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How to Prune an Indoor Palm Tree

Palm trees are a signature symbol of warm weather, ocean breezes, and a relaxing tropical lifestyle. They can be planted outdoors or indoors, adding a touch of the tropics to any home or building. Of course, these trees must be properly maintained and provided with the right configuration of soil, t

How to Grow Black Krim Tomatoes

The richness of a Black Krim tomato, in both appearance and taste, cannot be beat. This plant is known for producing fruit with a fantastic depth of flavor in most any condition, from cool weather to extreme heat. It is easy and convenient to grow your own Black Krim tomatoes in your own yard, to en

Pecan Trees & Sulfur

Sulfur is a trace element that occurs naturally in soils, and is necessary for the healthy growth of many plants and trees, including pecan trees. Sulfur has many other additional uses relating to pecan trees in the forms of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.

Names of Poisonous Shrubs

Avoid touching or eating any parts of shrubs you don't know.shrub image by pix29 from Fotolia.comAlthough some shrubs are poisonous, they're not always labeled as such at garden centers. Before you buy a plant you don't know, do some research to find out whether it could pose any risk to...

How to Sell Black Walnuts

Black walnut trees drop hundreds of large nuts that, unlike the English walnut, are incredibly difficult to crack without a specialized tool. Black walnut trees might be messy, but if you're entrepreneurial you can sell them to make a tidy profit. Black walnuts have a musky flavor that differs from

Carrot Oil & New Growth

Carrot oil is loaded with healthy vitamins and nutrients. Carrot oil acts as a muscle relaxant and vasodilator, a widener of blood cells, according to lab studies reported by Because carrot oil relaxes muscles and blood cells, it has the power to produce new skin growth and hair growth.

Can Lupine Plants Self Seed?

Several varieties of lupine are available, ranging from native plants that would be classified as wildflowers to garden hybrids specifically bred for use in landscape plantings. The plant is a perennial, growing each year from the same root after a dormant winter period. The plant is a favorite with

How to Grow a Potted Rose From Nursery Stock

It's possible to grow a beautiful, luscious potted rose from nursery stock. Many varieties of roses grow prolifically in pots. In fact, roses grown in pots suffer less soil-borne diseases than those grown in a garden bed. The pots can be moved to more fully take advantage of the changing patterns of

How to Grow Pretty Summer Flower Bouquets

Fresh flowers displayed in a decorative vase add color and fragrance to any room in your home. Luckily, you can fill your home with fresh flowers all summer long without spending much money by cutting the flowers from your own garden. Dr. Leonard Perry, an extension professor from the University of

The Things Needed to Start an Herb Garden

If you enjoy gardening and love cooking, then creating your own herb garden can help with both hobbies. Freshly grown herbs can improve the flavor of everything from soups and sauces to pastas and salads. Creating an herb garden is straightforward and you won't need a lot of equipment or space. Gro

My Hall's Honeysuckle Will Not Bloom

Hall's honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica "halliana"), a woody, twining vine, is ideal for the gardener looking for a fast-growing plant to quickly hide an unattractive wall or other structure. Growing to 30 feet in length, a stand of Hall's honeysuckle may weigh enough to bring down a large tree. Becau

How to Build a Basket Planter

Making a basket planter allows you to display your decorative baskets and your favorite houseplant. Most baskets aren't suitable for planting in as they are, since the soil and water will damage the basket fibers. Preparing the basket for use as a planter keeps the soil in place and protects the bas

When to Divide Lily Bulbs?

Lilies self-propagate. In just a couple years, one bulb can become many and a spacious and well-planned garden can become overcrowded and not conducive to thriving lilies. In order to keep your lily garden attractive and the lilies blooming to their fullest potential, then proper care is needed. Car

How to Trim a Jade Plant

Jade plants are succulents, which makes them relatively easy to care for. They grow best in bright light and low humidity, and they are popular, clean indoor plants. Although most jade plants don't require trimming or pruning for their health, some species can grow up to 10 feet tall. To trim a larg

How to Speed Up Rose Bush Blooms

Rose bushes tend to have two distinct bloom periods, one on the late spring and a second more significant bloom in the early to mid fall. Watering and feeding should be constant throughout the growing season, but spring and fall pruning are also key to optimizing the production of rose blooms. A new

5 Facts on Cherry Blossom Trees

Among the many varieties of cherry trees, the Yoshino cherry blossom tree blossom is one of the most commonly planted specimens. It has a medium growth rate, attaining up to 24 inches a year and thriving in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 5 through 8. Its blooms traditionally herald the coming

How to Grow a Lenten Rose

An evergreen herbaceous perennial, the lenten rose (Helleborus orientalis) blooms in the middle to late winter. Even with snow on the ground it pushes its blossoms upward to sport flowers for the holiday season. The flowers measure 2 to 3 inches in width and look similar to a single rose in shades o

Grape Diseases and Drying on the Vine

Before you commit to growing grapes, be aware that they take a lot of maintenance and attention if you want to produce healthy and edible fruit. However, without the proper care, your vines will be susceptible to diseases that cause your grapes to dry out on the vine.

Mycorrhiza in the Soil

Mycorrhizae are soil-bound fungi that infect the roots of plants, usually for mutual benefit between the plant and the fungi. The fungi feed off the simple sugars produced in the roots and in return transport water and nutrients to the host plant.