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Open Your Firefox Browser

A step-by-step tutorial on how to configure update settings in Firefox 5 for Windows.

Salon Pos Systems

Salon POS systems are the salon software systems available in market. POS exactly means point of sale that is the name for the cash counter where you use to pay for your purchases.

How to Convert an MP3 to CDA in Windows

When CD burners became standard issue on home computers, many music-lovers envisioned creating their own compilations. Mechanically a simple task, sometimes users are baffled by the various music formats and software and their respective limitations. Popular MP3 files play well on MP3 players, compu

How to Hide Formatting Marks in Microsoft Word 2003

Microsoft Word 2003 includes countless formatting features that give you the freedom to edit and customize a document. One feature is the ability to display all formatting marks, allowing you to view symbols for every space, paragraph, tab and more. This can come in handy when attempting to streamli


Learn the definition of gksu, a computer function often used in coding.

Choosing Your Take Off Software

Take off software is a good investment if you are in the construction business.This type of software is something that you want to invest in because it can help you work faster and more accurately all along. If you have decided that you would like to buy this sort of software you may be surprised by

Dreamweaver and the Importance of Website Feedback

After you have spent some time designing the perfect website for your company you may like to get feedback from your visitors. Dreamweaver provides the ideal tools for you to create internet pages that can sell your products and the services you provide.

How to Make an Ultra Hidden Folder

Windows allows users to set file and folder permissions on a per-user basis. This gives the administrator some control of what other users can and can't access. Sometimes, though, denying access is not enough. For especially sensitive information, hiding the folder is necessary. With a simple comman


Define ABUI - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Change the Stage Color in Adobe Flash CS4

Flash, originally developed by Macromedia, began as a platform for Web-based animation, but over the years has become a dominant way to deliver multimedia content for computers, smartphones and tablets, and other devices. Adobe Flash is the basis for streaming video in the FLV format on sites like Y

How to Join Query on Access 2007

Access databases are useful when you need to analyze and dissect large volumes of data. In Access, you can create relationships between your input tables. The relationships demonstrate related records between separate tables. For example, you can have one table that contains your customers and anoth


Define server - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at


Define PCDA - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Busting The Stereotyped Myths About Ruby On Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson created Ruby on Rails as a by-product during the development of Base camp. David collected some underpinning code from the application to use and re-use in the applications he was planning to develop down the line.

How to Center an Email Page in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Office Publisher offers templates for various documents. Its email templates cover newsletters, referrals and cell phone emails. They vary in color, size and layout. And no matter what template you choose, Publisher lets you customize its content, including formatting its text. To center a

Data Loss Prevention Defends Banks From Data Breaches

One of the foremost risks that companies nowadays are the leaks of their confidential, private information stored in the cloud. Enterprises should combat this risk by deploying advanced security software, like data loss prevention.