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3 Reasons to Choose the Dukan Diet to Lose Weight

Have you heard about the new French diet that is all the rage in the U.K.? If you have been looking for a diet and exercise plan that would help you lose weight and keep it off, this article is worth

Seven Simple Ways For Healthy Eating

Eating is one of an important daily activity. You can easily intoxicate or strengthen your well being from your eating habit. Healthy eating habit is an important way for achieving and maintaining your health. This article provides seven simple and easy ways for healthy eating.

Vitality and Vitamin C

I remember as a child my dad getting me to take Vitamin C or drink several glasses of orange juice to help me with the common cold. Turns out if we consume a larger dose of the vitamin daily we begin to see a myriad of physical improvements.

Functions of Nutrients

Nutrients have three functions. They control all of the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies, and they keep our bodies and its systems in balance.

Why is Nutrition So Important? Facts Revealed

Many of us have often asked the question why is nutrition so important? Why do we need to watch what we eat? Does it really matter if we get the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals each day? Because of the many fad diets and fitness regimens currently making the waves these past years, healt

What Are The Health Benefits Of Antioxidants?

You have probably heard of antioxidants before, as they are often mentioned in conversation, television adverts, and health products. However, you may not yet know why they are important to your diet, and how you can make sure you get enough of them! Lets investigate the health benefits of antioxida

Salt Health Effects - The Good Side Of Salt

A few years ago, I fainted a couple of times. Passed out cold in the middle of work. This was not only embarrassing, but troubling (because I didn't know why) and potentially problematic (because although ...

Honey or Sugar - What Difference Does It Make?

While both honey and sugar are sweet and have a lot of calories, most of the similarities end right there. It is known that honey has 21 or 22 calories per teaspoon and sugar has 15 or 16. Should that difference in calories really matter to you, or are there other things more important when deciding

An Easy Raw Food Meal Plan

The hardest part about eating raw foods is finding the enjoyable meals. Many people have diets that consist almost entirely of cooked food. Burgers and fries, steak and potatoes, spaghetti ad meatballs, the list is practically endless. When people make the switch over to eating raw they tend not to

Can Breatharians Live Without Water Or Food?

How long can a person live without drinking water or consuming food? Breatharians believe that it is possible to live without either. Many claim they actually haven't eaten in years. Biochemists have a different view and say it is impossible, the science does not support such claims. And Jesus

Indicators of Major Vitamin Deficiencies

On this page I'm going to share with you many of the most popular vitamin deficiency indications, tips on searching for vitamins, along with a little history about them. People have been walk

Are You Giving 100 Percent? Or 80-10-10?

In this article, Dr. Doug Graham shares his story of going from vegetarian to vegan to raw and his 80/10/10 mission.Dr. Doug Graham is a lifetime athlete and 27-year raw fooder.He's been an advisor to top performers including tennis legend Martina Navratilova.He's also the author of the li

What To Eat For Stomach Flu

Viral gastroenteritis, which is also known as a stomach virus or the stomach flu, normally passes in a few days whether you treat it or not. But what you eat when you have the stomach flu may can at least help keep unpleasant symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting to a minimum.

Staying Physically Fit

Staying physically fit is a lifestyle that should be a part of everyone's life. In order to stay fit the mind must become programmed to follow some basic rules that were designed for healthy living. These rules of healthy living must become routines that are part of who we are.

Nutrition For Muscle Building

Good health is probably one of the most important concerns in humans' life if not the most important of all. Everyone wants good health. Along with this every one also dream of living longer and stronger. Nowadays with so much of stress in our lives, it has become mandatory to have a fit body.