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Bridal Party Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

As a thank you for all that they do for you on your special day, it is customary to give each bridesmaid a thoughtful gift from the heart. Jewelry is a tried and true gift for the bridal party but can be a bit predictable. If the bride is looking for something a little less expected than a pair of e

Wedding Dance Etiquette

In a wedding dance one has to follow certain etiquette. Here are some of those.

Groom's Cake - The Cake For Your Other Half

The grooms cake originated in the south. It was an additional cake, usually in a different style, flavor and color than the main cake, that was designed around and about the groom.

Eightieth Birthday Party Ideas

There are a number of ways to celebrate an 80th birthday.happy birthday image by Ewe Degiampietro from <a href=''></a>An 80th birthday is a time to look back on a lifetime of memories in the company of loved ones. Accomplish this by gathering...

Decorating for a Feminine Wedding

Whether you’re planning a wedding for two women or if the groom has feminine tastes, a feminine wedding should include rich fabrics, light colors and delicate details. The setting plays a major role in creating the tone of the wedding, so choose a garden or a banquet hall with light walls and

Read These Tips Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is supposed to be the most important day of your life, but if it gets too overwhelming, you may not enjoy it! Knowing the right moves when it comes to your big day ...

Looking For The Final Goal To Find Your Soulmate

A lot of people go through their life with an unbelievable wish to come across the correct individual to complete them. Participation in a good relationship can provide a person a lot of benefits and usually help to bring considerable joy to an individual’s life.

Trash the Dress - What Exactly is it?

We've been hearing a lot about this relatively new concept of "Trash the Dress" (or TTD, or even Rock The Frock as it is commonly referred to) and thought you might like to know a ...

Good Tips for 35mm Wedding Photography

The 35mm camera is often the wedding photography tool of choice for both professionals and amateurs because it is small, allows for quick shots and features high-quality film appropriate for the importance of the occasion. If you're not a professional photographer, but have been asked to take photos

How to Host a Fantastic and Simple Wine Tasting Party

Wine is best when it is shared with friends. Most people however don't feel comfortable and relax when they drink it because they think there is a "proper" way to taste wine. Hosting a wine tasting party is a fun and easy way for friends to explore and learn all about wine. Let the steps

Choosing a Band for Your Wedding - A Guide for Brides to Be

There's no doubt that a good wedding band can make a wedding reception, creating a fun, vibrant atmosphere and filling the dance floor into the wee small hours. Conversely a bad wedding band and the night is a write off and you can be sure that guests will begin to slink off early, leaving the

The Best Floral Arrangements for Weddings

A beautiful set of flowers are highly preferred in every occasion specially in weddings. Flowers are not only used for the decorations and rituals but are also used in the bridal decoration making her

Cheap Holloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costume parties are a lot of fun, but if you're short on cash or time you might not be able to make your dreams of dressing as the robot from "Forbidden Planet" come true. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap and quick costumes you can make with things you probably already...

Ideas for Putting a Ribbon on a Baby Shower Invitation

Add a ribbon to a baby shower invitation for decoration.ribbon image by Albo from <a href=''></a>The right decoration on a baby shower invitation turns it from a simple piece of paper to a keepsake. A baby shower invitation includes all the...

Simple Suggestions For Decorating Your Wedding Reception

The outdoor wedding poses special problems to couples and florists alike. The regular furnishings and objects that you usually have in the enclosed wedding hall and the church halls are not available if you hold an outdoor wedding event.

Honeymoon Registry - Will You Consider It?

There is no doubt that the your wedding is very important. To this end you will try your best to make your wedding special, unique and perfect. However, you should also understand that your honeymoon is just as important.

Kids Sports Birthday Party Activities

A sports birthday party theme gets the guests moving from the beginning to the end of the celebration and delights any young sports fanatic or athlete. In addition to playing the actual sports that the birthday child enjoys, consider doing other sports-themed birthday party activities that can be ad