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How to Fix a JVC VHS DVR

A JVC VHS DVR is an all-in-one playing device that plays DVDs, blu-ray discs or VHS tapes. The hardware also comes with a built in DVR, which allows you the ability to record programming whenever you choose. If the equipment is not functioning correctly, such as the DVR not recording or the DVD play

How Do I Change a BlackBerry SMS Sound?

A BlackBerry device will let you set individual ring tones for a number of different events, such as receiving an SMS message. The exact method for changing the SMS notification setting will depend on the software version of your device, since older devices, like the BlackBerry Curve, have a slightl

How to Modify a Radio to Listen to Air Traffic Control

Listening in to conversations from air traffic control is legal, and you often need a scanner to receive these transmissions. These scanners can cost $100 or more. If you are looking for a way to receive air traffic control signals on the cheap, you can modify your old handheld analog AM/FM radio to

How to Fix Camera LCD Glare

Nearly everybody with a digital camera has difficulty previewing the results of their expert shooting while taking photos in bright sunlight. The glare on a camera's LCD can sometimes be so bright that it's impossible to see anything on the display. This not only makes it hard to see your photos, bu

How to Key in the PIN Code for a BlackBerry Pearl if It Includes Letters

All BlackBerry devices have a unique eight character code called a PIN. The PIN is one way of identifying your BlackBerry to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry's Internet service. You can also use your PIN to chat using BlackBerry's popular instant messaging service. Keying in your PIN

How to Fix Rolling Lines on a Projection TV

Object interference and low signal strength are two reasons why rolling lines might appear on your projection TV on occasion. Streaks, moving ripples and rolling lines can run diagonally, horizontally or vertically across the screen. A few tips will help you banish the lines that come in from all ki

Adjusting a Reflecting Telescope Without Collimation

A bit of pre-planning will go a long way toward enjoying an evening under the stars. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or just like to look at the stars to relax, having a properly calibrated telescope is a necessity. Learning how to do a quick calibration without having to use collimation will g

Digital TV Information

Digital TV offers broadcasters an advanced form of program broadcasting. Using digital technology, television stations can transmit higher quality video and sound, while broadcasting more than one program at one time. The technology also allows users to utilize interactive features, such as on-deman

Latest Spy Hidden Camera in Delhi India

In Today time security cameras is a want of every one in its place of their family or their office. All time we look many problem for secure our family member or their property. People ...

Mobile Phone Repair Specialists in Sydney

Mobile phones are of great need. This is the ultimate mode of communicating among the people. The mobiles of the day are not only used for the call in and out services but also for various other purpo

How to Build an Electronic Bullhorn

A bullhorn, also known as a megaphone, is a portable self-contained microphone, amplifier and speaker. They're most commonly used for addressing crowds, but musicians such as Beck and Tom Waits use them to add a Lo-Fi flavor to their vocals. The components list for a bullhorn is easily attainable; t

How to Remove Channels on ViewSat 2

The ViewSat Ultra 2000, also known as the ViewSat Ultra 2, is a second-generation free-to-air (FTA) satellite receiver that allows users to watch free satellite television from around the world. The ViewSat receiver allows users to create lists of their favorite channels for easy access. If you no l

How Do I Convert HDMI Audio to RCA Audio?

High-definition audio and visual technology is capable of transferring much more data than older analog technologies, providing you with sharper pictures and sounds. Most newer electronics, such as HDTVs, media computers and Blu-ray players, support high-definition signals sent via an HDMI cable. Un

How to Transfer Music to a Coby MP3 Player

Having a portable digital music player means you can have hundreds of your favorite songs on a compact, lightweight device while traveling or enduring periods of relative boredom. Because Coby MP3 players do not require synchronization with a music management utility, you can quickly transfer music

Nokia Mobile Phones With Affordable Prices In India

Everyone wants to own a mobile phone which offers and satisfies all his requirements. The most demanded a feature of mobile phones includes the good looks; latest or new features etc. briefly stating

How to Find a Carrier If the Cell Number Was Ported

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 overhauled the industry, setting the framework for the wireless local number portability that consumers enjoy today. Local number portability allows you to switch cell phone carriers and keep the same telephone number. Finding out a person's carrier can assist with

Dell Phones Features And The HTC Radar

You wanted a mobile phone, a smartphone that lets you stay productive and keep in touch with the people who matter to you. Have you tried using the Dell Venue Pro, one of the hottest Windows Dell phon