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Stepping Into the Unknown: The Exciting Adventure Called Change

Heraclitus said, "The only constant is change." Change is always happening whether we choose to make change or not. Things change: flowers whither, seeds sprout, caterpillars become butterflies, clothes become worn, waves erode the shores.

Brain Games For a Healthy Mind

Do you sometimes wonder if you're losing your mind because you keep forgetting where you left your keys, or you can't remember birthdays or appointments? Don't worry; it doesn't necessarily mean your mind is losing its ability to function. But it might mean that your brain could

The Definition of Self Esteem

We are all told that high self esteem is important to us - it gives us a belief in our self and our abilities, especially when others say we will never accomplish something. High self esteem gives us courage to keep going when things get difficult and therefore, is one of the most valuable things we

The Joy of the Lord

I celebrated a birthday yesterday, and with one more year came a comforting realization for someone who has been through a whole lot of soul-draining pain in the past couple of years.Joy is a renewable resource.When, for months, you've been cramming four people (including three giants) into an

How to Become a Higher Consciousness Society

As much as this is a mass journey of many different reflections of God, there is an equally important role of your personal reality. We tend to think in terms of separation but true unity means that there is none. My mind, is consciousness. This doesn't mean that my mind is a "part" o

Uno - The World's Memories of Their Firsts (Part Three)

I recently wrote about this book handcarried by my cousin from Canada titled Uno. The book is a compilation of "diary entries" of different people about their first whatever. The concept is for people to pass it around and ask them to write about their first experience of anything. My cous

Alcohol in Mouthwash Will Increase Bad Breath

Recent article points out that, brushing your teeth twice a day and brushing your tongue once a day, helps to reduce the incidence of bad breath. The bacterium are likely to hide in the tongue or the coated tongue. They can not only cause bad breath, but also periodontitis. With the help of regularl

The Nature of Human Nature - Ending the War Within

Much has been said about human nature.Some believe that human nature is inherently good and others believe that human nature is inherently evil and self-centered. There is some truth to both of these views.The reality is that our human nature is inherently "multi-natured".We all know this

Afraid to Look Back - Accept the Mistake

No one likes looking back and seeing all that wasn't done.Or even worse, seeing what was done WRONG.There is a simple and surprising way to get past this nagging problem of not liking how it has or may turn out on anything. The answer in the context of making mistakes, gives new courage and ren

How To Find Girls To Date - When It Rains It Pours

Like it or not when you're dating girls casually and trying to find the right one, when you start to have success you will have success with all women! It is very strange phenomenon but ...

Do I Look Fat? Blah, Blah, Blah

Are you afraid that boys won't like you? Are you afraid that you will be rejected by your friends? Do you feel like you are unlovable if you do not have a perfect body?

You Have Way More Willpower Than You Think

Although we generally think about willpower as something we have only a fixed (usually skimpy) amount of, the truth is, how much willpower we have is a function of the particular situation we're in. Situations can rob us of willpower or give us more than we ever dreamed of having. The good news

Stress Reactions and Basic Stress Management

Stress can be caused by several factors. Effectively managing stress can help people become more focused in achieving goals and avoiding negative consequences of being over-worked.

Learning to be Ambidextrous Through Mindmapping

Our innate mental abilities can be optimized with whole brain thinking.Ambidextrousness is using the capabilities of the left and the right brain.Mindmapping is an easy answer to ambidextrous thinking

Release Captain Courage Within You

Courage has always served as an essential ingredient in advancing societies throughout mankind. Humans are capable of great courage, everybody had automatic courage as a baby, but somehow many seem to

Be A Possibility Thinker

Whenever you are faced with problems, what do you do? How do you view it? Is it something that is destructive? Something that could make a person fail?