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Voltron - 2011 Halloween Costume Contest

How to Decorate your Home or Apartment with Posters

All you have to do is roll them up and take them with you when you go. Since apartment dwellers and students don't stay in the same place for as long as most homeowners, portability may be an

Michelle Trachtenberg at the Sex and the City 2 Premiere

Michelle Trachtenberg Sex and the City 2 Movie Premiere Red Carpet Photos - Check out the red carpet photos of the Sex and the City 2 movie cast at the movie premiere in NYC at Radio City Music Hall on May 24, 2010.

Joseph Heller

Joseph Heller began his writing career as the author of short stories but won immediate acclaim with Catch-22. A protest novel underscored with dark humor, Catch-22 satirizes the horrors of war and the power of modern society, especially bureaucratic institutions, to destroy the human spirit.

Tattoos Designs for Men

Tattoos are undeniably popular nowadays thus it is also natural that there is a vast assortment of tattoos designs for men. The bigger the number of tattoo fanatics, the more the developments and styl

Gay Art and Exhibitions

What is gay art? A 'gay art' google search precipitates a discussion about the politics and meaning of a gay aesthetic.

New Heavy Metal Album Reviews: September 17, 2013

New heavy metal album reviews, including CDs by Anathema, The Charm The Fury, Cult Of Luna, Damnations Day, Deals Death, Felix Martin, Grave, Haken, Human Improvement Process, Mindcage, The Persevering Promise, Pinkish Black, Ringworm, Seidr, Stray From The Path, Subrosa and Wolvserpent.

Capturing The Best Pictures For Posterity

Capturing every day events are fun and as long as you see them as casual recordings, you don't give thought to the lighting effects and enhancing styles or the perfection of the pictures.


Photo of Sayid, Miles, and Jack from Lost episode Confirmed Dead

2009 Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

On 18 February 2009, President Obama announced a $75 billion mortgage restructuring plan designed to help Americans stay in their homes; details will be released on 4 March 2009. There are historical precedents from the Great Depression; former President Bush initiated a similar program in December

Choosing For The Correct Wine To Serve

The general notion is that wine is truly ideal for all occasion. Nevertheless, when it comes to picking for the particular wine that would go properly for a particular meal, then the selection becomes

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2009

The writing in 'The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2009' demonstrates what sets the best apart from the rest. On topics ranging from psychology and biology to carbon footprints and electronic waste, these writers exude passion for their subjects. And the essays they write will wo