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Learning to Play the Violin - Some Tips to Learn the Violin Fast

If you are a music lover, the violin is indeed one instrument that is interesting to learn. Learning to play the violin is not just about love of classical music. In fact, modern songs nowadays also make use of the violin. Aside from that, the violin is also a classy instrument to learn and one way

Play Piano Online and Save Money

Takes a look at the benefits of learning how to play piano online and offers advice on what to look for when searching for internet-based piano lessons.

Underoath is a Musical Chameleon

The band Underoath is a group that was originally based out of Tampa, Florida. This was where their alternative sound and musical style was first created back in 1998. The group has been described as being rock, punkrock, and Christian metalcore. With a deft and engaging swiftness, the members all b


Paul McCartney 2005 Tour Photo Album, including pictures from 12 stops on McCartney's old-out 2005 tour.

Metamorphosis of Hiphop Music and Culture

The musical culture of African Americans, hip-hop was brought to New York in 1970. And today, found worldwide, without limitations of race and color. This reflects the culture of the musical life of t

The Mountains of Mourne

The Mountains of Mourne is an Irish folksong, with lyrics originally written by poet Percy French, and a melody taken from the old Irish tune "Carrigdhoun." Learn the lyrics to The Mountains of Mourne.

Deadmau5 4x4=12 Album Review

This article will be a review of deadmau5's album 4x4=12. I will individually review each track and then give an overall review of the album as a whole.

The Nutcracker Synopsis

Unsure of the story of The Nutcracker? This easy to read synopsis of The Nutcracker will tell you everything you need to know.

Singing Lessons And Self Esteem For Teens

Self esteem is a hot topic for parents of teens, and many have found that enrolling their kids in singing lessons or other kinds of music lessons can be a real boost to how kids feel about themselves. There are several advantages for teens who get involved in these types of activities.

Guitar Quality Holding You Back?

Can the quality of your guitar hold you from being the best guitar player you can be? The answer is sort of tricky because it could be yes and no! If you are a beginner, you certainly don't need a Les Paul Custom and a Marshall Stack to become a great guitar player.

Singing With Perfect Pitch - Tips For Pitch Perfect Vocals

Perfect pitch is the ability to recognize and reproduce exact pitches without the use of a reference tone. For singers, this means being able to sing in tune in both solo and accompanied situations. Conversely, singers who lack a strong command of pitch are likely to be off-pitch at any given time.

The Top 3 Coldplay CDs Of All Time - And Why?

Whether you're obsessed with Coldplay or just a casual listener you can't deny their impact on the world. But what are their best CDs? Find out here just what are the Top 3 Coldplay CDs of all time.

Lead Guitar Techniques

Lead guitar players get all the glory. That's because they have a bag of tricks that keep the audience entertained. Some of those tricks include the use of effects, while other tricks include techniques defined and refined throughout the history of lead guitar playing. With just a few simple lead gu