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Distributing the Processing and Storage Function in Distributed Systems

In distributed system, multiple computers are connected on the network working together as a system. These computer are independent but their collection appears to it users as a single coherent system. Distributed system provides sharing of resources and information.

How to Remove Information on a Cruzer Drive

Cruzer flash drives are built to be used in any computer that has a USB drive, which means they work on any modern computer. Since they are designed for any modern computer, they function the same way as any storage device would. You can view, edit and delete any files you have stored on them.


Graffiti is the handwriting recognition software that is...

How to Recover Data From the Hard Drive of a Crashed Computer

So, your computer has crashed? Chances are that you have files on your computer that you want to recover. Well depending on the reason your computer crashed, those files may be recoverable. This guide will take you through a process to recover those files.

Pros & Cons Of Non Audio & Audio Capacitors

Capacitors plays important role in electric field. They can be considered as the building blocks of elementary level electronic circuits. Common types like audio capacitors, film capacitor & so on are frequently used in vivid field of applications.

How to Transfer a Video SD to a DVD

Most still cameras come with a built-in video capture mode. This information is saved onto a memory card---typically an SD card. Some video cameras even record directly onto an SD card. Once you have the recorded footage on an SD card it is possible to import the data onto a computer and burn the in

Pentium Chip Performance

The value of a computer relies on how fast it runs. Processor speed becomes more critical at each advance, with each upgrade, in our world of expeditious computing. Intel Pentium processors have become a household name over the last 10 years.

How to Replace the Drive in an Asus Eee PC 904HA

Netbooks are becoming more and more popular and their convenience is becoming more evident each day. The primary purpose of netbooks is portability; they are not made to be powerhouses. The main theme of use is to be "net-centric," meaning that you should use a netbook for Web applications. The reas

What Happens When I Plunge My Toilet & Everything Comes Up in My Shower?

A plunger applies force to a toilet's drainpipes, which helps dislodge clogs that form in the toilet's drain line. Sometimes using a plunger may cause other plumbing problems to manifest themselves. If waste water begins to backup in your drains, you must take immediate action to avoid some potentia

Unbelievable Prices For Ink Cartridges In Galway

In Galway, the price of ink cartridges is dropping due to the online shops currently offering unbeatable offers. Visit for these multipack offers.

The Past And Present Of Computers

Get to know about the components of a computer, and some of the history that made this electronic device an indispensable product for many people.

Video: Synching an Android With Mac & iTunes

Video Transcript Hey, what's going on, guys? My name is Joey Biagas, and I'm a digital media expert, and today I'm going to show you how to sync your android phone to your MAC and your iTunes. Now why would we want to do this? Well basically so we can get some music onto our phones and...

The Cursor on an IBM Laptop Is Stuck

IBM, now Lenovo, laptops come with an additional piece of software that allows you to control aspects of the ThinkPad laptop interface. This software overrides the settings in Microsoft Windows and can be used to administer and disable the laptop's pointing devices. Often times, the cursor will be u

My MacBook Pro Drops the Network Connection When I Close It

All MacBooks are designed to go to sleep when their lids are closed to prevent damage to the computer. Since all computer networks require constant messages back from the computers they connect, the sleep process will disconnect you from any networks you are using. Mac OS X will renegotiate this con

How to Remove the Battery in an Acer Laptop 4520

The Acer Aspire 4520 laptop computer features both AC and battery power. As long as the laptop's AC power is plugged in, it will function. This is true even when the battery is not in place. However, if you remove the AC power when the battery also is removed, the computer will immediately lose powe

Specs for the Asus A8AE-LE

Released in 2009, the ASUS A8AE-LE is a motherboard from Taiwan-based computer technology manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated. The A8AE-LE is most commonly found in personal computers from technology company Hewlett-Packard, which calls it the AmberineM-GL6E when installed on its HP or Compaq

How to Install Drivers in Ubuntu

Installing drivers in Windows can be difficult. You've got to hunt them down, install them and makes sure they work. Knowing this, and having the general idea that Linux is harder to use than Windows, many people think installing drivers in Ubuntu is extremely hard. Happily, that's entirely untrue.