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How to Defeat the Mothership in "Fallout 3"

"Mothership Zeta" is an expansion pack for the "Fallout 3" science-fiction role-playing game. Unlike the original "Fallout" and its other add-ons, "Mothership Zeta" places you aboard an alien craft in outer space. Your mission is to make it to the ship's bridge so you can take control of the alien c

What Causes a Shock Wave?

Shock waves appear in the atmosphere when some disturbance alters temperature, density or pressure. They occur within the Earth's surface because of a disruption of the normal alignment of the Earth's plates, or crust. Unlike normal sound waves, which travel without being noticed, shock waves make t

Troubleshooting Ignition Systems on a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are an obsession that very few understand, but if you are one of those who actually own or ride one, you know the feverish joy you can get from the machine even when doing the most menial of tasks. Troubleshooting a problem with your motorcycles ignition system can be one of those dishea

How to Disassemble a M44

The Soviet-designed Mosin Nagant M44 was one of the first carbines to achieve wide-spread distribution throughout the Red Army. Prior to the M44's production, front line soldiers carried the full-sized M91/30 rifles, while carbines were distributed only to artillery, messenger, rear-echelon and cava

How to Make a High Power Laser Pointer

Laser pointers provide a beam of laser light, but the intensity varies depending upon the cost. Laser pointers sold in drugstores and supermarkets have had their intensity adjusted to where the laser light generated is nearly nil. You can make an inexpensive laser pointer generate a high-powered bea

Species of Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

The jaguar is the western hemisphere's largest cat image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comThe Amazon rainforest basin is nine times the size of Texas, according to PBS. The many species of animals that live in this vast region include a third of the world's birds, 500...

How Do Mouse Lemurs Communicate?

Mouse lemurs are nocturnal creatures who sport extremely large eyes. Only eight species exist, all within the realms of Madagascar and the eastern portion of Africa. One mouse lemur species -- the pygmy mouse lemur -- is a little over 2 inches long, making it the smallest primate in existence. Mouse

Ideas for an HO Model Train Track Layout

Set up your model HO railway.Model Train Bridge image by czbrat from Fotolia.comModel railways come in a few different sizes and scales, and HO is one of them--it's a fairly large scale and requires a fair amount of space to set up properly. The best part about it is the flexibility with...

Plants & Trees on the Great Plains

The Great Plains span several states in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Mississippi River. This area of flat grasslands and prairie extends well into Canadian provinces such as Alberta and Manitoba. The plants that dominate the Great Plains include many...

Cassava Trees

Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is known by various names -- yuca, tapioca, manioc and sweet potato tree, a name that alludes to its fleshy potato-like tubers. It is considered a perennial shrub more so than a tree and ranges in height from 3 to 13 feet tall. Starch-filled tubers grow in clusters at the

Chemical Science Projects With Coffee

There are a number of science projects involving the use of coffee to demonstrate some chemical principle. This type of project could be used for a school project or a science fair project. Here are a few samples of experiments that could be done to explore properties of coffee and caffeine. Childre

Date and Palm Plants in Deserts

There are 3,800 known species of palm and most of them don't grow in the desert or on sandy beaches. Most palms grow in the rainforest and get plenty of rain. Some of them even prefer cool climates. Exceptions are the date palms and the palms described below.

How Motor Speed Controls Work

How motor speed controls work depends, in part, on whether the motor is operated by alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). The speed of a motor is typically controlled manually or automatically, with mechanically operated switches (contactors) or electrical control devices.

How to Dig for Opals

Opals, a mineraloid gel, are found throughout the United States and are the national gemstone of Australia. Opals grow inside most types of rocks and are often found in fissures. If you are interested in digging for opals, contact a local opal mine. You'll pay around $150 to enter the opal mines an

Simulium Life Cycle

Simulium are more commonly known as blackflies. They generally have large compound eyes composed of facets called ommatidia. Their bodies are segmented, and their wings are veined, and appear small, compared to the blackfly's ability to travel long distances. Blackflies can be a nuisance to people

How to Hang Wood Letters

Wood letters are an excellent way to add accent to a room. For children, colorful letters provide an entertaining and educational three-dimensional texture. Other uses of wooden letters could include adding character to a den or living room, or listing the family name on the front of the house. Avoi

How to Make Power With a Potato

A great science project to do with your children is to make electricity with a potato. The potato contains electrolytes. Electrolytes produce a current when the juice inside of a potato comes in contact with zinc and copper. When these elements are introduced to the potato it becomes a battery.

Life Cycle of Lymphatic Filariasis

Lymphatic filiariasis---also known as elephantiasis---is a parasitic infestation by microscopic worms of the human lymph system. According to the World Health Organization, the parasites Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia malayi have infected more than 120 million people with lymphatic filiariasis, mos