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How to Replicate a Bass Guitar With Keyboards

Back in the not so distant past, bands like Led Zeppelin and the Doors relied on electric pianos, organs and clavinets to approximate bass guitar sounds. In those days, synthesizers resembled the deep resonance of a bass guitar but couldn't achieve the sound of one. Today's synthesizers and computer

How to Give Your Snare Drum a Reggae Sound

Carlton Barrett of the Wailers, the band that used to play with reggae icon Bob Marley, used a regular drum set. His snare drum had higher-than-normal tension on the snares and heads. He achieved a unique drumming sound, called a drop one sound by not using the snare on beat one, and then accentin

How Does TV Affect Teens?

TV viewing may seem like a harmless activity, but too much of anything can lead to negative effects. According to 2009 Nielsen data, teens spend 103 hours a month watching TV. Teens who spend too much time in front of the TV can find it interferes with activities like doing homework, reading, being

Chris Brown Songs Available on the Internet

Chris Brown is a rising star in the music industry and the singer has acquired tremendous popularity for the awesome songs he has sung. Alongside, due to being a part of quite many controversies, he ...

Top Billy Squier Songs of the '80s

Seasoned mainstream rock artist Billy Squier may have seemed like a new face when he emerged with his debut album in 1980, but actually he had been plying his trade for years in Piper, a band that never quite made it big in '70s rock. That experience helped Squier hit the ground running, and he

How to Apply Microcop on Citruses

Microcop, a fungicide manufactured by Lilly Miller, protects citrus crops from fungal infection. According to the company's registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Microcop manages anthracnose, canker and blight. The active ingredient in Microcop is basic copper sulfate. Microcop

Purchasing Rap Instrumentals Online Is Key For Upcoming Artists

Every music artist should be aware that purchasing rap instrumentals online is such a great investment for your music career. The days of paying thousands of dollars for music production are over. Start here and research why this trend is growing so rapidly.

Fix Your Guitar Progress Blues

It's common for guitar learners to feel they're not making progress. Sometimes the lack of progress is real, and others it is simply an impression because progress can be slow. This article shows you seven tips that will help you to get a better perspective on your guitar progress and ensu

What Are Congas?

Conga drums, called tumbadoras or bajos in Spanish speaking countries, are tall, narrow single-headed percussion instruments that originated in Africa. The drums are used to play a popular style of Cuban music called conga. The well known accompanying conga dance features distinctive lines of dancer

The Beatles Songs: "Tomorrow Never Knows"

The history of the Beatles song "Tomorrow Never Knows," including facts, charts, session info, trivia, and more, from your Oldies Expert at

How to Set Up a Saxophone Mouthpiece

Before you learn how to create the smooth tones of your saxophone, you need to know how to assemble the instrument correctly. After the neck is secured to the body, setting up the mouthpiece is the final step. With all the small and intricate pieces, setting up the saxophone mouthpiece may seem like

Tap Your Talents

Behind every great performer is an unseen, but nonetheless important, sound engineer.Sound engineering involves dealing with sound for a wide range of productions.

The Importance of the Neck of a Guitar

What exactly is the neck of a guitar, and why is it so important? Differences in construction, and why the joint is so important to the quality of a guitar.