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Empower Your Kids - Organize Your Life

Empower your kids so you can create balance and fulfillment; while working, raising children and running a household. An easy way to get your household organized.

Reasons Why an Infant Cannot Sleep

Getting your newborn baby to sleep for long periods of time, especially at night, is the burden of every new parent. Some babies naturally go to sleep and stay asleep, while others seem to refuse to sleep at all. This can worry new parents as there is an instant assumption that if the baby is not sl

Kids Struggling With Bad Grades? Ways to Help Them Get Back on Track

Every parent wants their child to do well in school; however, there are times when children fall behind in a class or subject and begin to get bad grades. Slipping grades in one area should be addressed but should not be a reason to panic. However, a sudden change in all grades or a whole new attitu

How Do I Have FUN With My Child and Still Lead Him or Her?

Sometimes it may feel like the only interaction you have between you and your child is yelling, punishing, directing, or leading your child. Parents often ask, "How can I lead my child and have fun with them too?" The aim of this article is to help parents find ways to bring back the fun i

How to Make School Mornings Run Better (Part 1)

As we all know getting out of the house on time can be a struggle, especially if you have children ages 3-12.The aim of this article is to leave you with some tips to try that may help your mornings become a bit less stressful.

Jogging Strollers Aren't Just For Running

Jogging strollers are fantastic machines that enable us parents to get out and jog with our kids in tow. What could be better? You can maintain your fitness routine, get lots of fresh air and keep your little one's close. But why not use your jogger as your everyday stroller also?

A Must Read For Mothers and Mothers to Be

Almost every house has a child prodigy these days, the new generation of toddlers are much more brilliant than the previous generation. They might be little but they are the pride of their parents.

Buying Dribble Bibs For Your Baby

Dribble bibs are used in most societies to keep moisture off the chest of a young child. Although these accessories do not look the same in every culture, they always have the same important function.

Keeping the Train on Track

One thing I know for sure: mastery commands respect. As does consistency. Perseverance. Persistence. Stick-to-it-ive-ness. We reward singers who make it all the way on American Idol and athletes who make it to the Olympics.

If You Don' t Read These 7 No's In Pregnancy, You'll Hate Yourself Later

It must be lovely to find out that you have a baby inside your womb. Imagining how to give birth to him/her, searching for the right name, shopping for cute baby outfits, baby shower party. Oh yes, those are very lovely.However, it is necessary for you to keep yourself alert—witho

Baby Sign Language

I remember going through the Ezzo tapes and books when my kids were just infants. The material did help tremendously in helping to raise our kids. One of the most memorable lessons was on baby sign language. Our kids were communicating with us long before they could talk.

Make Math Fun

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. Getting good grades through school is important because it leads to a great job in the future. You know that studying, learning, and working hard is important in life, but does your child?

5 One-Pot Dinners for Busy Parents

Tired of spending the whole night cooking and cleaning up? Take a short-cut with these delicious, one-pot dinners your kids will love.

Sugar Free Fudge

A sugar free recipe for diabetics - Sugar Free Fudge.