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Games to Teach a Group of Older People

The main goal of any self-respecting group of seniors is to relax and enjoy themselves, and playing games is one of the best ways to accomplish it. Games that exercise the brain or body are always good, as are those that stimulate the competitive edge. But the biggest benefit we get from playing ga

Online Betting FAQs: Accessing Casinos From the Internet

Online casinos have now become an alternative to land-based casinos thanks to the Internet and the development of betting software. Although not particularly new, quite a few people still have questions about online betting. Below are several frequently asked questions about this net-based activity.

Donkey Kong Country 2 Walkthrough and Cheats

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) continues the platforming series, as Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong must defeat K.K. Rool and his minions to rescue Donkey Kong from the evil doers. There are some hints and cheats you can use to help...


The FIFA PS3 game is a brilliant game which brings together the best of football, and the best of our technology to make one of the top games in our world today. Playing the FIFA games from the ninety's you would never have expected them to reach the level of quality at which they now have, and

How to Make a Maglev Toy Car

Building a maglev car can be a very fun and interesting experiment for a student. Maglev cars, which run by "magnetic levitation" as their name suggests, are built by using magnets and placing them on a magnetic track. When the magnets at the bottom of the maglev car repel the magnets of the track,

World of Warcraft Seasonal Event - Noblegarden

The Noblegarden event will take place in the world of Azeroth from the 4th to the 10th of April 2010. The event is the same as it was last year and there are no new achievements added to the Meta achievement, but if you missed completing it last year, here is a short guide for the event.

Instructions for Triple Play

The Triple Play series is a long-running baseball simulation series published by Electronic Arts. Compared to many of Electronic Arts other sports franchises, Triple Play is considered one of their least successful. As a result, the publisher later changed the name of their baseball franchise to MVP

Who Manages the Backyardigans Toys?

"The Backyardigans" is an animated television show on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. network, a channel for toddlers and preschool-aged children. A number of different companies manufacture toys featuring characters from the show, but Nickelodeon is responsible for licensing the products.

How to Get All the Giga Cards in "Mega Man Star Force 2"

"Mega Man Star Force 2" is a video game developed by Capcom and published on the Nintendo DS console. The game features the android superhero Mega Man, who is on a mission to defend the world from the ambitious Dr. Vega. To level up and learn moves, Mega Man must traverse the game collecting virtual

Runescape Magic - Cursing

Years ago cursing and stunning were extremely popular methods of leveling mage. These days, cursing is often overlooked and viewed as a thing of the past. This article will be tackle that popular myth.

Before Buying A Roulette System, Make These Checks

Roulette enthusiasts are forever looking for the perfect roulette strategy to use. And there's a number of roulette systems nowadays which you can use when you play in online casinos. But due to the range of systems that are being sold to players today, so many people are confused about decidin

Play your favourite Tom and Jerry games online

Tom and Jerry are two of the most famous rival characters on TV. This gray-blue domestic cat and brown house mouse are world famous. But did you know that they were originally called Jasper and Jinx,

How Does a Kaleidoscope Work?

A kaleidoscope is a toy that uses light and mirrors to reflect objects and create patterns. There are many different types of kaleidoscopes that create different patterns, but all use the same basic laws of physics, manipulating light and reflection.The first part that is essential to the...

How to Fly a Micro Mosquito

The Micro Mosquito is a small remote-controlled helicopter designed for indoor use. It uses two sticks and a dial to manage the throttle and stabilize and steer the craft. The left control stick moves up or down to control vertical thrust. The right control stick moves in four directions: up and dow

How to Mod Your GamerTag to Be Colored

Your "GamerTag" is the screen name that appears next to your online gaming character for Xbox 360. You can create your Xbox GamerTag through your Xbox gaming console. Your GamerTag identifies you for any game you play and stays the same unless you choose to modify it. Through the Xbox "My Xbox" menu

Review of Sims-Style Life Simulation Casual Games

There are a few casual simulation games that are based around the theme of life, career, relationships and consumerism, very much like the prohibitively expensive but high successful Sims game series. This review explores the game genre, with a focus on some of the more popular titles such as Life Q

How to Conduct a Video Game Tournament

Video games appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. The success of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in the sale of gaming platforms has helped turn the video game industry into a multibillion-dollar business. Video game tournaments are a fun way to get friends together for a relaxing evening, or t

An Xbox 360 Repair Guide - Is it Worth It?

This article is all about an Xbox 360 repair guide. I bet your console needs repair so you better read along. Your console may be experiencing the most common problem of every console there is called the Red Ring of Death (RROD).

How to Buy WoW Gold Online

World of Warcraft (WoW) provides many money-making opportunities during the normal course of play. When you have limited time to play, though, even the fastest gold farming techniques may seem too slow, not to mention boring. Astute vendors have stepped in to provide you with one more option for kee

How to Get the Evolution Stones on "Pokemon Sapphire"

In "Pokemon Sapphire," evolution stones are items that allow you to evolve specific species of Pokemon. For example, by using a Leaf Stone, you can evolve Gloom, a Grass- and Poison-type Pokemon, into Vileplume. A Fire Stone allows you to evolve Vulpix, a Fire-type creature, into Ninetales. Evoluti