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How to Put an AVI File on Zen Player

The Creative Zen players, such as the Zen MX player, only play videos that are in the CMV format. The CMV format stands for Creative Media Video, which is the file format created by Creative Centrale. Creative Centrale is the software that comes pre-packaged with the Zen player for managing all of t

The Effects of Twisting Speaker Cables

The two most common types of speaker wire are twisted pair and parallel wires. The argument between which is better revolves mainly around the impedance or how much signal gets lost or distorted while traveling down the wire. The main considerations of impedance at audio frequencies are the DC resis

How to Make Ringtones for Helio

Ringtones are a useful way to establish your own identity with the Helio cell phone. You can use any song from your computer's music folder or playlist as a ringtone -- as long as you have an Internet connection and an email account. All that is required is to change the file extension name of the s

How to Use RADAR Guns

Radar guns detect the speed of an object by shooting a beam of light at it and measuring the time it takes the light beam to bounce back to the gun. Although radar guns are most frequently used by law enforcement officers to detect speeding vehicles, they can also be purchased by individuals to meas

JVC DVD Player Hook Up Instructions

JVC produces a number of high-end DVD players for the consumer market. The explosion of DVDs in recent years has made players extremely cheap, and JVC offers its models at comparatively low prices. Hooking up a DVD player is very simple, but it can be confusing if you don't know which wires go where

How to Get FM Band From an Aerial Antenna

Frequency Modulation (FM) is a communications method in which data is impressed onto an alternating-current wave by varying the frequency of the wave. The FM band transmits analog television channels and FM radio and two-way radio transmissions. The FM band is in the middle of the VHF television ban

Directions for a Portable Smartboard

Performing computer functions using your hands on a large screen is the primary purpose of the portable Smartboard. Upon receiving your device, you may have some questions about its basic operation. Following a few steps will have you operating your Smartboard effectively and efficiently in little t

How Do You Choose the Best Spy Camera in Delhi?

A spy camera may be any form of camera meant to require footage or video of an individual or scene while not their information. Historically, the term spy camera was used for cameras truly used ...

How to Use a VGA Adaptor on a Plasma TV to Remove Game Lag

Some HDTV sets suffer a game lag effect from connected video game consoles. This problem stems from connecting a peripheral with a non-native resolution to a television with image-enhancement technology. By the time the television scales the image to fit the TV resolution and applies image-enhanceme

Conveniently Reduce Pain Using a Home Ultrasound Machine

EZUltrasound now offers one of the most convenient and safest ways to manage pain at home. Their ultrasound machines for home use utilize ultrasound technology to treat the common and chronic pain that a lot ...

How to Restart Apple TV After Installing NitoTV

The Apple TV device displays content from online sources as well as digital videos from your networked computers right on your television. With the NitoTV plug-in for the Apple TV, you can play digital video files regardless of the video format. Restart your Apple TV after you install the plug-in to

How to Back Up BBM Contacts for the New BlackBerry Phone

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, is a instant messaging service available to anyone who uses a BlackBerry device. Because BBM only works between BlackBerrys, the BBM application holds a set of contacts separate from the BlackBerry's main contact list. If you need to back up that contact list, there are

How to Test an Infrared Diode

If you're working on a project that uses an infrared (IR) light-emitting diode (LED) and want to test it, or if you have a remote control you think might be bad, there's an easy way to "see" infrared light. The charge-coupled device (CCD) elements used by some digital and cell phone cameras are sens

How to Reset an RCN Converter Box

RCN is a digital cable, high-speed Internet and phone provider for the Boston, New York City, Lehigh Valley, Chicago and Philadelphia areas. The RCN cable converter box works much like a computer, transferring a digital signal to an analog signal that your television can process. Occasionally the bo

How to Troubleshoot a Sony BDP S360

The Sony BDP-S360 is a Blu-ray player from the popular electronics maker. The player supports Full HD 1080p video playback, Dolby and DTS audio codecs and BD-Live 2.0 support. The Blu-ray player can also playback and upscale DVD discs to high-definition. If your Blu-ray player is not working as it s

How to Hook an Antenna Amplifier to a TV

An antenna amplifier is an electronic device that boosts the signal from over-the-air television broadcasts to improve the transmission of picture and sound quality to the TV. The amplifier connects between the antenna and the TV with two coaxial cables, which come with threaded couplers on the ends