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Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?

Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? No Way................ I love the way some songs can melt away the years and put right back at a fantastic time in your life. I have various ...

The Seventh Vow of Success

Today I read The Seventh Vow of Success, page 111 in Og Mandino's " The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II" most sequels never live up to the original and in some ways that ...

Allowing What You Want

It makes my heart swell to see former clients who have claimed their worth - soaring to new heights in their lives and their work. One particular client comes to mind as I witness her stepping into bigger shoes and revealing her gifts to the world.Being part of her email list, I received an email wi

Success Principles For Christians

People who set goals come away with greater success than people of equal exposure that don't.For that reason, Christians need build principles to guide them in life.

How to Deal With the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

In the UK, there's a sign you will see a lot if you travel the subway system - it's says "Mind the Gap". It's an important sign for people to be aware that there is a gap or a space from the platform to the train. But this sign is actually an important one for our lives.

How to Fall in Love With Yourself

The majority of the time we never actually become acquainted with ourselves until maybe some disaster comes along and we are confined to bed or within the parameters of our home. Commence on an expedition to develop your home into a studio dedicated to enhance your attractiveness. First off, get rid

Taking Myself Less Seriously

When Harvard Business Publishing asked to interview and film me a few months ago, I was honored and delighted. They said they wanted a 2-3 minute video that would engage their management audience in the question: *Why is learning to manage difficult conversations a key leadership skill?* It didn&apo

Are you Dreaming Big and Thinking Small?

If we really want to bring our greatest desires into realities we need to develop flexibility and agility in our minds instead of holding out in our solid and locked positions. Thinking small inhibits passionate living.

Life Plan Goal Setting

There are many things that one can do, but none are as beneficial as this! What is it? Read this article, and discover more!

How A Sense Of Wonder Makes Life Richer

Books are magical apparitions, able to bend time and give us the condensed genius of the finest minds on the planet.When we learn to move beyond experiential learning into vicarious learning, enormous possibilities become available to us.

Chat With the Ego

All that self-talk is the ego which is trying hard to keep you in its comfort zone.For the majority of people, it is most comfortable staying in a mediocre space.It generally wants you to be much like everyone else--hanging in the rat race, busting butt to get nowhere.At least, for most of us, that

How Do You Feel?

How do you feel? How you feel is often in relation to what you think. Often times, people go through daily lives assuming things will go their way and just react as best they can, but in reality what comes into your life often times is in relation to what you think about.

A Big Move

There are all kinds of moves in life: geographic moves, relationship "moves", and career transitions, to name a few. Some are proactive and some life initiates for us.

Perseverance and Commitment

Re-dedicating yourself over and over to a goal...Feeling the fear and doubts and not succumbing to it...Reaching deep down inside to connect with the part ofyou that is not going to roll over and play dead.There are days when I have my dips and I don't feel like trying anymore. I can feel what

Find Your Time - Using Quality Improvement

Find your time is not something most people assertively evaluate. They simply move through life and accept whatever challenges and opportunities come their way. Quality improvement is a process that helps an individual determine what they want to do with their time.

Silent Heroes

It is likely that you have bumped shoulders with a hero and did not even know it. Brian McCoskey's story is one that may make you think about how you can be a hero in the world.