If Your Dog Has Arthritis, Why a Memory Foam Dog Bed Could Help

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Characteristics of a White Arctic Wolf & Siberian Husky Mix

Traits in a husky-wolf mix can vary.husky image by Dmitriy Lesnyak from Fotolia.comWolf hybrids are controversial because they are sometimes unexpectedly aggressive. Wolf instinct may come through in even the sweetest of dogs. Siberian huskies are commonly bred with wolves because of...

How Often Does a Dog Need a Rabies Shot?

The owner's state of residence determines the required intervals between a dog's rabies shots. For a long time, an annual rabies vaccination was considered the norm in many states.

How to Use Wee Wee Pads to House Break

Every puppy owner knows the frustration of trying to teach the little one to urinate in a designated spot, instead of on the carpet. Wee wee pads, large absorbent pads with a waterproof backing, make housebreaking your puppy easier and may just save your carpet from becoming urine stained.

How To Train Your Dog - A Few Tips

Do you want to know how to train your dog? A few weeks ago you visited the pound and picked up an adorable, spotted Beagle. Being so excited with your new dog, you were happy to take her home and provide a loving new home. The family enjoys your new puppy but there have been a few issues. For exampl

Bronchitis in Dogs

Canine bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes, which results in severe coughing. It generally arises as a complication of a respiratory system infection, diseases like distemper, or pneumonia. It can also crop up from exposure to extreme cold.

Adopting a Shelter Dog - 6 Ways to Create Faster Bonding

There are many ways animal communication can aid you when you bring a rescued animal into your home, whether you are only fostering them or offering a forever home. A very ill, abused and neglected young Bichon Frise dog named Rocky was rescued by one of my clients. Bonnie thought that once Rocky wa

How To Remove Pet Stains on Carpet and Upholstery

Knowing how to remove pet stains on carpet and upholstery can save us time, money and possible embarrassment. As every animal lover knows, dogs and cats have an unfortunate habit of creating unsightly and foul-smelling messes around the house. This short guide gives you several quick, time-tested te

The Purpose of a Spiked Dog Collar

Spiked dog collars have been featured in comics, movies, and cartoons for many years and have become a symbol for mean or aggressive dogs. In truth they serve a real purpose.

Spending Time Indoors with a Playful Dog

When you invite a dog into your home, you have to watch it all the time and give it your attention.Toys and games are great ways to keep your dog busy so it will not run and destroy the items in your home. Read further for some tips to training your rambunctious canine indoors.

Tips for Selecting Winter Dog Apparel for Small Breeds

Keep your small breed dog warm and happy with winter dog apparel. Small dogs are so cute and cuddly it would be difficult not to spoil them in every way. Caring pet owners want to do everything they can to make sure their pets are taken care of properly.

Feeding Your Golden Retriever Pup

One of the most joyful moments is when your golden retriever greets you as you enter your home. It doesnt matter if you have been gone for an hour or a week, you will always be greeted with love and dedication. Among other fond moments is feeding your golden retriever when he or she begs you for foo

What It Takes To Be A Breeder

I have often been asked by folks who have a male/female German Shepherd dog "I want to breed can one of your male dog stud for me". My answer is always the same "NO". Why one may ask? This my friend is where my story begins.

Alaskan Klee Kai

A breed that's most typical trait is their full facial mask.The Alaskan Klee Kai is a very affectionate dog that loves to be active - they are also very loyal.

Orthopedic Dog Beds Help Older Dogs Stay Active

Orthopedic dog beds are becoming quite popular, and with good reason. Dogs live more active lifestyles than humans do, and yet their quality of rest is far inferior. When dogs age, their bones and joints break down and become weak and brittle. This is no different than what happens in the human body

Dog Training - Start Right Away

If you have just brought home your brand new puppy then you might be asking, when is it time to start training him or her? What I usually suggest is to start right away. If your new puppy is between 10 and 12 weeks old, then you are ok to start with this first basic step.

How to Train Your Dog Out of Separation Anxiety

If you thought that separation anxiety only happened in humans, you are incorrect. Your dog can suffer from separation anxiety as well. Fortunately, you can train your dog to get over it.