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The Land of OZ and The Land of Babel

Many attempts were made to relay the fact that "Something Wicked This Way Comes!" But they wouldn't listen, would they? They all thought,"this little girl is crazy!" It took extraordinary events to come to pass in order for them to maybe understand that everything we need de

How to Obtain and Develop Wisdom

This article will discuss the obtaining and development of wisdom. Included in it are the observations and suggestions for a wiser, more enlightened life.

Work Smart: Take A Vacation

It's a counter-intuitive approach, but if you want to work smarter and be more effective, then take a vacation. Psychologists who study productivity compare vacations to a business process improvement. They've found that decision-making and problem-solving abilities increase and stress lev

Do Affirmations Influence the Quantum Field?

Infecting the Quantum field by starting the day with an intention of what you want to create (experience).Is this similar or aligned with a primary?A primary is single specific of what you want to create.Where as the method of how he creates his day seems less specific. Are doing affirmations simila

Universal Law Series - the Law of Belief

Belief in yourself and abilities is crucial to attaining any level of success in life. It is this belief, or faith if you rather, that will get you past the hurdles that inevitably come up in life!

Introduction to The Power of Persona Profiling

William Shakespeare understood Persona Profiling. He recognized the actor in every human being and modeled his famous characters after real-life personae. But is your new Persona Profile a genuine representation of you, or a deceptive imitation of someone else? Persona Profiling will never change yo

Spiritual Awakening With the Help of Meditation

Most people think of mediation as an Eastern tradition where the person sits in a circle in the lotus position and chanting mantras or humming. Apart from the soothing effect that it can bring, meditation ...

Be a Winner, Not a Loser

I recently caught part of a movie about a girl who had just left home to go to college. She'd fallen desperately in love with a new boyfriend only to find out after a few weeks that he was seeing someone else at the same time as her.

The 5 Best Covert Hypnosis Language Patterns

Here are my top 5 influencing language patterns to help you get what you want. You will learn effective was to influence with integrity and persuade powerfully.

Embrace the Journey

I usually pick topics that I have just mastered so that I can share the "how to succeed" at it tips. I must admit that I'm not sure I've mastered "embracing the journey" as I write this article. I can tell you though that I had a profound insight just a little while ago

Are You on Track Or Running Off the Rails?

Time is the great equalizer. It doesn't matter how rich you are or how poor you are. Not even how famous, infamous or average you are. Time does not stop for anyone and you can't get more of it.

Achieve Your Goal - Say Yes In The Face Of Fear

Does fear hold you back from going after your deepest desires, passions and dreams? Fear holds back determined, focused, progressive, creative professionals.Say Yes in the face of Fear will teach yousimple techniques to turn around face your fears and say yes to your passions with confidence.

Feeling Trapped in the Holiday Rush? Read 5 Tips to Decrease Stress

The holiday rush is in full swing, does that mean you have to feel rushed too? Did you join in the Black Friday frenzy? If so, what did that do to your stress level? This month, I am going to offer five tips to decrease your stress and help you have a more relaxed holiday season.

The Necessity Of Time Management Skills

There is no doubt about it, people in the 21st century are busier than ever. Many families have both parents working, if the family has two parents at all. The increasing number of families that live in untraditional situations means that even more attention must be paid to how time is managed, in o

Gas Prices and War

Like most days when I notice the price for gas has jumped, I just shrug my shoulders and declare them "bustards." I think to myself surely the government must be aware of this atrocity, why aren't they doing anything...

Five Steps To Organizing A Room

Organizing a room is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor; Utilizing creative thinking and planning reduces the physical work. Use this five steps to easily organize your room.