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Do Bananas Have Seeds?

Have you every stopped to think and wonder if bananas have seeds? Learn how these trees reproduce.

Shrubs That Do Not Require a Lot of Water

Shrubs that do not require much water to thrive are options for the dry sites on your property where other types of landscaping plants labor to grow. These low-water species of shrubs are usually tolerant of drought and prefer well-draining soil.

Yellow Spring Flowering Shrubs

Forsythia welcomes spring with sunny yellow blossoms.forsythia image by rikkidegraz from Fotolia.comIn the cold northern climates of America, spring and its colorful bloom is anticipated with impatience. One of the most cheerful and sunny colors for spring shrub bloom is yellow. Spring...

The Best Soil Types for Growing Oats

Oats are a hardy and highly nutritional grain.Sea Oats by the River image by JLycke from Fotolia.comOat (Avena sativa) is a hardy cereal grain that is well resistant to poor soil conditions and thrives in areas where it is often impossible to grow other crops. Oats are a rich source of...

How to Prevent Soil Erosion & Soil Pollution

As more and more trees are removed during deforestation and chemicals are used indiscriminately to control weeds and insects, our soil is becoming increasingly bare. Land that is devoid of top soil can easily be eroded and washed away during a severe rainstorm. Manure from animals or chemicals used

Dwarf Curly Leaf Japanese Privet

Choosing from the hundreds of available shrubs can be challenging. If you're looking for a fast-growing but compact, easy-to-grow plant, the dwarf curly leaf Japanese privet (Ligustrum japonicum "Rotundifolium") may be the right choice for you. It grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture pl

Pink Dogwood Varieties

There are many varieties of pink dogwood trees.dogwood bloom image by robert mobley from Fotolia.comThe dogwood is a small, ornamental tree, famous for its vibrant white or pink blooms. There are hundreds of varieties of dogwood tree. There are three major groups of varietals;...

Tips on Growing Lupine

Lupines need sandy image by Vaida from Fotolia.comLupine is a hardy perennial that grows wild in the northeastern parts of the U.S., but it can be cultivated anywhere in the country. Given proper light, moisture, soil and nutrients, lupine can become quite large, with broad,...

Guarana & White Willow Bark

White willow bark and guarana are two substances often combined in weight loss supplements. Available already mixed commercially, you can also mix the two substances in a tea at home.

Recovery From Tree Borers

Borers represent a whole category of insect pests of trees and shrubs that inflict a specific kind of damage on their host plants. Borers dwell in the woody parts of trees and shrubs and feed their way in and out, often leaving characteristic exit and entrance holes in tree bark. If a borer infestat

Instructions for a Topsy Turvy

The Topsy Turvy offers a convenient way to grow tomatoes without the hassle of tending a garden. The Topsy Turvy is an ideal option for first-time growers, as well as people with limited space. The Topsy Turvy comes complete and will have you growing large, delicious tomatoes in no time.

Small Outdoor Evergreen Plants

Creeping juniper is a groundcover, evergreen plant.junipers and leaves image by Jon Yuschock from Fotolia.comEvergreen plants are not limited to coniferous trees like hemlocks and redwoods that reach great heights. In fact, there are smaller groundcover and shrub evergreens that you can...

What Kinds of Nuts Don't Grow on Trees?

Nuts are an edible, protein-packed crop that many gardeners tend to overlook when planning their plantings. Many people opt out of growing their own nuts because most nuts grow on large trees. While trees such as chestnut and walnut provide shade and ornamental value, some landscapes lack the space

How Distilled Water Affects Plants

Everyone who keeps plants knows that frequent watering is part of a regular regimen aimed at maintaining the plants' health. However, you may be unfamiliar with the idea of using distilled water in place of your standard tap water or bottled water. There are a variety of reasons why using distilled

How to Grow Tomatoes in South Africa

Tomatoes love heat and sunshine, which makes growing tomatoes in sunny South Africa a cinch. South Africa's climate is temperate and mild, but does vary across regions. The country's eastern coast is humid and hot, its western coast is windy and cooler, and its midsection is dry and warm with frosty

How to Train Fruit Trees in Illinois

Illinois is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 5, and its long, cold winters limit the types of fruit trees that grow well there. However, the winter chill makes it excellent for growing apples, pears, plums and sour cherries. All of these varieties need to be trained into single leader trees with 5 to

Directions for Using Barricade Herbicide

Barricade SG is a herbicide in soluble granule form for use on wheat and spring barley in the Prairie Province and Peace River region of British Columbia, Canada. Barricade aids in the eradication of broad-leaf weed species. Barricade is mixed with water and an adjuvant to encourage absorption. Barr

Your First Easy Graft, Step By Step

Learn to graft with this step-by-step for your first, easy, but very useful graft. Approach is great for tropical plants and others.

When to Prune Everblooming Hydrangeas

Everblooming hydrangeas flower in the spring, then reflower later in the summer on their new spring growth. Technically termed "remontant," everblooming hydrangeas include the popular cultivar, 'Endless Summer.'