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How to Set Up the IIS on Windows XP

IIS (Internet Information Services) is an optional component present in the Windows XP Professional operating system that enables you to use the XP operating system as a server platform for hosting simple web pages. Set up the IIS files on your computer by installing them from your XP operating syst

Converting VB6 to VB.NET

Brad wrote, The VB6 to VB.NET converter doesn't seem to exist anymore. Microsoft sent me to Artinsoft. They apparently have a good one, but it will

How to Create a Windows 98 SE Startup Disk

In 1999 Microsoft released Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) an update to Windows 98. The operating system improved multimedia support for watching videos and gaming and enhanced Internet capabilities via Internet Explorer. Microsoft ended support for Windows 98, including Second Edition, in 2006, dela

How to Choose Which Programs Run on Startup

If you want complete control over what programs start and don't start automatically with your computer's operating system, you can use the configuration utility to disable and enable programs in the startup routine. A well-balanced selection of startup programs gives you a quick startup on your comp

How to Fix if a Display Driver NVLDDMKM Stopped Responding in Vista

GeForce video cards require NVIDIA drivers to work properly with Windows Vista. NVLDDMKM.SYS is among one of files that get copied while installing the NVIDIA drivers. If you are facing graphical issues such as freezing or crashing with a corresponding "NVLDDMKM Stopped Responding" error, install th

How to Customize Your Start Menu

The Windows Start Menu gives you quick access to all of your computer's programs, tools and applications. You can customize the Start Menu so that the programs you use the most are right at your fingertips. You can also get rid of those that you do not use much. You can make other customizations, su

How to Make an XP Bootable Disk

Computers running Microsoft Windows XP are susceptible to viruses and other malware that can damage files necessary for booting your computer. An XP Bootable floppy disk can be made with these necessary files to get your computer up and running. Once booted you can fix the contaminated files to get

How to Run Mac OS in Windows Vista

Through the use of emulation software, it is possible to run almost any operating system as a program within any other: in this case, MacOSX encapsulated within Windows Vista. PearPC is an open-source emulator designed to mimic PowerPC processors, allowing PCs with x86 processors to run the Mac oper

How to Terminate Explorer.Exe

Windows Explorer, known as Explorer.exe in the Windows Task Manager, includes your computer's desktop, task bar and "Start" menu. It allows you to navigate the drives and folders on your computer and lets you open, copy, delete and rename files. Windows Explorer may sometimes freeze when you are nav

How to Install Norton 360 With Windows Vista Defender

Windows Vista allows you to easily install and run Norton 360 on your computer. Norton 360 is an all-in-one security software from Symantec that includes a firewall, anti-spyware, antivirus and protection against phishing. On the other hand, Windows Defender is only an anti-spyware that by default c

How to Print PDF Files With Foxit Reader

The free Foxit Reader program is an alternative to the bulkier Adobe Acrobat. This speedy little program can read any PDF file and loads in a fraction of the time that Acrobat does. Foxit Reader also contains print capabilities, so if you need a hard copy of your PDF file, Foxit Reader can print it

How to Remove the Windows Logo During XP Shutdown

After turning on and shutting off your computer a few hundred times, you may be tired of seeing the same old Windows XP logo as you wait for your computer to power down. The operating system accesses two files when shutting down, which determine what image is displayed. In order to remove the Window

How to Replace Windows With Linux

Linux is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the Windows operating system, due to the fact that it is available for free (or for a small fee that includes support), and because it is often viewed as being more stable than the Windows environment. Many of the modern Linux distributions have bec

ASP.NET Web Parts

ASP.NET Web Parts is the trick you use to let people who visit your web page personalized it. It's used by lots of portal websites so that someone who is interested in one thing, but not another, can tailor the page to their own requirements. For example, I have software trends right a the top

How to Disable Scandisk on Bootup

Check Disk (CHKDSK, formerly Scandisk prior to Windows XP) is a utility used to check the integrity of your hard drive. If Windows detects hard drive errors, bad sectors or corrupt data, it will run the ChkDsk scan every time you boot up your computer. The ChkDsk scan can often take a while (more th

How to Play a WAV in VB

The Visual Basic programming language from Microsoft ties easily into the sound system of the computer using the "My.Computer.Audio" library. Features are provided directly to handle WAV files in particular with ease.

How to Free Up Unallocated Space

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can make use of unallocated disc space by extending an existing partition into it, converting the unallocated space into free space where you can put data. Before Windows Vista's introduction of the Disk Manager partition feature, you had to wipe all data to resiz

How to Resize the Windows Taskbar

The Windows taskbar is the bar on the bottom of the screen for all Windows-based computers. People often talk about the "Start" button on the lower left corner and the system tray and clock in the lower right. However, the taskbar in between shows the programs that are open and generally keeps track

How to Restore Keyboard Shortcuts for the Titlebar in Windows XP

Keyboard shortcuts for the taskbar and other menu items within the XP operating system enable you to quickly execute common commands, such as cutting, copying, and pasting, without the need to resort to a series of mouse clicks. Restore the shortcuts for your XP computer after they have been disable

How to Validate or Update a Windows XP OS on an HP Laptop Online

Major laptop manufacturers such as HP preactivate Windows before shipping the product to customers or third-party retailers, but users who upgrade to Windows XP from an earlier version of Windows must activate the product within 30 days following install.After upgrading to Wi