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How to Download Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager, part of the Microsoft Office Suite of software, is a photo-editing application. Picture Manager allows you to to adjust photo quality attributes like color, brightness and contrast, and to add text to images. Microsoft offers a free trial of the Office software--as

How to Remove W32 Spybot Worm

W32.Spybot makes your Internet slower by clogging up your upstream bandwidth with packets that are directed to a victim server. In this case, you, along with many others, unintentionally attack a server. To stop this attack, you have to get rid of the worm by deleting some registry entries and stopp

Stock Photos: How to Make a Square Digital Photo

If you have a square picture frame and an entire library of rectangular photos, do not fret. Basic photo software for both Apple and Windows systems have the ability to let you make a perfect square crop for any of your archived images. Both iPhoto and Picasa make it possible to perform this type of

Spywarequake Revealed - Reasons To Beware Of It

Spyware could cause irreparable harm to your machine. Spywarequake is one such software which every computer user should be aware of. Read on to know more about it.

Principles of CRM

CRM is the acronym for customer relationship management. Applying the basic principles should not only reveal what customers buy, but also why they buy certain products. CRM also enables a business to build a relationship with the client based on what is revealed by the CRM process. E-commerce opera

Download the Free Trim Action

The free trim tool for Photoshop Elements quickly removes excess blank image area from around an image. This can be either a solid color or transparent background area.

Types of Software Used to Design Logos

Graphic design software allows users to create, modify, save and share digital images such as logos. Graphics design software packages can integrate even dissimilar elements such illustrations and photography in a composite image and give the user complete control of colors, lighting, shading, filte

How to Recover a Lost File in Word 2007 on Windows 7

Microsoft Word 2007 contains an "AutoRecover" option that can automatically save your file, even if you did not save the file. If you worked on a Word document that suddenly closed, the lost or unsaved file may display on the "Documentary Recovery" task pane. The AutoRecover option saves work at reg

How to Recover a PC Angel File Backup

PC Angel is a piece of file backup software that is intended to restore your computer to normal in the event of a virus, malware, or other file corruption. However, this poses a problem when your backup file itself becomes corrupted, because restoring from a corrupted backup is either dangerous or i

How to Animate Blinking

In animation the smallest of details can add even more life and personality to a character; the biggest of the small is the simple act of blinking. Most people pay little or no attention to it in everyday life. In animation an occasional blink or lack of one can drastically affect how expressive or

Double Protection - Antivirus Firewall Software

Which program should be preferred? Should we prefer antivirus software and firewall separately or should we use the software having the features of both the programs together? This is the question that puzzles most of us.

Managed Services with IT in a cloud

" I was working on a very important document for a case. There were recording of pleadings and I had laid out my strategy for the next stage of negotiations. Then I had a crash! ...

Benefits of Inventory Management in Construction Management Software

In the construction industry, it is imperative to understand the flow of materials from one phase to another. A Construction Management Software with an advanced inventory management module can help the company stay updated about the material distributed or returned to and from various channels.

Small And Medium Business CentreMicrosoft Software Products Review

GT Kimberly is a close follower of all the Microsoft software products in India. He writes articles about Microsoft products in many technology related newspapers & magazines in India. Here is such an article about Microsoft software products.

How to Remove Norton SystemWorks 2003 XP

Norton SystemWorks contains a suite of applications used on Windows machines to clean the computer's registry, block malware, and maintain hard drive integrity. The suite of applications is distributed by Symantec, which develops the list of applications. The Norton SystemWorks application is locate