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Divorce Cyber Style

Divorce has always been such an ugly thing. No one, even those who desire an amicable dissolution of marriage, emerges from a divorce unscathed.

Romantic Love Letters - Not Just For Valentine's Day

People these days find it hard to take the time and write to express their feelings towards their spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends. Another thing is that people are used to doing things the fast way so instead of writing romantic love letters and either mailing or delivering them in unique ways, th

My Heart Is Closed

We all suffer from a heart that is closed, either a little or a lot, and we spend our life trying to avoid being aware of this, but it is always there in the back of our mind. This article will take the article; "How To Find What You Really Are" a little further.

Strengthening Your Marriage and Living Happily Ever After

Marriage is a give-and-take relationship, as the cliche goes and it is as a matter of fact true. It may sound as simple as these three words for singles out there who are on the way down the isle but they actually mean big responsibilities. In fact, good communications, better relationship, especial

Do I Have An Insecure Husband?

An insecure husband or insecure man is nothing but suffocating and annoying. Most insecure husbands and insecure men feel jealous of you and who you........

Wedding photography facts

A wedding would not be complete without something to remember it by, and that's what a wedding photo is for. Almost any occasion in life that is deemed important actually requires documentation. People have become ...

How To Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage - 4 Things NOT To Do

She walks into the kitchen one morning and announces; "It's no good, Bob. I want a divorce." Now to start with, Bob's not really a morning person, and he's not the most sensitive man in the world. Up to this point, he didn't know that there was anything wrong in their m

How to Seek an Emergency Divorce in Kansas

Kansas law requires that anyone filing for divorce must wait at least 60 days before a court can enter a judgment. However, the law does allow for exceptions to this rule. In some situations, a petitioner can ask the judge to hold a hearing or issue a judgment before the 60 day period is up. Commonl

How to Cancel a Marital Agreement

Some married couples, no matter how hard they try, cannot reconcile their differences. In these unfortunate cases, the only option left is to cancel their marital agreement. Canceling a marital agreement, otherwise known as getting a divorce, can be a complex process. However, this process can be

Anniversary Ring

Anniversary ring [] is the beautiful way to say you love and care for her. It is for strengthening your love and faith in each other as a true expression of your deep affection that ...

Dads' Rights to Child Custody and Visitation

If the parents cannot reach an agreement on their own, the Court will act in the best interests of the child in making these decisions. This may include their education, religious affiliation, healthcare, etc.

Why Family Divorce Mediation Is A Good Option

Family divorce mediation does have its advantages, which is why a lot couples decide to go this route. Any couple that is getting a divorce should at least consider going to mediation before settling

Signs Your Husband Wants You Back

I often write about saving marriages. Or, if a separation or divorce has happened, I sometimes try to help the wife to get her husband back (so long as the relationship was a healthy one worth saving.)Often times, I'm contacted by wives who want to know the "signs that my husband wants me

The Soulmate Secret

Many people look to law of attraction for "the soulmate secret." Click here to read more about this topic.