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Wholesale Flags Are Great For Organizations

There is simply nothing more symbolic of what the United States of America stands for more than an American flag. All of the patriotism and pride that embodies the U.S.

Why Should Hillary Clinton Voters Support John McCain?

This year Senator Clinton received 18 million votes from her supporters. Though she ran a good campaign she somehow found herself behind in a battle against the most liberal and least qualified of all party candidates, Barack Obama. And even as she quickly closed the gap on him and was about to over

Is Health Care Reform Now at Hand?

By the end of this month, the Oval office is expecting a country-shaping bill that the President longs to sign. The health care reform bill is about to be voted upon in the Congress but the outcome of the brawl is still some what unclear.

Volunteering In Ottawa Offers Many Benefits

There are so many people in the world who need some help or assistance from others to make their lives better. A small help to these people may indeed bring in a great change in their life.

Social Media and Municipal Alliances

Never before the age of Social Media has constructive two-way communication with the community been possible. And, Municipal Alliances throughout New Jersey are availing themselves of these technologi

Abusive Relationship Signs - You Must Give Me What I Want!

"I want what I want because I want it, and I'm not letting up until you give it to me. I will badger you even when you are not aware (so I think) to wear you down into submission." If you are in an abusive relationship, I know you know this one. It's the relentless pursuit of wha

Global Warming Doom Or Earth Cycle Norms?

The world media has been peddling the Global Warming dooms day scenario for a number of years now, prior to that in the 1970s they were talking about the Ice Age that was going to wreak havoc on human civilizations, but which is it? It turns out it is neither, as we are not in a global warming disas

When Covert Surveillance Services Are Most Likely Needed

With private investigation, there are three primary areas in which detectives must excel: interviewing witnesses, research through various record searches and surveillance. It is surveillance which is almost an art form that while not always critical to an investigation, can be quite helpful in solv

Women - You Must Be in Submission to Men!

When I was in high school in the early '60s, the term "Women's Liberation" was yet to be coined. Still, the girls in my senior class were already itching to be out there, in the world, making careers, challenging the Old Boys' Network. My parents and grandparents thought the

The Socialist Runner - You Know Who He Is

Are you ready for your taxes to skyrocket, do you have any idea what socialism could do the the United States, the first and most obvious thing is that it's just not American, this country was not put here to play mommy and daddy to a bunch of bums from who knows where. This country is of the p

A Blessing in Disguise

As a society, we got addicted to material possessions. But now, instead of stressing about your lifestyle being threatened, perhaps the greater lesson is that your lifestyle was flawed in the first place. As the savage process of de-leveraging goes on, the people who had the American Dream on revolv

Throw Out Your Alarm Clock

If you have a job, someone else determines how much money you make. Which in turn determines how much you get to save, spend and even live off of!

Where will we go?

While humans are very particular about their comfort and worldly affairs, most of them believe in eternity and many of them work hard more for eternity and less for the worldly affairs. Whereas very o

Crime Against Travelers: The Caribbean's Biggest Battle

Crime in the Caribbean has become a hot topic of debate, especially for travelers who often spend their vacation among these islands. Vacationers can learn a bit more about the history of Caribbean crime, and ways to stay safe.

My World - Day One?

Every day we get one day older and every day we are supposed to get a little wiser. At least I like to think I get a little wiser every day, one day older...that's a given. I am sure someone will stumble onto this article and wonder how a grown mans mind can work in these strange ways, be so fu