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Using Laser Cartridges Correctly - A Quick Guide

Laser printers are one of the most common and popular printers today. In fact, if you have a printer in your home, work, or school, there is a strong chance that it just may be a laser printer.

Toshiba As a Brand of Computers and Computer Accessories

Toshiba users around the world probably have no problem when it comes to finding their laptop's accessories and parts, even seeking technical support for their laptops. Many tech savvies and laptop owners prefer Toshiba as their brand of choice due to its known durability and high quality.

How to Rotate the Display on a Panasonic CF-T7

The Panasonic CF-T7 Toughbook is a "Business-Ruggedized" laptop computer manufactured and marketed by Panasonic. The laptop was originally released in early 2008 and features a spill-resistant keyboard, a shock-mounted hard drive and a passive touch-screen that you can use with your fingertips or a

What HDMI and Computer Cables Can Do for Your Entertainment Lifestyle

It cannot be denied how technology has changed everyone's lives in different ways. Whether in transportation or in sports, there are various advancements that the growing knowledge in all aspects have offered. Even the computer cables that were once known to just transfer those messages and ele

How to Install a Lexmark 730 Series Printer

The Lexmark 730 series is a discontinued color inkjet printer intended for home use. Installing the printer software onto your computer is an essential step in order for the printer to properly operate with your computer. With the provided Lexmark 730 series installation CD provided with the unit, y

How to View Computer Usage

If your computer has been moving at a snail's pace lately or you notice things going on that seem out of the ordinary, you may need to check your computer usage. This is a listing of all of the processes that are running behind the scenes when you are using your computer. You can view the names of t

How to Sync My Laptop With My Home PC

Keeping different versions of the same files on two different computers can get very confusing. You may travel with the laptop and get work done, but then be stuck with your old files on your home PC. Windows offers a syncing service called Briefcase that allows you to sync your files between multip

How to Convert a Digital Camera Memory Card to DVD

With the steady increase in the capacity of digital camera memory cards, many cards are capable of holding hundreds of images. Rather than download them to your hard drive, another solution would be to burn the images to a DVD. You can then archive your photos for future editing or share copies of t

What To Look For In A Touch Screen Monitor

Confused about what to look for in a touch screen monitor? This article points on some of the major specifications and what to look (and lookout) for.

How do I Make the Computer Stop Asking Me to Set Up Fingerprint Security?

Many laptop PCs include a built-in fingerprint scanner that identifies the user's fingerprint for added security. You can use a fingerprint scanner to block unauthorized access to the system, or as an additional layer of security on files or administrative accounts. If you don't want to use the fing

How to Make Montessori Phonetic Sound Cards

Montessori is a way of teaching that was introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. The teaching method focuses on the individual child’s interests and needs and uses them to help him learn. It is the opposite of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education. Language is

How to Fix a Toshiba Hard Drive

The hard drive on your Toshiba computer controls how the computer's memory and storage drives operate. A hard drive that has become corrupted thanks to a virus or from someone making changes to the system without a full knowledge of how to correctly make the changes may need repairs. Toshiba feature

What Is a GeForce 8600 GT Slim?

The GeForce 8600 GT Slim is a graphics processing unit produced by the NVIDIA corporation. NVIDIA categorizes it as "slim" or "low profile" because it is smaller than other similar models, allowing easy installation for computers with limited chassis space.

3 Programs to Expand Your Laptop's Touchpad Interfacing

When you think of laptop parts, chances are you'd think of hardware that are "miniaturized" somewhat from their desktop counterparts in an effort to fit them all inside smallish laptop chassis. Because of laptops' emphasis on portability, these laptop components are usually const

How to Enable AutoPlay With Regedit

The AutoPlay feature of Windows allows a CD to automatically perform an action as soon as it is inserted into the computer's optical drive. The feature has been a part of Windows since the XP edition, but can be disabled in the registry. If AutoPlay has been disabled on your Windows system, you can

How to Replace a Toshiba A45-S120 Touchpad

The touchpad on your Toshiba Satellite A45 is the square pad located just below the keyboard that controls the cursor on screen. It is used in place of a mouse. It's possible for this touchpad to become damaged over time. If it is damaged you may not know that you can disassemble the A45 and replace

How to Add a Backlit Keyboard to a Laptop

While even the most basic keyboards these days offer advanced buttons allowing you ever-greater control over your computer's functions, even the most modern keyboards don't offer much in the way of nighttime keyboarding features. If you can navigate your way around a keyboard by feel alone, the solu

How to Install an Internal DVD in a Presario V6000

The Compaq Presario V6000 is a notebook computer that comes equipped with either an AMD Turion 64 processor or an AMD Sempron 3500+ processor, with speeds ranging from 1.6 GHz to 2.0 GHz. These computers also feature an internal multi 8X DVD±R/RW optical drive, with double layer support. Shou

How to Recover Disk Partitions

A disk partition is a separate area of a larger physical disk that the computer treats as an independent hard drive. Disk partitions can begin to show errors from hardware failure, viruses or malware, causing data loss on the drive and disk problems. Fixing this is a matter of using the drive-checki