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Baby Nursury Decorating Ideas

Decorating a nursery is an exciting task.Tsuneo Yamashita/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesDecorating your baby's nursery is an exciting moment that takes a little planning and a little effort for the ideal outcome. Take into consideration the colors that will work whether you are having a boy,...

Can I Plant Tomatoes With Beets?

Gardeners have long known that some plants seem to grow better when grouped together, while others seem to conflict. Companion planting is a gardening technique that emphasizes plant compatibility; for instance, climbing vines and tall plants, such as tomatoes and corn, work well when paired with lo

How to Grow Cypress Trees From Seed

Cypress trees offer a wealth of benefits, including adding variety to the landscape and providing habitat for a variety of wildlife. One type of cypress tree you can plant from seed includes the bald cypress. While bald cypress grows in southeastern swamps, you can plant bald cypress seedlings in ot

Choosing From A Variety Of Pots For A Garden

Before you actually get to select the garden pots for planting your lush and decorating both your gardens and interiors, you may know how the various types of planters differ from each other. It is ...

How to Fix a Leaky Hand-held Showerhead

Although a leaky showerhead doesn't waste much water or diminish the pleasure of taking a shower or washing your hair, a leak can be annoying. Two primary conditions cause a hand-held shower to leak: a faulty head gasket or ineffective connection between the showerhead and the flexible hose. Fortuna

A Canopy Tent Is the Perfect Partner for Outdoor Events

When you're planning an event which you know to be held outdoors, the first thing that you plan for is the change in the weather regardless of the season. You have to consider whether it will suddenly rain or it will be too hot and you have to make the necessary arrangements.

The Care of Bacopa

Although bacopa (Sutera cordata) works well as a border plant or ground cover, it is especially effective in hanging baskets or patio containers where the tiny blooms can cascade freely. Bacopa blooms are available in shades of lavender, white and rose.

Planting the Hardy Drought Tolerant Flowers

Drought tolerant plants flowers are a perfect choice for the gardener who lives in an area with minimal rainfall. They can survive long spells of no watering or rainfall. Even in the most inhospitable of climates, these resilient plants can keep their shape and color.

How to Grow Red Veined Sorrel

Red-veined sorrel, also known as red-veined or bloody dock, is a common garden plant with a flavor and appearance similar to that of lettuce. Growing red-veined sorrel in the home garden provides fresh, edible food that can be used in various recipes throughout the year. Sorrel is a beneficial plant

How to Construct a Miniature Globe Theatre

The original Globe Theater was constructed in 1599 in the Southwark district of London and was the playhouse where most of William Shakespeare's plays were first performed. Built mostly of wood and straw, it was highly flammable; it sustained partial damage in a fire in 1613 and was razed in 1643, d