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Got Fright? Kids' Halloween Party Ideas

Looking for a fun - and safe - way to celebrate Halloween with your children? Try throwing aHalloween party, loaded with lots of fun games!

Animal Print Gifts

Give a friend who likes animal prints an accessory made of a faux animal hide.cow. cow in farm/field image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comIf you have a friend who loves animal prints, then consider getting her a gift made out of her favorite faux animal hide. There are a wide variety of...

Appletini Gifts

Despite the name, Appletinis share almost nothing in common with martinis, save the presentation. The light green blend of vodka, tart apple and sweet sugar is traditionally served in a martini glass, hence the somewhat misleading name. Because the ingredients in these cocktails lend themselves well

Easter and Lent Gifts

The Easter Bunny was originally a symbol of fertility and renewal.Easter Bunny image by Val Gropo from Fotolia.comEaster Sunday falls between March 22 and April 25 each year as celebrated in Western Christianity. Lent is the 40-day purification period that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends...

Unique Costumes Ideas for Couples

Being part of a couple at Halloween presents the opportunity to come up with a creative costume that makes the most of your twosome. As you look for ideas, consider ways you can represent famous couples in a new way or make a funny play on words. Take the opportunity to be corny or over the top in a

How Far in Advance Should I Mail a Birthday Card So That it Gets There on Time?

If you are worried about getting a birthday card to the recipient on time for their birthday, you need to be prepared by having the card purchased or made well before the birthday. You also need to be aware of mailing rates and delivery times to the recipient's address. It is a matter of simple orga

Written Tradition in the Quinceanera

A quinceanera, a Latina girl's 15th birthday celebration, is a major event throughout the Hispanic culture. Although primarily reliant on oral tradition, many of the customs inherent to this event are now explained through a written tradition as well, opening up the mysteries of this rite of passage

How to Make a Simple Hakama

Traditionally worn by Samurai, hakamas are skirt-like pants primarily designed for martial artists. In most Jiu-Jitsu schools, the hakama is reserved for black belt students. Its design entails seven pleats, each symbolic.

Halloween Games for a Third Grade Classroom

Ghosts and ghouls, posing as third-grade students, are abundant during October and are often distracted due to the upcoming trick-or-treat holiday. Wrangle them back to reality and encourage refocusing efforts on school tasks by playing Halloween games. The activities allow students to celebrate the

How to Make Baby Booties Out of Styrofoam Cups

If you are looking for some inexpensive, but attractive, favors for a baby shower, consider making Styrofoam baby booties. They are just the right size for pieces of candy. Your guests will rave about how clever you are when you present them all with baby booties complete with a blue or pink tie m

How to Design Your Own Balloon Bouquets

Balloon bouquets are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to commemorate a special occasion, decorate a space or brighten someone's day. Creating a simple balloon bouquet is made even easier by using balloons pre-filled with helium, with curling ribbons already attached.

Tiffany Engraving Options

Since first opening in 1837, Tiffany has built a reputation as the world's leading jeweler, appreciated for its stunning diamonds and glamorous designs. While Tiffany's contemporary catalog extends far beyond jewelry, any gift presented in a Tiffany Blue Box promises to be special. To make a Tiffany

How to Repair a Hinge on a Dell Inspiron 1520

If the display on your Dell Inspiron 1520 begins to flop around, the hinges may be loose or broken. This is a very annoying problem, but on this Inspiron model, you won't encounter much trouble in fixing it, especially if the hinges only need tightening. If the hinges are broken and need to be repla

Craft Ideas for a Boyfriend's Birthday

Create a personal and meaningful birthday gift for your present image by Bartlomiej Nowak from Fotolia.comGo beyond the typical restaurant gift cards, clothing items or sporting equipment often presented to boyfriends as birthday presents. Express your creativity and your...

40Th Birthday Coffee Gifts

There are plenty of coffee gifts that will be welcomed by coffee drinkers who are turning 40. But what sort of coffee gift should you get--luxurious, exotic or practical? To determine which will be the most appropriate, see if the recipient fits one of the following profiles.Armchair...

Personalized Baby Easter Gifts

From bunny hats to first Easter baskets, personalized Easter gifts for baby provide a way for friends and family to create memories as well as celebrate the season. Add your own touch by making gifts yourself; or, if you prefer not to knit or sew, there are personalized Easter gifts available for pu

How to Send a Birthday Cake to Australia

With the widespread presence of international companies on the Internet, you can purchase a birthday cake and have it delivered to a friend or loved one all the way across the world. You also can bake a cake and ship it internationally. This is the case if you are hoping to send a friend who lives "

How to Make Victorian Paper Ornaments

Victorian Christmas decorations are a popular choice for many families across the country. These simple, yet elegant, ornaments are inexpensive to create and will bring flair and style to an otherwise plain Christmas tree. Paper is a popular component of many Victorian Christmas ornaments because th

Balloon Spider Directions

If you need to create decorations for a Halloween party, then make your own spider balloon. You can make a spider balloon by combining different-size balloons. They appear intricate, but they only require a few materials to put together. In order to make your own balloon spider, you will need to vis

How to Make a Homemade Miniature Waterfall

Water has often been used as an indoor focal point and implemented for its soothing properties. One simple project to achieve both is a waterfall. Indoor waterfalls can be as small and simple as you choose -- and because it's a self-contained system, waterfalls are sometimes featured as a table cent