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Social Marketing - Profit Point Or Pointless?

When MySpace really came to prominence several years ago, I remember thinking, "Wow!, It really couldn't be any better than this!" and I was wrong. The social marketing resources on the web today absolutely blow MySpace away and I am not trying to diminish MySpace in any way. Today th

OFAC Vs The Future of the Web

How will the United States be able to enforce their sanctions regulations with the advent of social media platforms such as Twitter and Scribd? Does the Web render U.S. sanctions obsolete?

Unlimited Free Leads From Social Networking

MySpace isn't just for teenage girls anymore. It has become one of the hottest marketing resources on the Web. Find out how to use free social networking sites to generate an endless supply of free leads for your business.

The Power of Social Media For Tracing a Debtor

Social Media is an excellent tool when trying to find somebody so well worth investigating. Find out some top tips to help you trace that person you are looking for.

How to Sell Like A Drug Dealer With Social Media

Learn how to sell with social media - create sales like a drug dealer. Many of the techniques used with great effectiveness by drug dealers can be done "legally" by your business! Find out how!

LinkedIn Today Targeting Your Personal Interests

LinkedIn has proven time and time again to be an effective networking tool for professionals to reconnect, strengthen, and extend existing contacts with one another. It also has the ability to charge up your professional career and introduce you to prospective clients, which in turn will increase yo

How to Use Facebook To Generate Massive Amounts of MLM Leads

I'm not going to spend to much time on why Facebook is the king of traffic. But let me just throw out a few statistics. 60 Million people per day change their status update. That means 60 million people are active on Facebook per day. 700 million members and the number one site on the Internet

PeopleString Crisis

PeopleString, an incentive-based social networking program allows users to share revenue generated from their online activities, correspondence and social networking. The PeopleString social network allows users to aggregate their favorite Internet sites into a single convenient location. Does wanin

How to Become a Successful Mobile Marketing Agent

Mobile marketing is on the rise and more companies are taking advantage of this type of technology every day. As an agent for this industry, you can earn lots of money and benefits provided you know how to draw in the business. Once you make the decision to become an agent, here are some things you&

How to Add Background Color to MySpace?

MySpace is a social networking site which people all around the globe have been using for sharing information since 2004. Since then it has become so popular that it attracts over 23000 new users per day.

Three Troubling Trends in Social Media

As we all watch the mass adoption of social media increase, there are a few unsettling trends that I witness daily. I guess that these are to be expected with any upcoming industry, but this is a bit different. I guess that because the rise of social media happened in a very compressed timeframe and

Social Media Marketing an Hour a Day

New and seasoned entrepreneurs alike are constantly looking for more effective ways to market their businesses and get more bang for their buck. Social media is the latest and most sought after tool for online marketing.

Get New Customers Through Social Media Optimization

When you own your own business, you naturally want to gain customers just as fast as you possibly can. You probably already have your own website, but how many people pay you an online visit? Since you've invested so much energy into getting the site up and going, the next step is to take advan

10 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Social marketing involves a lot more than just signing up and pasting up your page. You need to maximize your page's effectiveness and keep it fresh, updated and alive. Below are 10 things you can do to optimize your Facebook page to make sure your business is getting the maximum benefits.

How To Use Social Media To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Websites

If your websites, sales page or your brand name does not appear in search results for queries related to your niche market or product, your prospects are unlikely to consider you and you will often lose that potential prospect to your competition. One way for you to be found in search results, keyed