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How to Soundproof Small Rooms

When you soundproof a room, you make it so it's almost impossible for anyone to hear what happens in the room. This is an ideal scenario if you plan to create a studio or workout room in your home and don't want to disrupt the other members of your household. To complete this project, you need a num

How to Join Ceramic Tiles to Carpet

Make the floors that connect to ceramic tile look professional when you follow these directions on how to attach ceramic tile to carpet. You can even repair existing mishaps when the carpet comes away from the tile. You'll end up with a professional transition from carpet to tile.

Bright Kitchen Colors

Find the perfect color to brighten your image by Rich Johnson from Fotolia.comThe color of a kitchen can define the space. It can make a room appear smaller or more open; inviting or dreary. Because the kitchen is a usable space, there are many items that make or break...

How to Weld in Wood Frame Buildings

Heat generated during welding can quickly cause a fire in wood frame buildings. To avoid turning a wood framed building into a pile of ash, be proactive and protect the combustible materials by using fire blankets, which are comprised of fire-resistant woven fiberglass used to contain spatter that a

How to Refinish a Wood Cabinet With a Laminate Top

Laminate is a durable material used in a variety of applications. In residential dwellings, It is used for floors and countertops. Normal use of laminate countertops, along with regular cleaning, can cause a laminate countertop to fade. Over time, the fading worsens from household cleaning product c

The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Solar Pond

Garden ponds add life and interest to a garden or backyard area, but pond pumps, filters and lighting require power to operate. Typically, pond equipment runs on electricity from the utility grid and must be plugged into an outlet, but this is not the only choice. Another option for backyard pond

How to Seal Grout and Tile

After having the bathtub, shower or kitchen backsplash retiled, you need to protect your investment by sealing the grout and tile. Ideally, you should seal tile grout before you begin to use the tiled areas. The sealant prevents dirt and water from getting into the porous grout, prevents discolora

How to Lay New Wood Flooring Over Old Wood Flooring

While properly maintained hardwood floors can last for generations, it is not always practical, or desirable to refurbish the existing floor. Desired changes, such as color and grain, require the installation of new flooring. While traditional hardwood floors cannot be laid one on top of another, ne

How to Arrange Decorative Plates

Using plates to decorate is a clever and versatile idea. Decorating with plates can bring family heirlooms out of storage or clear out some cupboard space in the kitchen. "Plates are a great way to add color to an otherwise neutral room." A lot of options are available for hanging plates on a wall

How to Install Granite Vanity Tops

Installing a granite top on a vanity cabinet can provide a bathroom design with a clean, modern look. Granite vanity tops are durable, beautiful, and have the added benefit of being able to be used with an undermount sink. Installing a granite vanity top can be done after the sink and faucet have be

DIY Sheet Metal Duct

DIY sheet metal duct is the most common type of ductwork system that is installed for heating and cooling purposes. Like other materials used for duct, such as fiberglass panels and rigid foam boards, a sheet metal duct system offers a means of distributing treated air into spaces in residential, co

How to Use Bondo to Patch Wooden Window Sills

During their lifespan, exterior wood window sills experience a high degree of extreme weather exposure. When combined with the amount of energy transmission that occurs at a window, the window sill often requires more maintenance than other exterior home trim. Follow this simple procedure to restor

How to Repair a Crack in a Concrete Pond

A sudden loss of water in a concrete pond means there's a crack somewhere. This can be caused by damage from freezing and thawing or by the settling of the ground underneath the pond, or even by an earthquake. If you've got a leak, most often it's necessary to drain the pond in order to inspect it.

Hazards of Cutting Glass

Cutting glass, regardless of the technique, has its own dangers.broken glass image by Marek Chalupnik from Fotolia.comCutting glass can be a dangerous endeavor, as there are several hazards associated with it. Typically, those who cut glass for a living, such as window-makers, use a...

DIY Built in Cupboards

Woodwork adds charm and class to any space. Providing excellent storage, architectural detail and a sense of sophistication, built-in cupboards are a do-it-yourself project anyone with a basic knowledge of tools and building can tackle. Using ready made cabinets, available in many styles, makes it e

About Attics

Attics are used in a variety of ways. They are used as extra storage room, or as an extra room in the house. They have a lot of potential if one knows how to utilize them.

How to Cut Angles for a Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs are familiar to most people as the distinctive shapes on the tops of barns. Early barn builders realized that, if they broke the plane of roof rafters and pushed them outward, they were left with far more room for storing hay on the second floor of a barn. The same applies to headroom

How to Cut Plastic Panels for Kitchen Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights provide energy efficient bright white light to your kitchen. Modern fluorescent fixtures may be placed above dropped ceilings or flush-mounted to standard ceilings. A variety of acrylic panels are available to fit these fixtures. The panels diffuse the light and provide a uniform

How to Build a Potting Bench From Pallets

A potting bench gives you a convenient place to replant smaller garden plants. Old shipping pallets are an inexpensive and sturdy base material to use when building your own bench. You can create various designs and accessorize them to suit your needs. Using a pallet simplifies the construction, let

How to Install Balcony Tile

Installing tile on your balcony is a simple project that even a beginner can easily complete. Tiles are versatile and durable, which means they will last for as long as your home does. Additionally, tiles work well for balconies, because they provide a waterproof finish that will guard against moist