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What Would Be Your Financial Planner Job Description?

If you want to make a career as a financial planner, you're going to need to familiarize yourself with a financial planner job description. You will be helping to create a plan with either businesses or individuals so that they can better use their savings and income, balanced with their invest

How to Define an HR Audit

An HR audit is dreaded by many a human resources department head, but for the skilled HR representative, it is a valuable tool that points to areas in need of employee development. In some cases an HR audit may even help a company find areas where savings could be realized with the help of job cuts

How to Become a Lawn Mower Dealer

Lawn mowers are sold by major retailers including Walmart and Sears, but there are still advantages to becoming a lawn mower dealer. A smaller, more personalized dealer offers a customized approach that larger shops simply can't match. If you want to become a lawn mower dealer, you need to decide wh

Marine Corps Service Uniform Regulations

Semper Fi. The United States Marine Corps has been faithful to the preservation of the nation since the American Revolution. The few and proud display their allegiance in the uniforms they wear. The Marines have three distinct uniforms: dress, service and utility.

The Tools You Need to Find the Right Job

If you were asked what tools you would need to find the right job, what would you say? You would probably mention a highlighter and a newspaper, a resume', a cover letter, and the internet. All of these are definitely correct. You have to look for the right job in the right places and you have

How to Use Cartoons to Solve Workplace Problems

People involved in interpersonal conflict in both business and industry are often too close to the problems to be of any great help in solving them. They feel insecure, uncomfortable and threatened when it comes to expressing their feelings and offering possible solutions. "What will the boss t

Accounting Industry Analysis

The U.S. accounting industry is a professional service industry providing general accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses. Accounting in the business world is the process of preparing financial information for use by managers, investors and banks or lenders. Personal accounting inv

Sap Solutions for Small Business

SAP has worked for more than 10,000 small businesses to help them reach their goals. Nearly 65% of SAP customers are small and midsize companies. SAP Business one, is designed to meet the needs of sma

How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Resume Mistakes

Resumes are everywhere; from the millions floating in cyberspace to a handful crossing a hiring manager's desk to some being used as a coaster or scratch paper. How do you make sure your resume is bei

Sports Nutritionist Careers

Proper nutrition is important for a healthy lifestyle.nutrition image by razorconcept from Fotolia.comSports nutrition is the study of nutrition in physical activities or sports. This specialized career field works alongside athletes, physiotherapists, coaches and trainers to get athletes...

How to Enter the W2 Data From a Pay Stub Without a W2

The W-2 form you receive from your employer each year is a critical tax document. The W-2 form shows the amount you earned during the previous year, as well as the amount of state, federal and local taxes withheld from your paycheck. You should not submit your final tax return until you have that W-

Site Terms and Condition on Riddhimdjobs Portal

Copyright and trade marks Unless otherwise stated, copyright or other relevant proprietary (including intellectual property) rights or similar rights in all material presented on this site - including graphical images - is either owned by ...

Define Patient Advocate

A patient advocate acts as a representative for individuals requiring assistance with their health care needs. Patient advocates are found in hospitals, insurance companies and nursing homes. Some patient advocates have their own practices and can be hired by the patient.

Types of Welding Inspection

Welders must wear protective gear on professional jobs.Jupiterimages/ ImagesMany different types of welding inspection exist to keep pipes and structures safe and secure. Countless building codes require strict adherence to project plan specifications and inspection...

Warrant Officer Definition

Most people are aware that the military services have officer and enlisted ranks. Fewer people know that, in addition to officers and enlisted personnel, there are warrant officers. Military officers generally are not trained to have expert knowledge in any given field but they act as generalists an

What Role Does Human Resources Play in the Orientation Process?

Unlike other workplace training where just one or two staff members have responsibility for the planning, delivery and evaluation of training, new employee orientation requires input from every human resources staff member. Human resources staff in every discipline should have input in orientation

Learning To Use E-recruitment Systems, Leeds Is Catching On

E-Recruitment is the process of personnel recruitment using electronic resources, in particular the internet, and specialised software. Companies and recruitment agents have moved much of their recruitment process online so as to improve the speed by which candidates can be matched with live vacanci

Oil Rig Pumper Job Description

There are many types of jobs available on an oil rig, including the pumper. Understanding the job description of an oil rig pumper can help you decide if this job is right for you.