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Etiquette on Wearing Pearls

There's no piece of jewelry quite so classic as a strand of pearls. Adorning a simple white strand can channel an Audrey Hepburn-like chicness or an Elizabeth Taylor-style elegance. But in fact, the sophistication associated to wearing pearls started long before Audrey or Elizabeth. Pearls have long

How to Cut a Boatneck Shirt

A boat neck shirt has a wide, subtle and feminine neckline that emphasizes the line of the neck while not revealing too much skin. You can add a boat neck neckline to just about any shirt, but the project works best with a closer-fitting top. Leave the new boat neck neckline ragged for an edgy shirt

How to Brush Your Teeth With a Twig

If you are out in the woods and realize, while hiking, that you forgot your toothbrush and toothpaste, don't worry: you can still maintain a basic level of dental hygiene using sticks and twigs. Although twigs and sticks offer an acceptable substitute, it's still important to get hold of a normal to

Shopping For Makeup Wardrobe?

Buying your makeup colours for your season can be easier and more fun than to shop for your makeup colours without knowing your season. Your wardrobe colours, they all come from one harmonious palette, you can own one blusher, one to three lipsticks and one basic set of eye shadows and they will ble

Bonnaroo Mario Costume

Bonnaroo Fashion and Costumes. Photos of handmade style and costumes at Bonnaroo 2010.

Chinese Girls Dress

Within the present part of the eyes of westerners, the Chinese dress with Chinese females dress culture symbolic significance. Inside the strong feudal moral atmosphere, ladies want is like now exposed curve is not possible.

How to Do Your Bangs & a Ponytail With Tracks

You're going to a special event and need a quick but sophisticated hairstyle -- why not do a ponytail with a bang? You can make your ponytail longer and thicker by adding tracks. A track is the part of a hair weave that the hair weave strands are connected to. Your bangs can also look fuller with a

How to Cut a Balding Man's Hair With Clippers

Male pattern baldness affects a great number of men, whether it appears in the early 20s, late teens or later in life. Balding determines the flexibility of hairstyles for the man who is losing his hair. When cutting a balding man’s hair, there are a few things to consider, including how to bl

How to Fold Men's Handkerchiefs

Whether you are going to work or to a social event, you want to look your best when you are wearing a suit. At formal events, when it is especially hard to make your ensemble stand out in the crowd, little touches can set you apart. A nicely folded handkerchief is an easy way to draw attention to yo

Tips on Keeping Shellac Nail Polish on Longer

Shellac nail polish manicures are different from traditional manicures. With a shellac manicure, the polish is cured using UV rays after each coat. This creates a nail polish application that can last for weeks. Follow some tips to make sure that your shellac manicure reaches its full potential.

How to Do Side Pony Tails or Hair Buns

The high side ponytail of the 1980s is out and the new classy low ponytail and sleek bun are frequently seen on film and television stars in formal and casual wear. You can create the same dramatic look at home in a few simple steps in less than 30 minutes. Leave the hairstyle simple and elegant, or

How to Make Body Oil

Body oils can nourish the skin. You can use your body oil as a massage oil, add it to a bath to heal dry skin or rub light amounts into your body to replace your regular moisturizer. You can mix up a batch in seconds flat.

Cheap Makeup

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful, but at what price? Buying cosmetic and beauty supply need not break your pocket when you are living on a budget.

How To Smooth and Rejuvenate Your Skin With Rice

Everyday stress can really take its toll on you; trust me, I've been there! Whether you're spending your day toiling behind a computer screen in your cubicle, or doing a lot of yard work outside, everyday life inevitably drains you, it's a fact of life. The remedy to this is to take g

How to Treat Scratches On an Acrylic Sink

Acrylic sinks have a glossy, hard, non-porous surface that repels dirt and resists staining. Under normal use, an acrylic sink surface should maintain its beauty for years. However, over time it's possible that the surface may develop small scratches, especially if it comes in contact with utensils

Sienna Wristlet

These plus-size fall fashions are right on trend and will flatter your apple body type.

How to Identify Blue Stones

Blue gemstones have an alluring quality of mystery and elegance. From the deep translucence of sapphires to the milky blue of aquamarine, a blue stone enhances jewelry and accessories with their opulence. Identify the blue gems you have by examining a few important characteristics of commonly-used s