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Psychology of Attracting Men

Attraction is a complex process that is slightly different for everyone. Some people focus more on looks, while others are attracted by brains or personality. Many people seek a mate that shares their interests. While it is impossible to predict exactly what will attract a specific person, you can t

Singles Who Are After Loving Again

There are singles and there are singles. Singles come in different types depending on the platform they are playing in. the difference in the way they occur is something that is depicted in distinct ways, and it is something that plays a part in how fast they get back to the dating game.

Astrology Matchmaking Revealed

How the movement of the planets in the universe affects us is referred to as astrology. Each planet represents a specific force of energy. The force of energy can be expressed in various forms.

Girls - Role-Play Your Way Into An Exciting Sex Life

If you need a jolt in your sex life, role-playing is a great way to spice things up. Many men enjoy it because it is both fun and exciting. There are two different ways you could role-play. Use these role-playing tips to make your next intimate encounter very exciting.

Getting Along With the Friends

You could have been in the dating game for several months now and after intense soul searching, you realize you have met the one. The two of you might have hinted of coming together with some of your friends and the partner might be asking if you could go to a certain party where most of the friends

The 6 Online Dating Rules You Need To Know

If you are trying to get a date online it is good to know a few online dating rules. Be sure to follow these rules if you want to be successful in the world of internet dating.

Three Tricks to Score With the Hottest Chicks Online

Guys, if you want to score with hot chicks online, you can't do whatever every other guy is doing. Unless you have ripped abs and a fat bank account, you're not going to score with ...

Laws of Attraction - How to Find a Man

Are you wondering what the laws of attraction are? What do the laws of attraction have to do with finding the perfect? How can you apply the laws of attraction to your own life?

How to Ask a Guy For His Number - Another Way to Win a Man's Love

It is undeniably true that we sometimes come across people we like and desire relationship with in awkward places. The most painful part of it is that we don't get to meet these people again perhaps because occasions may not warrant that you meet again. The fact remains that if you don't g

Cool Ways to Ask Someone to a Sadies

The tradition of Sadie Hawkins dances began with a comic strip. Li'l Abner featured a homely woman, Sadie Hawkins, who worried that she had no suitors and would never marry. She enlisted the help of her father, declared the day Sadie Hawkins Day and literally chased after the bachelors in town. The

The Internet Is The World's Number One Intimacy Killer

Do you remember the good old days? When you actually had to seduce a woman with words in person. So How do the Internet and Intimacy relate to one another? The only thing that these two things have in common is the the first three letters (the "i-n-t") of their names. The Internet is the n

Dating Tips For Women - Dos & Don'ts on Your First Date

Got a date this Saturday night for the first time? Are you nervous and worried about making the silliest mistakes that might spoil everything? Fear not! Here are some useful tips on what to do and what you should not do on your first date. These tips can surely help you make that night, a meaningful