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How to Help With Fourth Grade Reading

Fourth-grade reading proficiency includes the ability to independently read and understand chapter books of fiction and nonfiction. Key challenges for fourth graders are the ability to interpret the meaning of new words by identifying the root word and to analyze the development of characters and pl

Third-Grade Division Activities

Between kindergarten and second grade, mathematics instruction focuses on addition, subtraction and multiplication. Upon reaching third grade, it is expected that children have gained a mastery of these basic facts and division becomes a focus of mathematics instruction. If you are a third-grade tea

How to Teach US History With Novels

Teaching pre-college U.S. History can be challenging. Many middle school and high school students find the multitude of historical names and dates overwhelming and often question the relevance of the information they are asked to learn. Nevertheless, it is a history teacher's job to convey the impor

Ideas for Teen Girl Retreats

Today's teenagers are busy. Between academics, jobs, sports, music, community service and getting ready for college, life can feel fast-paced and hectic. Planning a retreat for teen girls to get away from it all can help them to refocus their priorities, build lasting friendships, and destress. Retr

College Enrollment Increasing In Response To Economic Slow Down And Recovery

College enrollments continue to increase in response to the economic recession and the slow, but continuing, recovery.Other factors include the oversupply of job hunters looking for a finite number of positions available.Now, more than ever, a two or four year degree is vital to stand out and land t

How to Solve a Right Triangle if You Know the Hypotenuse & Perimeter

You have several ways to solve a right triangle. The way you choose to solve it primarily relies on how much information you already know. To solve a right triangle when you know the hypotenuse and perimeter, you have a few options. One of the easiest ways is to solve for the cosine, or the ratio of

Role of the Teaching Assistant in American Elementary Schools

Teaching assistants in American elementary schools provide support to the lead teacher. This gives the teacher more teaching opportunities, instruction time and individual moments with the students. It also provides better structure to the classroom and another adult to help with the children.Teache

How to Solve Half-Life Problems in Physical Science Class

Half life equations form the basis of much of the theory behind the physical applications of nuclear science. For example, the principle of an atomic clock relies upon making exact measurements of the half life of a radioactive substance -- the amount of time taken for the mass of a sample to decay

What to Do in Case of a Hurricane Alert

If you are taking your pet along with you, remember to take their dishes and some food for the pet. Do not leave your pet back in the home just because you are more concerned about your own needs. Emergency rescue teams are usually not able to find the pets or save them.

Am I Suitable For An Online MBA Degree Program?

If you have a bachelor's degree qualification and you have no working experiences, what other things do you need to consider before starting an online MBA degree program? Find out more about it here.

10 Critical Success Factors for Global Diversity Success

When considering successful factors for global diversity, one must begin by defining what diversity is and what type of program must be implemented for success. One must also define what is successful when it comes to global diversity. Once those definitions are clear, steps towards implementing th

How to Study Law in Germany

Laws schools in Germany have many of the same requirements and application criteria as law schools throughout the United States and Europe. If you are a non-European Union student and you want to study law at a German university, you need to apply for residency as a foreign student and fulfill all t

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy The sun and stars are seemingly inexhaustible sources of energy. That energy is the result of nuclear reactions, in which matter is converted to energy. We have been able to harness that mechanism ...

Boarding school in Utah

A great instructional or maybe minimal-entrance-requirement boarding school can be by simply explanation a traditional boarding school that will focuses on receiving learners backup thus to their pros

How to Create a School Year Calendar

The traditional American school year runs from late August to early June. Variations exist, but most schools use the agriculturally inspired calendar. The planning of a specific school year calendar can be a challenge. When planning, administrators must take several factors into consideration. These