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Baby Health and Safety for Bathtubs

In addition to the health aspects of bathing, babies enjoy the soothing warm water and attention from their caregiver. When bathing your baby, it is of utmost importance to practice safe bathing habits. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, from 2004 to 2006, in drowning deaths involv

Decorating With Shelves in a Basement Stairwell

Shelves can be functional and aesthetically pleasing additions in your basement stairwell. Whether your basement is a finished extra living space or an unfinished work space, shelves add some dimension to your stairwell walls and serve as a storage spot. Choose the decorating style that fits best wi

Contemporary Comforts: Creating A Beautiful Bathroom

When approaching a bathroom redesign or renovation, the sheer number of variables to consider can be mind boggling. From taps to tiles, everything needs careful consideration, to ensure that you can create your ideal bathroom, on time and within budget. To help you narrow down the seemingly endless

How to Recoat a Flat Roof

Flat roofing lacks gravity's help. Water, snow and ice accumulate on a flat roof instead of running off like it would on a sloped roof. Traditional flat roofs made of tar and gravel last about 10 years, according to information from the University of Maryland. Transforming a flat roof into a sloped

Ideas for Material Headboards

Choosing a headboard is like choosing a pair of shoes, as it is the major accent to your design. However, unlike the shoes, which you can swap out to match your outfit, once you purchase a headboard, you use it on a daily basis. Before making a final decision on your headboard, review all available

How to Put a Bottom Sheet on a Bed

Making a bed with a well-fitted sheet provides comfort while sleeping. A fitted bottom sheet should have elastic at the corners and along the sides. The sheet should be the correct size for the bed to provide a tight fit that stays in place. Changing and washing the bed sheets regularly will keep aw

How to Apply Corner Beads to a Knee Wall

Corner beads are strips of paper, vinyl or metal that drywall finishers apply to corners where two pieces of drywall meet. They cover the gap between the two boards and, when finished with drywall compound, give the joint a straight, polished look. Corner beads are long, lightweight and flexible and

What Willow to Use for Wicker?

As a group, willows come from the Salix family and are native to the British Isles. While many gardeners are familiar with the delicately drooping branches of the weeping willow tree, willow varieties grown for basket making are shrubs. The thin and flexible rods of the willow come in colors ranging

How to Hang a Bamboo Chair

Hanging chairs lend a lot of fun to any room. As long as there is room to negotiate around the chair and account for the radius it will swing, the next part is easy. There are a number of types of hangers to use to add even more fun to this type of furniture.