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How to Host a Game in DotaCash

"Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne" is real-time strategy game that, in addition to the full game, includes a world creator that allows players to create and share their own maps. One of the most popular maps for the game is "Defense of the Ancients," which pits two warring factions against each other

Marriage Compatibility Of Aries With Leo

Continuing the series of articles on importance of horoscope matching before marriage, now comes the turn of matching the marriage compatibility of Aries with Leo. Marriages in India have always been given the status of the most important ceremony in the life of a human being. Therefore, by matching

Thrifty Costume Ideas

You've been invited to a last minute Halloween party and have nothing to wear. Rather than going to a store and spending exorbitant amounts of money on a costume you'll wear once, try making your own with some materials from home or from the thrift store. Friends will love your quirky costume.

Easy Chinese Decorations

Chinese party decorations should reflect the symbolism and tradition of Chinese culture. Using large statement decorations will add easy color and style instead of a lot of small details.

Selecting a Great Wedding Theme

There is no limitation if you set your mind to anything and this is just true especially for your wedding. A lot of couples these days aim to create the perfect and unique wedding so ...

Stylish Wedding Centerpieces

Coming up with the perfect tables for your wedding involves a lot of work and can really make or break how your theme works out. You have to think about matching the wedding favors with the place card holders and all the other decorations at your wedding. So it's not all that surprising that so

How to Pick Out Shoes to Go With a Wedding Dress

Once upon a time, wedding shoes came in two options: traditional white silk or satin. However, times are changing and women are stepping outside of the aisle for their wedding fashion inspiration. Though many women may opt for a more traditional look, know that wedding shoes now come in an exciting

Ideas for 1980s Costumes

Children of the 1980s may well remember having '50s or '60s dress-up days in school or at parties. These days, when kids want to dress up like the "old days," they go straight for the leg warmers and day-glo clothes. Adults, too, can have a blast dressing up in over-the-top styles from the '80s for

Common Gem Cutting Styles

When choosing a precious stone for any kind of jewellery, it's always important to consider the different types of gem cutting styles that are available. Whether it's a diamond, emerald or ruby, getting the right cut for the best look is something that should be considered carefully.

Cheap Wedding Favors - How to Buy Good Cheap Wedding Favors

When you look for cheap wedding favors remember that your wedding is the most significant event in a couple's life, thus when the big day comes, it is generally given the utmost priority and attention. One very important element to consider when getting married is the basic overall components o

Make Your Wedding Day Sweet

You and your new spouse are so sweet!Learn how to make charming candy bar party favors and turn a candy centerpiece into unique wedding favors to share some sweet with your guests.

Top 5 Tips On How To Choose Cheap Wedding Bands

The weeding day is the most important part of anyone's life. The wedding day, contrary to popular belief, is not just about the female, and the male does not need to stand aside and wait until everything is done just to pitch up. While you are planning for your wedding day, the golf course if o

Wedding Accessories - What You Need at the Wedding

Make that wedding perfect by taking care of every detail. To guarantee that you don't miss out on anything, make a list of your bridal accessories and prioritize each item on it. To check on what you need, read on.

How to Be the Center of Attention

If being the center of attention is your goal, learning how to "work the room" is essential. Staying aware of your surroundings and the prevailing mood can help you know how to divert the attention to yourself. Whether your goal is to catch the eye of someone special or to retain your title as the "

Cheap Bridal Shower- A Bridal Saver or A Disaster?

It is highly important to keep your bridal shower budget under check and never go overboard. Out of all the most common and popular bridal shower practices, we tell you what is a 'bridal shower saver'

How to Buy an Edwardian Era Engagement Ring

The Edwardian era, also known as the Belle Epoque, refers to the time period when the English King Edward VII reigned, plus an additional ten years (1900 to 1920). During that time, engagement rings became intricate works of art, with scrollwork and lacing that encompassed the entire ring band. It w