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Developing a College or University Mace

Colleges and universities often employ a "mace" to connect the institution's customs with the best traditions of higher education dating to the first universities founded during the Middle Ages. A mace symbolizes authority, learning and scholarship, history, reputation, and values. It

Arkansas Technical Schools

Technical college studentyoung pharmacy technician image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.comArkansas technical schools prepare students to work in fast-growing fields.The Bureau of Labor Statistics (, reports that opportunities for workers who have completed technical training...

Introducing Anthony Morrison's Education System

Anthony Morrison is a well known Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker. His famous book "Advertising Profits" has been published in FOX9, Los Angeles Times, and CNN. Anthony Morrison has also opened Morrison Education, Inc. ...

Do I Ask Too Many Questions?

Is there such a thing as 'asking too many questions' is a rhetorical question often asked by educators, and unfortunately it seems the answer from academia appears to be YES. It's not that asking questions is bad, it's that the professors often cannot answer those questions or th

Math-Based Games

Many board games incorporate math. Monopoly, for example, requires players to make calculations based on property value. Yahtzee is another game that requires math computations, as dice totals must be added. If you are looking for other games created for the sole purpose of teaching math concepts, y

Suffrage Demonstration

On March 3, 1913, the National American Woman Suffrage Association - NAWSA - sponsored a woman suffrage parade and demonstration in Washington, DC, to coordinate with the arrival of Woodrow Wilson for his presidential inauguration. Here are some contemporary photographs of that landmark women's

How Can I Pay for Online High School Tuition?

Many families are concerned about the cost of online high school tuition. While some online high schools are affordable, others charge more than in-state college tuition. If you're looking for a financial solution, consider these three ways to afford online high school.

How to Prepare For Foreign Admission

Planning to apply for a foreign college in Ireland may seem to be easy for you but often it can be confusing. With the number of choices available on the platter, it is not possible ...


A visible collection of tiny water droplets or ice crystals.

Science Experiment Kits

Science is a core set of toy or collecting toys for children, but scientific! What do we mean by that? Well, in contrast to the doll or toy car, for example, the science of the scientific project or project group, consisting of practical experiments, which often lead to toy science fun. Science kits

Equipment Financing Introduction

A copying machine is however a further significant consideration of any office these days. Monthly payments are created towards the lessor and at the finish of the lease you have some selections like can renew ...

School Clocks in the Classroom

The administration side of a school is frequently confronted with daunting tasks. Decisions need to be made, and usually in a promptly manner. Whether it is taking care of a disciplinary issue, balancing the athletic ...