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Candle Holders - An Elegant Decorative Accessory

Everyone likes to be in an environment which is complimented with a beauty and brings up a sense of aesthetic pleasure to your eyes. This quest for sensory pleasure, results in a desire to beautify the houses, offices, parties, and all the other possible places with suitable decorative items. A cand

All about carpenter ants - what they do and how to avoid them

Termites are every homeowner's nightmare, but there's another insect that should also strike terror into the heart of the homeowner. Carpenter ants cause millions of dollars a year in damage to houses throughout the country, ...

How to Paint Shower Ceramic Tiles

Ugly, dated shower tile is common in many older homes. The removal of old shower tile can be a tedious and expensive process. Instead of spending a fortune re-designing your bathroom, consider re-painting the ceramic tiles in the shower. This process can instantly transform and update the look of y

Discount Dark Bedroom Furniture

It is very nice to have a bedroom that is well furnished. If class is that the impact you're trying for, the means you can achieve it is through the correct choice of furniture. The ...

The Many Uses for Bamboo Poles

Turning a garden area or home interior into a virtual tropical paradise is simple when using economical, earth-friendly products made from bamboo. A member of the evergreen, it is the fastest growing plant in the ...

How to Make a Blanket Using a Finger Knitting Technique

Finger knitting is a simple way to create the look of a knitted item without having to master the use of knitting needles. Finger knitting makes small knitted pieces, but you can stitch them together to make something as large as you like. Use a finger knitting technique to knit a blanket in several

What Is a Box Top Mattress?

Box top mattresses are a recent addition in bed selection. First introduced in Europe, these are also called Euro box or Euro pillow top mattresses. With a thick cushion pad on top of the mattress, box top mattresses are among the softest beds available. The next time you shop for a new bed, try out

Color Your World With an Airless Spray Painter

One of the most common tasks the homeowner can face around the home is giving the walls a new look. With all of the colors and hues of paint available today, giving a personalized tone to the atmosphere inside your home can be as close as a visit to your local home improvement center. After deciding

The Power of Christmas String Lights

Christmas string lights can even be in the shapes and colors that they admire, even in the form of their favorite animals, flowers, or even cartoon characters. Let your creativity soar this Christmas and gift your family an enlightened surroundings.

Slipcovers Can Remake Any Room

You may have an antiquated idea of slipcovers: They have come a long way from simply being a utilitarian product that protects your sofa. No longer are they industrial, baggy covers that serve only to ...

How to Decorate Indonesian Homes

Indonesia is an Asian island nation in the Indian Ocean. Rich in culture and customs, it is a favorite for interior decorators looking to add a colorful and exotic flare to home designs. Whether you are decorating your home in Indonesia itself or want your home to be representative of this area, the

DIY: Table Lamps

If you're tired of buying retail table lamps, consider making your own. The parts for a table lamp won't bust your wallet, and you can recycle or repurpose household items or hardware leftover from other projects to make funky and original table lamps. With some ingenuity, an everyday item could be

Paint Color Ideas for a Boys Room

The right paint color can quickly transform a bedroom.Paint can with brush image by Sergey Kolesnikov from Fotolia.comLittle boys are more interested in playing in their rooms than in decorating them, but that's no reason to leave the space with white walls. A quick coat of paint is one...

Professional Window Treatment Ideas

Curtains make your home look polished.window curtains image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comWindow treatments are an accessory for your home. They are also sometimes necessary for privacy or to block out light for sleeping. In addition, window treatments such as curtains, blinds and...

Wall Clings Sure Know How To Get A Grip!

Wall clings are one of the best printed products to come along in the past few years. They have a good grip on the walls and glass doors that they enhance. They make the retail's or home decorator's job a whole lot easier because they adhere statically or with removable adhesives. Speciall