. But now blogs have emerged as a powerful tool to aid internet marketing.

Mistakes to Avoid When Blog Commenting

This article outlines a number of common mistakes people make when blog commenting. Read this article to learn what to avoid when blog commenting.

What is Blogging Success?

Blogging success isn't just about making money or getting more traffic. In fact, if you haven't connected with your readers you may never reach either of these ambitions through blogging.

Blogging for Money - Great Way to Earn Passive Income

Blogging for money is what most freelance writers and online entrepreneurs do to add more income. Meanwhile, some people blog as a hobby and others do it to express their opinions and expertise on anything. If you are smart, then you will make use of your talent to earn extra, right? Write something

Blog For Profit - How To Monetize Your Blog

Do you have a blog you want to make some money from? How do you go about monetizing your blog? Blog monetizing is becoming increasingly popular using affiliate products.

3 Alternatives to Over-Promotion of Your Blog's Front Page

There are better ways to convert your readers to long-time loyal members of your online community. Blogging is not just about the sum of it's parts. Promotion of your blog should not be left to the homepage... an index of the contents of your blog. Instead your promotion efforts should lead new

What Are The Real Benefits of Blogging?

Blogging is today becoming very much popular all over the world. People are today trying to make more and more money through blogging. Creating and publishing a blog can be a very interesting for some and might be boring for other.

Making Money Online From Home - The Correct Way

To be successful online, you need to a proper understanding about what is required to succeed online. Many online marketers fail because the don't follow the most basic rules.

Developing The Best Blog Design For Readers

Developing the best blog design for your followers starts with simplicity in mind. Creating content that people will find interesting to read is important but so is the layout of the blogging platform itself! Read further to discover 7 simple tips for designing a blog that will be easy to use and ea

How to Blog Your Way to One Million Dollars

Blog is a short form of weblog. Within a very few years, blogging has become very popular across the world. Online entrepreneurs also understand the importance of blogs in product marketing.

3 Key Components of Most Popular Blogs

What is the attraction most popular blogs have that compels visitors to return time and again? What we're discussing here is not necessarily what it takes to generate traffic but rather how to get visitors to return! Read more to discover the 3 most important components you must offer readers t

Make Your Videos Get Noticed With Easy Video Player 2.0

I don't know about you, but for me acting well in front of a camera was something that had always caught my attention. It can be because I got influenced by great presenters and marketers who had this ability. I got inspired!

How to Search a WordPress Blog for a Virus

WordPress comes in two forms: the WordPress site that allows you to host your blog, and the WordPress application which is used for designing your blog. Unfortunately, one issue you have to deal with when you create any type of website, including a blog, is that of viruses and hackers. If you're not