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Driver Scan - Making Your Computer Work Efficiently

Have you ever wonder why your computer started slowing down or suddenly your experiencing delay on opening files or websites, unlike the first time you used you PC? Maybe your "driver" is not functioning well, which was caused by viruses, bugs and others.

What Is the SAI Program?

SAI, better known as Easy Paint Tool SAI, is a Japanese-made digital painting utility meant to simulate working with physical media, such as paint or crayon. This lightweight program provides many fewer features than professional industry-standard programs, and won't work well for most artists on it

How to Search & Replace Multiple Files in UNIX

Sed is a Unix stream editor that will manipulate text in various ways. Bash is a command line interpreter that allows you to create scripts that will perform various tasks, including interacting with the user. When the sed is called from within a bash script, it will search and replace text strings

How Do I Get Rid of Ads on My Computer?

If you have an adware infection on your computer, you know it: the constant advertisements are a tell-tale sign. Nobody likes these things, so let's take a look at what they are, how to get rid of them!

No more worries with PDF restrictions

The question might strike in your mind that why PDF documents are becoming the major document standard around the world. The answer is PDF is the portable document format which presents your document as you ...

How to Import an MDB in OpenOffice

The MDB format designates a relational database file created by Access, which is the database program of Microsoft Office. The program offers easy-to-use menus and mouse clicks for organizing information. However, it does cost money. A free alternative is OpenOffice Base, which can import MDB files.

How to Repair the Flash9b.ocx File

The file flash9b.ocx is an object linking and control file, or ActiveX control, associated with Adobe Flash Player 9.0. If your copy of flash9b.ocx becomes corrupt, you may receive an error message when trying to run a Flash ActiveX control in a Web browser; this error message may state the flash9b.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server CALs

BlackBerry Enterprise Server CALs (Client Access License) are a form of per-user technology that enables end users to access to their organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

Electronic Discovery

The method by which electronic data is searched, identified, processed and saved for the purpose of creation of evidence to facilitate the process of a court hearing is termed as E-Discovery or Electr

Financial Kiosks: Reaching More Clients Than Traditional Banking

Banking firms have cited the high costs of hiring tellers for the purpose of setting up new accounts to clients and doing other tasks such as account inquiry. To makes matters worse, there are about 78 million people all over the Unite States who are unbanked or those who have not gotten any service

How to Download MS Office

Microsoft Office comes in suites suitable for personal, business or school use, as well as in Mac and mobile versions. MS Office features suites with up to seven programs to take care of all your home or office paperwork and communication needs. Use MS Office to create documents, presentations and p

How to Convert Gigastudio Samples

Gigastudio was the first software sampler to stream samples directly from a computer's hard disk. Professional composers made it the industry standard sampler, but it gradually faded in popularity. The company discontinued Gigastudio in 2008. Though many users still have sizable collections of Gigas

How to Arrange Alphabetically in Word

Though Microsoft Word doesn't support the complex data management that spreadsheets or databases offer, it does manage to sort direct lists. It can order lists of dates in chronological order, lists of figures in numerical order and lists of text in alphabetical order. This allows you, for instance,

How to Edit With Avid Xpress Pro & Avid Xpress DV

Designed for beginners, Avid Xpress and Avid Xpress DV are two less advanced versions of the Avid suite of editing software. These programs have fewer features than the more robust Avid Media Composer (used throughout the professional film and television industry to edit feature-length movies and te

Officejet 6210 vs. 6310

The HP Officejet series of all-in-one printers provide the basic features of a scanner, printer, copier and fax for a home or business office. The 6210 and 6310 are similar in features, however the 6310's specifications are superior.

Cv Screening Tool For Recruiting Competent Candidates

According to some survey about hiring managers and corporate recruiters regarding the recent edition of daily Hr management, 92 percent said that is becomes hectic to manage all the online responses related to job postings, 71 percent specified that majorityof the CVs.