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How to Convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA in Retirement

A Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a long-term investment account funded with pre-tax dollars. A Roth IRA, on the other hand, is funded with after-tax dollars. The primary distinction between the two is that distributions from Traditional IRAs generally are taxable, while those fro

Get Sound Financial Advice For Women

Many women are in a position where they are responsible for everything and it is because of this that they are going to want to look for quality financial advice for women. With this responsibility, ...

Dept. of Labor - Understanding Retirement Plan Fees & Expenses

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), as amended, requires that those who manage a retirement plan do so for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits for the participants of the plan and their beneficiaries and of defraying reasonable expenses of administering the plan. Th

Can I Claim Bankruptcy on My Own?

Bankruptcy allows financially struggling Americans to partially or fully eliminate their legal obligations to repay debts such as medical bills, most types of loans and credit card accounts. If you request debt elimination through Chapter 7 bankruptcy or partially repay debts under Chapter 13, you d

Financial Help for Immigrants

Because of their non-citizen status, financial assistance in the United States can seem sparse to those immigrants who are in the country legally. The Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) in the state of California and the federal Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) assist immigrants in need

Definition of Private Investment Accounts

Private investment accounts involve accounts where the investment decisions or the investment type is selected by the private individual that created the account. These types of accounts are not the same as bank deposits or any type of deposit accounts that are insured by a government entity like th

How to Compare an IRA to a 401(k)

IRAs and 401k plans are two different account types that have the same goal: helping people save for retirement. Both offer an investment tax shelter, meaning the earnings on the money are tax-free until they are withdrawn. Both do not permit the withdrawal of money without penalty before age 59&#x

Highest Paid Salary of a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons are highly trained physicians who use surgical techniques to improve their patients' physical appearance. Plastic surgeons may perform reconstructive procedures to repair damage from a surgical procedure, such as breast implants following a mastectomy. Plastic surgeons may perform a

Easy Ways to Repair Credit

Applying for credit and being denied by a lender often signals a weak credit score. Your credit score says a lot about your ability to manage debt and credit wisely, and lenders use the information in your credit report to determine whether you're eligible for loans, credit cards and...

How to File Unemployment for Mobile, Alabama

The Alabama Department of Industry Relations allows Alabama residents, including those from the city of Mobile, to file for unemployment online in addition to filing over the phone. They also suggest that you file for unemployment as soon as you find out you are unemployed. This ensures that you rec

Are Burial Expenses Tax Deductible?

As they say, death and taxes are a certainty, and even in death the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, doesn't allow tax breaks for those left behind to pay for burial expenses, such as funerals and cremation services. Even in the relatively rare times when you can claim funeral expenses as a deducti

What Is a Dell Preferred Account?

When paying for a purchase at Dell, you always have the option to use credit and debit cards. Certain Dell Home customers can also pay using a Dell Preferred Account. The service's name makes it sound like an exclusive program for elites, but this financing program is available to many shoppers. Del

Scholarships for Filipino Americans

A variety of scholarships are available to Filipino-American students. Several national and state scholarship foundations offer support specifically limited to Filipino-American and Asian Pacific applicants. In addition, some professional organizations offer scholarship support to Filipino-American

How To Choose The Best Financial Advisor Long Island

If you are planning to hire a financial advisor or replace your current one, you should proceed with caution. Remember this is one of the most important financial decisions you can ever make. The professional ...

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

A number of factors affect credit scores --- even consumers who consider themselves financially responsible may inadvertently be lowering their scores. However, one of the biggest credit myths is that consumers only have three scores generated by three major credit-reporting companies. Consumer cred

Can I Continue SSI Benefits If I Become Married?

The Social Security Administration operates Supplemental Security Income for low-income residents in the U.S. who need funds for food and shelter. This program started in 1974 to provide disabled, blind and elderly with the necessities of life, and funding comes from the general tax revenues. Social

Trust Deed Explained

A trust deed, also known as a deed in trust, is a type of mortgage arrangement that many states use in place of the more conventional mortgage process. The deed in trust allows borrowers to accomplish that same type of transaction as a conventional mortgage, including using a home loan with the prop

Grants for Repairs of Senior Citizens' Homes

Grants are available for senior citizens to pay for repairs and renovations to their homes. Government programs are available to housing authorities and property managers that need to make repairs to housing units occupied by the elderly. Funds cover weatherization projects, the removal of safety an

The Best Places to Invest a 401k Rollover

A 401k plan is an employer sponsored retirement savings account offered to eligible employees. Employees make elective salary reductions that grow tax-deferred in the plan. When an employee's position is terminated, for whatever reason, he is given the option to rollover the 401k plan into another q