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How to Remove the Quick Connector for a Plastic Water Line

Used in both residential and commercial applications, plastic water lines are durable and inexpensive to install. The lines use quick connectors on each end to complete the water or other liquid connection. Available in a variety of sizes, the quick connectors also contain a washer like traditional

How to Remove Armpit Sweat Stains

Armpit sweat stains can ruin the look of your favorite shirt. Although difficult to avoid, they can be removed with the right solution. Regardless if the sweat stain is caused by perspiration, or a combination of perspiration and deodorant, if you pre-soak the clothing item in a safe solution, the s

How to Replace Tilts on Blinds

Blinds provide a distinctive advantage over curtains and other window treatment options in that they allow you to choose exactly how much light enters your home by tilting the slats of the window up or down accordingly. This tilt is controlled by a wand or pulley that adjusts the space between the s

What Is Bad About a Flat-Top Stove Top?

Glass or ceramic flat-top stoves have several advantages over traditional electric or gas ranges. The flat surface has no openings or seams, so cleaning them doesn't require removing burners. The induction burners that lie underneath the stove surface heat quickly and evenly, providing temperature c

How to Use Lysol for Plant Mold

Powdery mildew is a fungal infection of plants growing in areas with high humidity and poor air circulation. It is particularly common in spring when rain occurs more often and temperatures fluctuate. It is evidenced by a white or light gray powdery substance on the leaves and flowers. African viole

Do I Have to Remove the Toilet to Use a Snake?

A snake, or auger, is designed to effectively remove deeper blockages within a toilet, without having to displace the toilet itself. It is vital to know the function and proper usage of a snake before using it to clear a clog.

How to Clean Equipment for Rusted Mechanical Parts

Proper maintenance routines help provide machinery and equipment with the care needed to ensure a long, headache-free operating life. While most machinists and home enthusiasts conduct the more obvious maintenance procedures, such as replacing missing nuts and refilling lubricants and oils, checking

How to Clean Sour Milk Out of Carpet

If you've ever experienced the smell of soured milk that has set in a carpet for a few days, you know where the saying, "Don't cry over spilled milk," may have come from. Not only does milk leave behind a nasty odor, but it also can be difficult to remove. Unless you've spilled gallons of milk on th

How to Polish Terra Cotta

Manufacturers make terracotta tiles from red clay and bake them in a kiln to form floor tiles. Tile manufacturers apply a glaze to some terracotta tile to give it a shiny, polished appearance. Some terracotta tiles have no glaze, making them a dull, flat color. Unglazed or unpolished terracotta tile

How to Change the Battery in an Acu-Rite Digital Thermometer

Acu-Rite digital thermometers have battery-powered modules that measure indoor and outdoor temperatures. Outdoor temperatures are monitored by a wireless sensor that sends temperature information to the main unit from an outdoor location. The main unit measures and displays the indoor temperature an

List of Locks That Prevent Toilet Use

When it comes to home safety, securing your toilet may not be at the top of your priority list, but toilets are a significant health and safety risk to both small children and pets. Small children may fall into an open toilet and are at risk for drowning. Drinking contaminated toilet water can cause

How to Remove Super Glue From a Stone Table

Stone tables can give your home a luxurious appearance. Caring for stone is simple. It involves regular cleaning with water and mild detergent, and spot cleaning stains as they appear. Never use strong cleansers to clean stone surfaces, because they could etch the stone surface. If you've gotten sup

How to Work With Corian Countertops

Corian® is a well-known brand of high-quality solid surface countertops and sinks made by DuPont™. It is a nonporous, man-made material formulated from acrylic resins and pigments to resemble natural stone. Corian® solid surface countertops are long wearing and easy to clean. Coria

Brass Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to cleaning brass items around your home, there are a number of ways to go about it. From removing tarnish to cleaning up old dirty brass, some materials are likely around your home that can do the job. Without any need for chemical solutions, take a look in your pantry and cupboards f

How Can I Get the Mildew Smell Out of a Leather Sofa?

Leather, like other absorbent materials, is vulnerable to mildew and its unpleasant effects. A leather sofa may become the victim of mildew if placed in a humid environment or in a home with poor insulation or flooding problems. Even if you remove the visible mildew traces, you may still smell the f

How to Remove Dirt Daubers in the Attic

Dirt daubers, also called mud daubers, are wasps that use moist dirt to build their nests. They make nests in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending upon the type of dirt dauber. They are not aggressive like many other wasps, though they will sting if bothered. Dirt daubers build almost anywhere a

Worm Pests on Roots of Rhubarb

The rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum) is an edible plant found around the world, but most commonly in the United States. Although the leaves are poisonous, the stalks are used in cooking. They are often used in sauces, some people eat them raw and the rhubarb pie is a familiar dessert in many households.

How to Spring Clean a Library

Your books may be some of your most prized possessions, except when it’s time to clean them. Suddenly, you may find yourself wondering how many of them you can just get rid of. Most of us give our books a quick once-over with a dust cloth during regular cleanings. But spring-cleaning is the t

How to Fix Bleach Damage on Black Clothing

Bleach damage can ruin your black clothes and cause a great deal of frustration. It happens by accident -- you're using bleach for a different purpose entirely and it spatters, leaving a spot on your clothes. Removing light spots from black clothing can be tricky and doesn't always work, but you can

Furniture Dye Vs. Stain

Wood coloring and finishing is an age-old process. Many commercial dyes and stains have been added to traditional, homemade formulas, making it difficult for woodworkers to choose products best suited for a particular project. An examination of the basic coloring and highlighting options is necessar