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How do I Reset My Cx995 Elliptical?

The NordicTrack CX995 elliptical machine is designed for home use and offers a number of features including iFit technology, which allows you to connect the machine to a TV, VCR or DVD player and CD or MP3 player. If one or several functions of the machine cease to work properly, you may need to res

How Do I Adjust Quantities in US Recipes?

Adjusting recipe quantities - Need to know how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon, or the number of fluid ounces in a cup? Here is a handy chart of conversions for adjusting recipe quantities.

Have a Big Stomach? Reduce the Size of it With These Easy Tips

If you have a big stomach and are completely at a loss as to where to even begin losing it, here are some easy tips to incorporate into your day so you can start dropping that weight. No diet pills, no long hours of exercise, no gimmicky and drastic diets, just simple tips to finally get rid of that

Donating Blood - The Greatest Gift of All

Donating blood in the noblest deed one can opt for on the earth because it saves lives. Just imagine you are saving life of a human being! All the other gifts are bought with the force of money but this gift comes out of only feeling! Blood donation has also picked up very well in India, Ahmedabad.

Subliminals for Actors

The most challenging thing about the job of an actor is that he has to be another person entirely. And that's easier said than done. There are a lot of embedded traits, mannerisms, thoughts, beliefs, ...

Why Ultra Pure Water Could Be Bad For You!

Ultra pure water has to be better than just pure water, right? Well, there's more to this issue that first meets the eye. Before I started researching water quality and water purifiers, I would have said yes to that question. That is before I really understood what really needs to be in our wat

Can the Best Weight Loss Supplement Be Natural?

It is a well known fact, that you are what you eat. This does not mean that you are green Jell-O, or a latte' with whipped cream. What this means is that your body takes everything you put into it and uses it for energy, strength, and nourishment. Anything that your body can not use is then put

We Are Smarter Than Our Thoughts

Have you ever felt really bad about something you did? Have you felt like you tried to resist temptation but you failed? Good news! You can resist temptation! The reason that you can resist temptation is that you are smarter than your thoughts.

Thanksgiving Potatoes

Here you'll find a variety of delicious potato recipes, including gratins, mashed potatoes, and scalloped potatoes. These are some of the best potato recipes, perfect for Thanksgiving or other holiday dinners.

Confidence - An Essential Component of Success

Improving your self confidence has to be one of the most important steps you can take to increase your chances of success in any field. Your self image affects how you challenge yourself. A confident outlook inspires you to tackle more difficult goals. It also affects other people's opinion of

Why 3 Day Diet

When considering a diet, ask yourself the following questions. Do I only want to look good for the beach party? Am I willing to change my life to make it permanent? In reality, most of us simply are n

Humility vs Pride

I certainly have struggled with humility and its counterpart, pride. Somewhere we get the idea that if people are going to value us, we need to be seen as great. We need to €put ourselves ...