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Best Vampire Books

With the final Twilight installment heading to cinemas later this year - vampire literature seems to be springing up from every direction. In light of the endto Stephanie Meyer's popular tale, here is a top ten list of the best vampire books that you should really sink your teeth into.

God Wants You!

While throughout recorded history mankind has sought after God, few people seem to recognize the incredible ways in which God has sought after mankind. We fail to recognize what God is like and how He wants to be in a relationship with every person on earth. Some people are stuck with a mental image

Making Drums

When I received my copy of Making Drums for review I knew at first glance that I had come upon something great. As a drum maker and photographer myself I could really appreciate the work that obviously went into the collection of images for all the drums discussed. I believe it would make a great co

Literary Talent - John Irving - Author Biographies

It has been said that John Irving often uses the literary technique of a story within a story and he uses it masterfully. A few his novels have a character who is a writer. John Irving is considered one of the best novelists in modern literature. He is a master storyteller and comic genius of our ag

Unpredictable Crossing Written by Jonna-Lynn K Mandelbaum

A twelve-year old girl, Tristeza, observed her village being burned to the ground after all its residents were killed by a horde of brutal people in her Mozambique. She had no family left now. Where was she to turn?

Because He Loves Me By Elyse M Fitzpatrick

Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life is not necessarily for beginners even though it does go back to the beginning and the Gospel. We are constantly reminded of what our 'chief end' is to be and not to be sidetracked by life and what the world is saying to us.

England's Most Notorious Serial Killer

The world's most famous and successful detective character, and England's most notorious serial killer and mutilating butcher of women, existed together in England's Victorian age, and in her largest city, London. It was inevitable that their paths would cross. And cross they do. In r

Fiction Books - Full of Suspense and Secrets

Traditionally human beings have been inclined towards the world of fiction. The word 'fiction' means 'imagination'. Philosophers always opine that human beings find solace being in the state of imagination.

A Modern Day Frankenstein?

Envision the tools of modern science in the hands of a deranged scientist with an uncanny urge to create a new race. Nanotechnology, stem cell treatment, all the cutting-edge technology you can think of, what would MAN become?

Most Overrated Books in History

Want to find out what the most overrated books in history are? There are many so called classics out there that really aren't worth the paper they were printed on.

Darrin McMahon's "Happiness" - A History That Ended Too Soon

Darrin McMahon is an immensely skilled historian and writer. His book, "Happiness... a History" is captivating. Yet, it may have been a single chapter short of being a philosophical landmark. McMahon's history of happiness reaches back as far as Socrates, takes us through the middle a

The Boy Who Lost His Oomph

This is a children's story equally applicable to adult. It tells how we can change someone's outlook on life by a kind word, showing an interest in them or offering friendship.

31 Days Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse - Professional Blogging Tips Ebook

Do you know how to build a better blog or improve your blog in term of traffics, readability, writing skills and etc? Many people own a blog and intend to make money from blogging, but most of them don't know how to improve their blog and monetize their blog. Traffic is the key for you to make

Short Story, Two Plus One, Plan of Deceit

A young woman finds out the details about a deceitful hoax which was played on her in high school. The Senior Ball for Melissa was not a night of positive memories. The hoax played on her effected her all through college and then into her adult life and career after college. A horrific accident brou

Charlie's Blues

Perhaps this poem is not an amazing work of art. However I must confess the inspiration for this piece of work is Charles Bukowski. If you are unfamiliar with him, let me provide you with some biographical information.