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How to Troubleshoot Printing Problems on an HP 380

The HP Photosmart 380 provides a compact and mobile photo printer, allowing you to print by plugging your camera or memory card directly into the printer. Because of the Photosmart 380's compact design and battery, troubleshooting some problems with the printer's operation requires additional steps

How to Clean Temporary & Old Files From a Drive With Windows 7

Temporary files and older, unused files stored on your hard drive can significantly decrease system performance. Finding and removing these files is one way you can speed up your computer and see smoother system performance. If you use Windows 7, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool to clean temporary

How to Format the Tool Bar

A tool bar is a long, horizontal bar filled with shortcut icons that allow you to perform tasks in a program. The native tool bar of the Windows operating system (with Windows being the main program on your computer) is referred to as the "taskbar." If you'd like to format this tool bar and customiz

How to Change Cartridges in a 5100CN Dell Printer

The Dell 5100CN printer is a popular model praised for both its high quality of work and how easy it is to use. Many people do not know how to properly change and install new Dell ink cartridges, but it is an easy process. Changing ink cartridges in a Dell takes a matter of seconds, and every 5100CD

How to Upgrade RAM in the ASUS Eee PC

The Asus Eee PC is a great netbook that offers portability and a good battery life. You can expect plenty of power for basic computing tasks, such as checking e-mail or word processing. Individuals looking to increase the performance of their Asus Eee PC can increase the amount of RAM (Random Access

How to Make a DVD Menu

Homemade DVD movies are a popular way to share special memories or creative projects with friends and family. With the steady increase in DVD capacity, the amount of material that can fit on each disc has also increased. Because of the extra material that can be put on DVDs, it helps to include titl

How to Remove the Hard Disk From an ASUS Laptop

While there are many ASUS laptop models that may differ in hardware design, the vast majority of ASUS laptops share a common hard drive location: behind a plastic panel on the bottom of the laptop. Turn your ASUS laptop over and look for a panel outline about the size of a deck of cards -- if it's t

Comparison of OSI and TCP-IP Network Architectures

There are similarities between both the architectures. The transport layer in both the architectures provide end to end connection and service. Despite of the similarities, there are differences based on the following points.

How to Get Rid of Tr/Vilsel.Utk

Getting rid of the Vilsel.Utk Trojan virus will prevent this malicious program from executing potentially harmful code without your consent. A Trojan virus is a malicious executable file that masquerades as a legitimate program. Remove Vilsel.Utk from your system by using a native Windows malware re

How to Make Cool Smiley Faces With Letters

The Internet has allowed people to communicate with others at distant places through instant messaging and email. However, it is difficult to see or hear a person's facial expression and tone in these communication methods. The use of emoticons, or smiley faces, help express the non-verbal expressio

How to Remove the TMA Plate From an HP 8200 Scanner

The HP 8200 scanner uses a flatbed design, meaning it has a large cover that you lift up to expose a pane of glass called the scanning glass. This design lets you scan numerous types of documents and objects, including photo negatives and 35mm slides. To scan slides and negatives, remove the TMA or

Acer Aspire Laptop Troubleshooting

The Acer Aspire series of netbooks is a cost-friendly set of mini-computers that are designed for easy Internet browsing and portability. However, these netbooks are prone to some technical issues. If you are having a problem with your Acer Aspire netbook, you can try a few troubleshooting steps.

How Can I Save Documents on Windows Vista to a CD or Floppy Disk?

Windows Vista is capable of managing a number of storage devices, including hard disks, removable USB drives, compact discs and floppy disk drives. Although documents must first be created on a hard drive to ensure file integrity and sufficient disk space, documents can then be saved on an external

Inkjet Printers Cost Per Page

When laser printers first came onto the market, they really were designed for small office, home office use and business use. The printers were expensive, and toner was also pricey. The cost per page to print onto a laser printer was quite high when they were first introduced. However as more and mo

How to Troubleshoot CRT Monitors

CRT monitors are a popular choice for consumers who are shopping for monitors. An entire screen of images are displayed on the monitor as an electronic beam moves back and forth across the back of the screen. These beams lights up phosphor dots on the inside of the glass tube, creating instant image

How to Install PC Memory

Installing PC memory is one of the easiest ways to boost the speed and performance of your computer. Adding more memory will not only cause your applications and games to run smoother and faster, your computer will also boot quicker. Upgrading PC memory is not difficult, and can be done in only a fe

The Importance of Ram For Your Computer Components

Most computer users have heard of Random Access Memory (RAM), and many have some vague idea of its role in ensuring the smooth operation of your personal computer. Among your many computer components, RAM is one of the most critical as it has the important task of storing information and making it a

How to Add More USB Ports to Your Computer

A computer comes with a set number of USB drives that are attached to its motherboard. However, its ability to process data from USB ports is not limited to this number. In fact, a computer can connect to up to 121 different devices from its USB ports. To manage this feat, the computer communicates